Menewsha is what's known as an "avatar community" - a multi-interest forum community with customizable avatars. Your account is invited to post in the forums and play games to earn "gold", a virtual currency used to purchase items to dress your avatar to suit you - whether it's a steampunk elf, a Gothic Lolita, an undead magician, or just recreating what you look like every day, we have thousands of items to help you achieve what you like. We have users all over the world and of all ages interested in both casual and in-depth conversations with people just like you!

Menewsha is a "PG-13" community that is kept well-monitored. Children 12 and under must have a parent or guardian sign a COPPA form to be able to post and enjoy our forums. Parents are welcome to have their own account and join their child in participating in the site.

Menewsha was made open to the public January 20th, 2007 and has gained tens of thousands of accounts since its initial opening.