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My First Donation!

My First Donation!

Posted 10-02-2010 at 05:24 PM by zigbigadorlube
So today I decided to donate for a monthly collectible for the first time. It wasn't too long ago that I got my first MC from the Menewsha Exchange. The first one I ever bought was one of the Yumeh Slippers because I didn't actually know it was an MC at the time. The next two I got, the Dark Crystal and Obakemono, were received as payment for a trade. And after that I added the Tapio Defender and Blood Lotus to my collection for cosplay purposes. Then I got a set of the last month's MCs, Jamming With Yumeh and Rocking Out Rock Star for 1,000 gold through a questing discount that someone was offering. The last MC I got before today's donation was the Imperial Lucky Cat, bought from Flink who was my Mene mommy when I first joined.

A long time ago I decided that I didn't want to spend real money on pixels anymore based on my experiences with Gaia and that same logic followed me to this site. Somehow though I'm starting to feel like they're two different things. Gaia is all about money whoring I feel but buying something on Mene seems more like a real donation that is deserved for the hard work they do. Hence even though I haven't fallen desperately in love with the Trinity Guardian, I bought one anyway because I feel like after spending so much time on this site I feel that I should give something back. Don't get me wrong! I do like the new items but usually I don't feel like I couldn't live without them. That and being a poor college graduate with student loans to pay off has turned me into a rather frugal individual in general. ^^;
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