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movies galore

Posted 08-19-2017 at 05:30 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry

yup, ive found my lifes ambition. to watch retro movies. i have the mel brooks collection and have watched, blazing saddles, high anxiety, and young frankenstein. high anxiety my fav, so far. a spoof on hitchcock movies.

also been watching the sherlock holmes collection with basil rathbone. and reading the original novels. there are also audio versions. a cornucopia of all things sherlock!

temps are finally changing for the better. many mornings are actually overcast. i think fall may be my fav season.

im still distracted by upcoming dmv vision test. my new specs are unwearable. keep trying to break them in. individually the lens are great, but not if i open both eyes. i was practicing with them with mr x. was reading license plates and i could. what shall i do? asked bro what his eye doc was and ive googled him.

oh, other day mr x asked if i lost some wt! finally. he said my arms looked thinner. we stopped at macs other day and i had my usual frappe. which resulted in mongo headache. got to take that off my food list.

hope your summer is going well.
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mr moto

Posted 08-07-2017 at 05:19 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry

this is the blk/wh '39 movie i started today. with peter lorre. there was an interesting article about him. he had a daughter in rl. she would meet 2 serial killers. she wouldve been killed if not for the fact her dad was peter lorre. they admired him. in other news, this real estate letter came. lil info tidbits. said the guy that invented pringles. when he past, he was buried in pringles can. and wasnt carrie fisher buried in a prozac pill container? its been sharknado week here, so maybe im morbid.

tomorrow taking mr x to bday lunch. at a diner lunch place. they are known for their blueberry coffee cake. it comes warm with butter. i will have the salmon, as i am wont to do. mr x snapped at me again. he can be really unpleasant. i dont exacerbate the situation, but it rankles.

things are heating up on mary hartman. she and hubs are screaming at each other. she does screaming very well. read house beautiful and also sherlock.
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summer hijinks

Posted 08-02-2017 at 06:43 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry

so, how is your summer faring? i read yesterday some plane was grounded for 6 hrs. some passengers called 911. can you imagine being stuck in a tiny seat, with no a/c and no food for that long? i think travel is highly overrated. i like reading travel memoirs. im a great armchair travelor.

hey, i lost another pound. slowly but surely im losing. # and dont call me shirley

cap, folks with ch more prone to vision probs. got to keep eye on your sugar levels. last time i visited doc she asked me why i wasnt on metformin. i still would rather deal with ch by diet and exercise. that pills notorious for stomach upset and is a big ole horse pill to boot.

i have these weird pin hole glasses. as seen on tv. theyre supposed to sharpen vision. going to see if i still have them. [cool]
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Posted 08-01-2017 at 05:16 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry

i call this laptop, lappy. not known for originality. im running blind with this thing. i was locked out of my own account. so i made another.

my dmv license renewal came. no written test, but vision. i dread that. one day i will quit trying to drive. it will be a huge relief. so, how is my driving record? i was stopped once in high school for going thru yellow light. no ticket. thats it. i follow the rules scrupulously. hey, dont see any spell check on this thing. im on my own. but my eye sight is much worse now. so i do not do freeway driving. im happiest toodling along at 25 mph. i can see better in bright sunlight. never drive at night. yesterday was reading about bioptic lenses. these awful looking telescopic monstrosity that attaches to glasses. well itd be nice to see the road sign or a mcdonalds wall menu. but boy that would be comment inducing.

up close i see very well. so i read prodigiously. and now ive been watching dvds. yesterday started a '35 sherlock. not with basil. ordered the mel brooks collection. mr go has been referencing, blazing saddles, and itd be nice to know what hes talking about.

izzy, i dont know what has happened with tv stations, but its increased exponentially. i dont know for the better, either. how beneficial are reality shows?

gf brought me over 2 bags of mags. read vogue yesterday. looked like some retro styles coming back.
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laptop to the rescue

Posted 07-29-2017 at 05:25 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry

Today my beloved palm pixi phone bit the dust. I was just finishing up a long em to gf when the screen went dark and my message lost. That's it. Phone is 4 years old.

So I had to bring out my much maligned laptop. I've rarely used it. But it has a keyboard. Was messing with it tonight. Had to power wash it so I could access my em.

Tonight's show was Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Watched 3 episodes. It's a quirky show. The main actress, Louise lasser, was married to woody Allen.

Saw spa lady yesterday. She was telling me about her vacation. Driving to Sedona Arizona to see red rocks, helicopter over grand canyon, jeep ride, route 66. Saw a pueblo in Albuquerque new Mexico. Also couple museums. She said it was raining and lightening at times.

Later Mr x and I stopped at Macs. Had my chocolate chip frappe.

Gfs coming over to drop off some mags tomorrow. I need to meet her for lunch one day, but it's too hot now.
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