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Art To Do

Posted 03-07-2010 at 12:56 AM by Kent
Updated 08-02-2014 at 04:50 AM by Kent

[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="3"]My to do list of all the art I want to finish~ ; w;


1. [COLOR="Red"]Enzeru[/COLOR][INDENT](traditional regular couple waist-up of her OC Enzeru and DBZ's Yamcha)[/INDENT]
2. [COLOR="Red"]Hadsvich[/COLOR][INDENT](mspaint chibi couple of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Dosin and Tenzo[/SIZE][/URL])[/INDENT]
3. [COLOR="Red"]Arikana[/COLOR][INDENT](star chibi of OC Ei’lycia) (star chibi of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL]) (star chibi of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL]) (digital chibi of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL]) (traditional fullbody of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL]) (digital fullbody of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL]) (digital fullbody of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL]) (digital regular waist up of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL])[/INDENT]
[U][B][SIZE="4"]Freebies and Prizes[/SIZE][/B][/U]

1. [COLOR="Red"]mewmew07[/COLOR][INDENT](regular waistup of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]OC Candy[/SIZE][/URL])[/INDENT]2. [COLOR="red"]Maria-Minamino[/COLOR][INDENT](regular wasitup of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]OC Mare[/SIZE][/URL])[/INDENT]3. [COLOR="red"]Flink[/COLOR][INDENT](regular waist up of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]this avatar[/SIZE][/URL] or [URL=""][SIZE="3"]this avatar[/SIZE][/URL])[/INDENT]4. [color="red"]Hadsvich[/COLOR][INDENT](mspaint regular waist up of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Nekomata[/SIZE][/URL])[/INDENT]5. [COLOR="Red"]Kaderin Triste[/COLOR][INDENT](mspaint regular waist up of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Xypher[/SIZE][/URL] [a sky ship captain])[/INDENT]6. [COLOR="Red"]Beautiful Disaster[/COLOR][INDENT](mspaint chibi waist up of [URL=""][SIZE="3"]avatar[/SIZE][/URL] and mspaint chibi of avatar)[/INDENT]7. [COLOR="Red"]Captain Howdy[/COLOR][INDENT](star chibi of avatar)[/INDENT]8. [COLOR="Red"]fiarra[/COLOR][INDENT](star chibi of avatar)[/INDENT]9. [COLOR="Red"]Tre Le Coco[/COLOR][INDENT](star chibi of avatar)[/INDENT]10.[COLOR="Red"] Drache-Lehre[/COLOR][INDENT](star chibi of avatar)[/INDENT]11. [COLOR="Red"]Sadistix_Love[/COLOR][INDENT](star chibi of Christie Bella Dang)[/INDENT]12. [COLOR="Red"]Hadsvich[/COLOR][INDENT][strike](chibi & regular rooster)[/strike] [pea chibi of peaworld Hads][/INDENT]13. [COLOR="Red"]Sarasvati[/COLOR][INDENT](OC chibi of Sola)[/INDENT]14. [COLOR="Red"]Dystopia[/COLOR][INDENT](OC chibis of both Hasuka & Henna)[/INDENT]15. [COLOR="Red"]meilin[/COLOR][INDENT](headshot of Mohana & star chibi of Remi)[/INDENT]16. [COLOR="Red"]foggyday[/COLOR][INDENT](star chibi of Summer)[/INDENT]17. [COLOR="Red"]burden of love[/COLOR][INDENT](headshot of avatar)[/INDENT]18. [COLOR="Red"]Hadsvich[/COLOR][INDENT](fullbody of Hads elouai & star chibi of Mei Ayame) [chibi headshot of Uzumaki]
[[chibi headshot of Gaia Hads]][/INDENT]19. [COLOR="Red"]burden of love[/COLOR][INDENT](waistup of OC & fullbody of avatar)[/INDENT]
I'd also like to draw these someday... = w=
A Yumeh Bat, a Treat, and a Trick for Beautiful Disaster.
A Treat for Liztress.
A Satyr for Hadsvich.
A Chinese Dragon and a Yumeh Bat for Kaderin.
A Kappa for hummy.[/SIZE][/FONT]
Mene is 13 years old!
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Trade Message from Abel

Posted 11-03-2009 at 01:58 PM by Kent

[QUOTE]I'm sorry, I think I lost your question in the crowd of rabid pokers.

Originally Posted by Kent
Oh~ Did your friend make it? Or did they buy it from some place?
Yes, my friend did make my scarf. I don't intend to sell it or anything like it though, so I'm afraid it's technically one of a kind.

Here, have one of my promo magic items. It's not much, but maybe you'll stop by my shop sometime and purchase something. *grins*[/QUOTE]
Just wanted to keep this somewhere. XD I don't know why. o 3o;
I'm so glad I got another NPC item! >w< Thank you, Abel! <3
& I was just wondering if I could ever acquire a scarf like that for myself. ; 3; I guess not. ; 3;
Mene is 13 years old!
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Posted 05-30-2008 at 09:54 PM by Kent

[FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"]"Hi, my name's Kent." :)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="2"]Just wanted to tell whoever reads this that I'm really a girl and Kent is a character from one of my stories called Haven. I've never heard of Menewsha, probably because it's so new, but my sister told me about it and it seems pretty nice. I hope I'll enjoy my time here.
I think I'll make another character named Haven, if that name isn't taken already. Sooner or later, I might post my story too, and maybe others. Btw, my name's Linda.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
Mene is 13 years old!
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