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Hiya, welcome to my quest thread.

This is just my little place to help myself keep track of the items I am wanting and I would love to be able to chat up a storm in here.


>1- You are here
>2- My quest
>3- Donators list
>4- Reserved for anything

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Update 5/21/2013
Well, this list has diminished in size quite a bit since I have started. I have completed the EI section and nearly finished getting all the CIs I want. Commons may be my next big target, but I may also try for the special NPC and Auctioneer items too.. Not too many more items to go though.

2007 Contribution Items

King's Crown
]Queen's Crown
Mask of Atlantis
Mask of the Phoenix

]Oriental Fan
]Pudao of Time

Dragon Helm
Garnet Dragon Sword

Special Items (NPC, Auctioneer, ect)
Iridescent Jelly Squid
Cloud Hibiscus Bloom
Blushing Hibiscus Bloom

Red Flight Commander's Cap
Hawaiian Rainbow Shirt(F)
Sakura Tee(F)

Georgia Peach Tee (F)
Menewsha Welcome Tee-shirt

What's That? Head
OMG Head

Admin's Pick: CRABBY

Admin's Pick: Evil

Admin's Pick: Cooking Head

Admin's Pick: St. Patty's

Admin's Pick: Frog Princess

Admins Pick: Dark Swamp

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~Event Items I want~
Updated 10/29/15

Valentine's 2007 (The impossible..)

Pure Love Boa
Valentine's Lovely Pop
Valentine's Belt
Valentine's Pendant
Valentine's Hairpin
Pure Love Sash

Easter 2007

White Bunny Plush

Bunny Hairpin

Chicky on my Head
Pierced Bunny Headband

St. Patrick's Day 2008

Gold Top 'O the Morning Hat

Silver Top 'O the Morning Hat

Luck of the Irish

Easter 2008

Plucky the Ducky
Barbra the Lamb

April Fool's 2008

Channah's panties on my head

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Commons I want: Phase THREE

Bag, Borrow, or Steal

Paw Bag
Leon Shoulder Bag
Tigra Shoulder Bag
Bradshawbag - Pink


Ayumui's Pink Dress
Plague Doctor Cloak- Brown
Plague Doctor Cloak- Candyass
Plague Doctor Cloak- Red
Plague Doctor Cloak- Burnt Orange
Plague Doctor Cloak- Dark Brown
Plague Doctor Cloak- Sesame
Plague Doctor Cloak-Black
Plague Doctor Cloak-Navy
Plague Doctor Cloak- Green
Plague Doctor Cloak- Ivory

Quercus Magus

True Love Wings
Pure Hatred Wings
Begonia Faerie Wings
Tulip Faerie Wings
Saffron Faerie Wings
Candy Faerie Wings
Orchid Faerie Wings
Forget-Me-Not Faerie Wings
The Bitter Hag
The Luuuv Guru

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~Completed Goals and Achievements~

Completed Contribution Item Goals

2007 CIs
Scepter of Order and Scepter of Chaos
Cloak Of Healing and Cloak Of Nature
Tigra The Tiger and Leon the Lion
Scarf Of Order and Sash of Chaos
Glacial Circlet and Winters Flight
Sleepy Melodies Harp
Panda Slippers and Bee Slippers

2008 CIs

Dove Wings and Raven Wings
Staff of Healing and Horns of Nature
Spirit of the Phoenix and Spirit of Atlantis
Bunny Hat and Fox hat
Raven Anklewings and Dove Anklewings
Waves of Naias and Calesco's Blaze
Pirate's Booty and Ninja Arsenal
Peacock Regalia and Weather Forecast

2009 Contribution Items
Yumeh Slippers and Steampunk Headgear
Order and Chaos Armor
Bao Bao the Panda and Tatsu the Dragon
Wood Sprite and Evil Overlord
Jade Ronin and Star Catcher
Blind Justice and Peeblo the Imp
Merkheki Legend and Hammer of Thor
Kitsune and Kaboodle and Eyes of the Wild
Book of Daydreams and Tome of Nightmares
Ying Yang and Midas Touch
Peacock Scythe and Chilly the Polar bear
Tapio Defender and Blood Lotus

2010 Contribution Items
Sleepy Time & Imperial Lucky Cat
Dark Crystal & Obakemono
Mystic Faun & Overlord's Wrath
Pingu & Phear Meh
Robes of Healing & Return to Nature
Rainbows of Iris & Indra\'s Storms
Calesco's Fury & Ire of Naias
Jamming With Yumeh & Rocking Out Rock Star
Trinity Guardian & Omniscient Eye
Wizard's Wish & The Dryad's Hollow
Bone Warrior and Hissy Fit

2011 Contribution Items
My Pet Chilly and Warm Fuzzies
Fright Night and Cloak and Dagger
Dark Crystal Armor and Take Me To Your Leader
Diana's Grace and Makin' Faces
Ningyo and Time's Titan + Karusu Ningyo
Special Delivery and Gargoyles
Fox Spirit and Shiver me Timbers!
Sunny Side Up and Brainzzz
Mischief Maker and Alter Ego
Little Hellion and Fleet Commander
Kappa Trouble and Power of Voodoo
Phoenix Crossbow and Perfect Pastries

2012 Contribution Items
Valiant Knight Armor & Mad Monk
Classic Movie Night & George the Alpaca
The VJ & Dark Alchemist
Siriusly?, Siriusly a Staff! & Midnight Carnival
At the bottom of the garden... & Hawtsome
Cheezy Romance & Ink Blott
Life's a Beach & Tengu
Imperial Regality & AfroDonkey Jr.
Golden Harvest, Something Strange... & AfroDonkey Jr.
Precious Wizards, Crystalz, & Mene Life - A Visit to Britain

Purple Flight Commander's Cap
Mr. Mayor Crafting Adventure
Yumeh Pop
Yumeh Plushie
Yumeh Hair Pin

Vicky Doll
Totally is Santa's Hat
Poor Bertie Bear
Light Spell
Tapi Hibiscus Bloom
Eggplant Hibiscus Bloom

Completed EI's

2007 EIs

Carnival Hairpin, Ghosty Kitties, Lunar Staff, Spooky Hairpin, Yumeh Ears and Tail, Fancy Cool Boots, Frozen Warmth, Chilled Beauty, Frost Belt, Snow Flakes

2008 EIs

New Year's Hair Pin, White Heartface Fox, Bleeding Hearts Fan, Bleeding Hearts Hairpin, Black Heartface Fox, Bleeding Hearts Belt, Bleeding Hearts Boa, Engraved Oak Shield ,Grenache Blade, Festive Wreath, Staff of Orchids, Orchid Petals, Orchid Hairpin, Stardust Sash, Starfruit Basket, Celes Paradi Hairpin, Celestial Headdress, Celestial Waist Wrap, Cresent Moon

2009 EIs

Drawing Room, Black Heartface Fox Slippers, Blankie, White Heartface Fox Slippers, Team Floaties, Romance Isn't Dead Hairpin, Field of Shamrocks, Golden St Patrick's Snake Plushie, Green St Patrick's Snake Plushie, Rainbow Shaw

2010 EIs

Halloween Goodie Bag Orange, Halloween Goodie Bag Yellow, Halloween Goodie Bag Green, Halloween Goodie Bag Blue, Who Hid The Catnip, Holiday Wreath, Homemade Angel, Fun With Tinsel, Old Jack Frost

2011 EIs

King of Hearts Staff, Caged Heart, Have You Seen My Dog?, The Horrible Truth, Mr. Bun Bun Slippers, Two Cute Chicks
Magical Mysteries, I'll Treat You, Ooh. Tricky, Bargain basement Costumes, Creepy Beastie Costume, Pumpkin Tee, Sugar Plum Village Winter Uniform, Reindeer Slippers, Festive Stocking, Reindeer Slippers, Ice Queen Protectress, Garland Celebrations

2012 EIs

Spring Glade, Nalin's Magic Flowers, Maytime the Old School Way, Meinarch Wings

Commons Gotten


Part One::
Dita Green Silk Corset, Dita Latte Silk Corset, Dita Purple Silk Corset, Dita Red Silk Corset, Dita Storm Silk Corset, Dita Teal Silk Corset, Dita White Silk Corset, Dita Black Silk Corset, Dita Pirate Silk Corset, Dita Gold Silk Corset, Dita Cerise Silk Corset, Dita Chocolate Silk Corset

The Runway

Part One:

Regret's Top, Cherished Top, Aphrodite's Dark Dress of Chaos, Aphrodite's Light Dress of Order, Aphrodite's Light Dress of Chaos, Aphrodite's Dark Dress of Order


Part One:

]Auburn À La belle Poule Wig, Black À La belle Poule Wig, Chestnut À La belle Poule Wig, Dark Brown À La belle Poule Wig, Copper À La belle Poule Wig, Golden À La belle Poule Wig, Blonde À La belle Poule Wig, White À La belle Poule Wig, Pink À La belle Poule Wig, Dark Copper À la Belle Poule Wig, Light Brown À la Belle Poule Wig

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Old 08-05-2009, 01:05 AM

This post is designated to anyone who is kind enough to donate to me.

L o g a n:- Donated 150 Gold, Green St Patrick day's Snake, Blind Justice from posting in his giveaway thread! Thank you!
Blkmage Disaster:- Donated the Staff of Healing! <33 Thank you so much!
star2000shadow:- Donated the Celestial Wrap and Hawtsome! Thank you so very much!
Rawrsaurus: - Donated Yumeh Ears and Tails And Sync Battleax during his Giveaway! Wow!
Kiari: - Won Pumpkin Tee (F) from contest in her thread. <33 She also donated the Winter 2011 set to me!!
Tachigami:- Donated a Star Catcher to me!THANK YOU!
Byakku Kyuubi: 286 gold and an Ink Blott!!! Thank you!!
Ace Strife: Eggplant Hibiscus Bloom! Thank you soo much!!
BellyButton: Donated Hissy Fit! Completely unexpected! Thank you times a bazillion!
Ikuku - Donated Totally is Santa's Hat! Thank you so much!

Sorry about the ping again guys!

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Old 08-05-2009, 01:27 AM

I bet you will be a very pretty kitty once you get those ears. ;) Best of luck to you, dear.

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Old 08-05-2009, 01:42 AM

Good Luck Velvet!Have fun with the ears once you get them =3

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Good luck on your quest. =3


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Old 08-05-2009, 05:01 AM

Thank you all for the good lucks!

lady silverpanther
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Old 08-05-2009, 05:02 AM

if you find the ears could you help me find a pair please?


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Old 08-05-2009, 03:54 PM

I will if I can. Thank you for posting. And good luck everyone who is questing!

I'm still questing the Yumeh Ears and tails. I can't wait until I have a full outfit.

I created 2 more outfits I want. I can't wait until I can get those items!

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Old 08-05-2009, 04:59 PM

Hey Velvet! :)
thanks for dropping by my thread.
Good luck with the quest im sure you'd go far. <3


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Old 08-05-2009, 07:44 PM

Thank you for stopping by Nesseh!

And thank you for the support!

I move the stars for no one.

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Old 08-05-2009, 08:13 PM

Hey Velvet. Welcome to the quest forum and best of luck to you.

Just a quick warning before a MOD says something, there is no double posting. And you certainly can't bump. Easiest way to keep your thread on the front page, make friends that will come into your thread and chat, constantly keeping it visible.

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Very true, Velvet. Queens right. Bumping is definitely not allowed. And If no one has posted after you, we ask that you edit your first post rather than create a new one. Only if five hours have passed are you allowed to post another on topic message. :)


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Old 08-06-2009, 03:35 AM

Okay. Thank you for the information. This is definitely a plus from gaia. If I made a mistake on there.. I would already have been threatened to be banned. This place seems much nicer.

I move the stars for no one.

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We're about being friendly, but you must understand the rules in order to function here. And the Admin rarely bans people unless you've done something massively bad. The MODs here aren't high on their power and use to keep the site running smoothly, not for their own gain.
Plus, the more you post and chat with people, you'll find that a lot of the MODs have quest threads and chat regularly with everyone.
Captain bounces around from thread to thread chatting, so does Rosebleed, Melody, Bartuc. There are times they are quite the Chatty Cathies. However, with an event coming up they are pretty busy.


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Old 08-07-2009, 12:17 AM

Ooh? What kind of event is coming up?

It figures that an event has to be coming up now that I'll be going back to school. D:

Evil Overlord
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Old 08-07-2009, 12:57 AM

Check the announcement forum. :3 Signups are ready. xD

Oh and good luck with your quest.


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Old 08-07-2009, 11:28 AM

Oh. Ok. Thank you. ^^

Evil Overlord
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Old 08-07-2009, 11:30 AM

You welcome. :3
Have fun.

I move the stars for no one.

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Old 08-07-2009, 04:10 PM

Morning Velvet. Play some games, get some gold. There are event commons released and are half off the original price.


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Old 08-08-2009, 06:34 PM

Oh, so how to I get these items?


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Old 08-10-2009, 12:52 AM

I read the rules, and they said I could post in order to move my thread up to the front page as long as my post did not just include a smiley face or the word, "bump".
Just as long as the post is on topic.
I hope I interpreted them right.
I am still questing Yumeh ears. And I hope to get them soon.


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