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  1. Woodlandnymph
    04-07-2011 05:37 AM
    Ground level for the veg, but my dad creates furrows and rows with compost and all that..... I do raised beds for the herbs, they kinda need it. I wanted to do epic raised beds for the herbs last year, but that didn't happen, sadly. This year maybe. I drew out a flowerbed plan and it looked really really nice. It will take money to get the rocks and bricks and everything cause I wanted to make it ornamental too.
    I will TRY not to set anyone on fire <.< >.>
  2. Woodlandnymph
    04-07-2011 05:19 AM
    PLANTING! yessss. Spring cleaning and house repairs are going on here, as well as yardwork and getting ready to plant my herb garden again. My dad does all the veggies and such, I take care of the herbs :D I am waiting to see if my lavender survived the winter (hmmm).... I am also planing some outdoor spring fun, like the fire bonfire! yes! I just have to wait till the nights arent as chilly!
  3. Woodlandnymph
    04-07-2011 03:40 AM
    He he he he. It's totally going to be in the 60s and sunny this weekend. WHAAAAA? lol.
    But, I should know better and not gloat....much.

    What's up with you mister?
  4. Woodlandnymph
    04-07-2011 02:49 AM
    lol, Sorry Carn! It was all late and stuff! I had to sleeeeep
  5. Woodlandnymph
    03-25-2011 06:49 AM
    Totally what you get for dismembering my body. Sorry. :D
  6. Woodlandnymph
    03-23-2011 06:15 AM
    Viking blood? Yah... it totally never washes off. Hahaha.
  7. llonka
    03-20-2011 07:08 PM
    ahh thank you carn!! :heart:
  8. llonka
    03-20-2011 03:24 AM
    hi carn!!!
  9. Alaunt
    03-11-2011 04:00 AM
  10. Alaunt
    03-11-2011 01:48 AM
    Yeah. I thought you'd fall for that. ^-^

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    If you want to know more, come find me in a thread and start chatting with me! [squee]
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