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  1. Nova_Alchemist
    10-28-2020 12:22 AM
    It's been kind of cool, but not really cold here but I love on the coast xc

    Also, my email is still good and I have Skype and Facebook messenger and discord lol
    There's always solia.online and kofk.de - I use both pretty regularly aS
  2. Nova_Alchemist
    10-26-2020 10:00 AM
  3. Nova_Alchemist
    10-07-2020 04:26 PM
    Aw, well i hope you're feeling better <3

    Any thoughts on redoing the escape of crystal moon? O.o
  4. Nova_Alchemist
    09-11-2020 04:04 AM
    Oh wow, haha. They're my favorite motivation
    Well.. Maybe only make him a little more 3-d then, so it doesn't take up too much energy :p
    I've been thinking of how to give Ariel, Marcia, and Sophie better characters as well.

    Ariel being more aware of onyx, and a little more weary of Seth while still being her innocent and cheerful self, Marcia making herself out to be a friend in common- between Seth and Michael- and a little more bold. Sophie seeming more like a villian, being a crystal user/ spirit infected by onyx, until she meets Michael and seth.
  5. Nova_Alchemist
    09-06-2020 11:50 AM
    Aw.. Feel better! <3

    Not trying to be a pest or anything, but as much as I LOVE the Rp have going, I feel like I've hit a point IRL where I need Seth and Michael in my life ;~;

    We didn't ever get very far in the re-do we tried doing on Solia
  6. Nova_Alchemist
    09-05-2020 06:30 PM
    We're on at the same time xD
  7. Nova_Alchemist
    01-30-2020 10:45 AM
    Hope you're doing well <3
  8. Nova_Alchemist
    01-18-2020 08:48 PM
    Boop :3
  9. Nova_Alchemist
    12-15-2019 02:29 PM
    Well that's good that you can go to them :)

    Mn.. I don't know yet. I think we're closing early Christmas eve, and closed Christmas day but I'm not totally sure ><
  10. Nova_Alchemist
    12-11-2019 04:12 AM
    What about you, love?

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    I grew up in northern Illinois (in Woodstock, where they filmed Groundhog Day), spent some time in Colorado and Massachusetts, and then moved to New York.

    While I love good company, I'm introverted and would much rather spend time alone than in bad company. But cats are always good company!
    Video games, music, sleep.
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