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  1. Darth Mudkip
    03-17-2021 11:57 AM
    Darth Mudkip
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Clair Voyant
    04-07-2019 06:09 PM
    Clair Voyant
    Yeah, I didn't like that fellow much to begin with. Rubbed me the wrong way, Inso did.

    Sorry I disappeared for so long there. Lots going on in my life here.
  3. Clair Voyant
    03-01-2019 03:09 AM
    Clair Voyant
    Hehe, thank you! I love all the pretty items that menewsha has. Always personally my favorite items and avis of any avatar site. Hehe. *blushes*

    But I do feel sad that there are so many glitches. I wonder what ever happened to Insomniac. :/
    I personally didn't like the changes he enforced when he first bought the site... *sighs* Oh menewsha, come back to the glory days!
  4. Clair Voyant
    02-28-2019 05:44 PM
    Clair Voyant
    That's good at least. I don't mean to pry!

    It's so nice chatting again with you. I've missed menewsha. :D Your avi is just as angelic as ever!
  5. Clair Voyant
    02-27-2019 02:35 AM
    Clair Voyant
    Do you hear from them ever? :(
  6. Clair Voyant
    02-26-2019 01:32 AM
    Clair Voyant
    That's very true. Do you have any family?
  7. Clair Voyant
    02-25-2019 04:14 AM
    Clair Voyant
    That's good at least. I just worry about you being all alone.
  8. Clair Voyant
    02-21-2019 03:05 AM
    Clair Voyant
    That's definitely a relief. It's always good to get multiple quotes for sure.

    Do you have family to help?
  9. Clair Voyant
    02-21-2019 12:27 AM
    Clair Voyant
    That's good that it wasn't super terrible! D:
  10. Clair Voyant
    02-19-2019 07:01 PM
    Clair Voyant
    Good luck with that. I've heard of that test before.

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