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  1. Antagonist
    Yesterday 03:26 AM
    A cutesy one that somewhat matches the catdeer would be great! :D I kinda have them all envisioned getting into position to pull a sleigh and all. XD
  2. Antagonist
    Yesterday 03:24 AM
    Oh, must've missed you editing the comment XD
  3. Antagonist
    Yesterday 03:21 AM
    The gif isn't showing up D:
  4. Antagonist
    Yesterday 03:15 AM
    lol Yay for having an extra!
  5. Antagonist
    Yesterday 03:12 AM
    Woot thanks again! *goes off to play with new CI*
  6. Antagonist
    Yesterday 03:10 AM
    Congrats and thanks! Gold added and trade accepted~
  7. Antagonist
    Yesterday 03:01 AM
    Yes please! I'll go and poke my mule for more goldz. XD;;
  8. Antagonist
    Yesterday 02:51 AM
    Yeah, I think I mentioned that in one of the avatar chat threads a while ago, can't remember which xD I think the price was for 5k?
  9. Suona
    01-15-2019 04:45 AM
    That’s how you knew it was good! ;)
  10. Immy
    01-13-2019 01:03 AM
    Why thank you. We have a blizzard storm over here in MO and my avi is to match it. People always forget about winter was christmas is over but the deal is, winter is the reason for christmas i feel.

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