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  1. Kent
    08-03-2023 05:50 PM
    Nice Nalin cosplay!
  2. ghostPastry
    03-01-2023 09:17 PM
    aaa i just checked my trades, tysm for the Precious Wizards!! i love using that item in the DAC, it's going to be so fun to play with, thank you!
  3. Kent
    02-22-2023 03:07 PM
    Your avi looks adorable!
  4. Arikana
    06-02-2019 04:09 PM
    Yeah, I think that would apply to a lot of people as well. Site just feels like a ghost town now. :o

    Ooh, what kind of rapid changes? Good or bad ones?

    Just back at school, hopefully for the last time on a full-time basis. Gotta start building up for the future.
  5. Arikana
    05-21-2019 09:25 PM
    Haha... yeah, it's fine. I haven't exactly been on in a while. lol

    How have you been? Really long time since we last chatted. D:
  6. hummy
    01-06-2019 03:52 PM

  7. Car'a'Carn
    12-22-2018 10:09 PM
    Oh jeez! I never got back to this! :O
    The white border thingy is called warp portal white and it is from Time Warp CI (I think from 2017?)

    The red bit behind it is from Squishy Space protector CI from 2013 and is called atmospheric re-entry

    I did just change my avi but I saved a pic of it if you need to see it to be reminded of what it looks like XD
  8. Linnea
    10-31-2018 02:09 AM
    Yes! So simple yet so perfect
  9. Facade
    10-03-2018 11:35 PM
  10. Captain Howdy
    10-03-2018 03:06 AM
    Captain Howdy
    I hope you feel better soon, Cora.

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Posted 09-21-2011 at 09:24 PM by Cora Comments 0
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The company I currently work for has been hireing people upon people upon people for MONTHS now. In the past six months they have hired.....over 400 learned....they are laying off.....a good deal of those people if the owner can't produce a miracle. ......I'm so afraid for my job right now.....I can't stop crying...

Posted 12-05-2010 at 11:00 PM by Cora Comments 0
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1) Dita Pirate Silk Corset
2) Dita Storm Silk Corset
3) Dita Latte Silk Corset
4) Purple and Black Voodoo Bodice
5) Black and White Voodoo Bodice
6) Red and Black Voodoo Bodice
7) Green and Black Voodoo Bodice
8) Blue and Black Voodoo Bodice
9) Black Wrap
10) White Wrap
11) Dancer's Sash (any)
12) Bustle Bow( any except gold, ice, black, or chocolate)
13) Valentina Truffle Ribbons
14) Proper Harness (any but black)
15) Buckled Corset (any but black)
16) Waist Cincher(Latte, Pirate, Storm)
17) Long White Scarf
18) Feather Ruff (any)
19) Buckled Gauntlets (any)
20) Olympic Sash (Day, Night)
21) Witch Gloves(any)
22) Shoulder Wrap (Cobalt, Ocean, Fondant)
23) Chef's Neckkercheif (any)
24) Fir Trimed Cloak (any)
25) Posh Overskirt (any but black or gold)
26) Posh Underskirt(any but black, gold, or red)
27) Elegant Dark Navy Shrug
28) Petite Pearl Pannier(any but fresa)
29) Voodoo Hat (any)
30) Crown Veil (any)
31) Rain Hat (Bee, Panda, Froggy, Ladybug)
32) Cadet Cap (any)
33) Mechanic Hat (Any)
34) Baker Boy Cap (Any)
35) Bunny Ears (any but white)
36) Headkercheif (any but Pink, Orange, White, and Blue)
37) Shockingly Tall Boots( any but black)
38) Buckled Boots (Ivory or Brown)
39) Regret's Boots
40) Cherished Boots
41) Silk Slippers of (any)
42) Big Top Sandals (any)
43) Olympic Sandals (any)
44) Cutie Shoes( Any but pink, yellow, or green)
45) Chaussettes (Any)
46) Catsuit(Any)
47) Layer Skirt (any)
48) Flight Jacket( any)
49) Dirty Punk PAnts( any but petal, Turquoise, Black)
50)Silver Keyhole Space Top
51)Blue Uniform Vest
52) Chef's Jacket
53) Pin up Top(Red, Blue)
54) Yellow Space Skirt
55) Elsa's Dress (any)
56) Elsa's Skirt( any but shroud)
57) Gold Isis Anklet
58) Silver Isis Anklet
59) Bustier of Love (any)
60) Black Sexy corset
61) Cami Top ( any)
62) Paw Bag
63)Tulip Dress (any)
64) Bell Sleeve Top (Any)
65) Surcoat (any)
66) Athena Dress(any)
67) Rambling Roses(Any)
68) Short or Long Cheongsam(Any)
69) Harem Overskirt (Any but green/white)
70) Harem Underskirt(Any)
71) Nero Robes(Any)
72) Silk Robe(Any)
73) Atlantis
74) Chinese Silk Top(Any)
75) Jeogori(Any)
76) Katar
77) Revenant Visor(Any)
78) Top From Heaven
79)Top From Hell
80) Valentina Skirt (any)
81) Golden Toffee Dress
82) White Chocolate Dress
83) Strawberry Truffle Dress
84) Chocolate Lemon Dress
85) Dark Chocolate Dress
86) Ladies Blouse (any)
87) Oil Black Skirt
88) EGL Corset (any)
89) Shamrock Skirt (any)
90) Proper Blouse (any but black, White, purple, pink)
91) Valentina Frill Top (any)
92) Trim Bodice (any)

Posted 06-12-2010 at 02:31 AM by Cora Comments 1
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Lately I've been highly considering quitting this place....not because I dont enjoy its company anymore but rather because I simply have so very little time for it anymore. I hardly ever venture out from 2-3 threads like I used to. I find myself very often making excuses as to why I haven't been on in days.....Its just tireing to me. I love this place so I dont think I will ever TRUELY leave it but I almost feel selfish keeping alot of the stuff I have when others could enjoy it much more then myself.....Oh I dunno.....*sigh*

I love you guys......but I think I may give away/sell alot of my stuff.....and call myself'll be hard to part with no guarentees yet.

Posted 03-29-2010 at 02:04 PM by Cora Comments 0
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I am truely very sad a person right now, I've lost my husband who is trying violently now to claim he's going to take my daughters away from me. Punishing me......for his crimes. I lost the one and only person who stood with me through everything....I have no one left....nothing left. I lost everything dear to me....and now my online comfort the place I called my exscape point is now causing me to lose faith in its leaders. I do not know what or who to believe anymore.......Both sides seem wrong, but then both sides seem to have valid points too.

Posted 03-28-2010 at 05:34 PM by Cora Comments 2
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I finally had husband is a cheating lying son of a bitch and I finally had enough and kicked him out. But now I feel rather alone......its weird that the house is so quiet and its going to remain that way.....but it lonely....
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Awww, Don't think like that...
I am shur that you are quite loved on this site. And that lots of people would miss you if you left.
Posted 08-12-2010 at 04:53 AM by laurenlep laurenlep is offline
Actually you guys do make me feel better here, I hope things are a little less quiet soon. I mean I do have my daughters to contend with.....I will move onward and beyond. Thank you for take the time to listen ^.^
Posted 03-28-2010 at 08:33 PM by Cora Cora is offline
It's both, cora. That's horrible. >.<
You're ending a bad time and you're starting a new era in your life, and it's yours to do whatever you want with.
You don't have to be lonely. You have your menewshan friends to cheer you up, and friends and family to go to, right? Sorry if I'm not helping >.<
Posted 03-28-2010 at 07:08 PM by Rainbows Rainbows is offline
No problem. Glad it helped a little.
Posted 03-19-2010 at 10:16 PM by Twisted Insanity Twisted Insanity is offline
Thanks *huggles*

That makes me feel alittle better.
Posted 03-19-2010 at 03:46 AM by Cora Cora is offline