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  1. hummy
    04-24-2019 08:29 AM

    You can always just buy art with the items straight out 💙

  2. Silver Crusnik
    04-11-2019 04:11 AM
    Silver Crusnik
    //hacker voice
    I'M IN!!!

    Also I wish I could access the MP. If this site wasn't so dead I'd probably trade a lot of my cool stuff for rad art, but as it is I might buy some of your stuff lmao.
  3. Sesshoumaru
    04-09-2019 10:27 PM
    Hey nerd, it's Kratty. :V I got into my mule, and an aa is helping me reset my main's password. boi u were not lying, it is pretty slow now. :c
  4. Roachi
    07-31-2014 03:51 AM
    Yeah, i haven't seen Kratty in forever either. I haven't seen her on gaia either.
    True, so whats new? What you been doing with yourself? Me? Just work mostly, but i am on maternity leave now. 4 weeks left approx, having a boy :).
  5. Roachi
    07-26-2014 11:53 AM
    Hey hon.
    Thanks for the donation!! I will most probably give it to my charity as i have most of those items. But thank you very much <3. Tis true i think you only really came on here to talk to me lol.
    How you doing anyway?? It's been ages! <333
  6. Roachi
    12-05-2013 07:24 AM
    Whoa.. Hey hun! It's been a long time. How are ya??
  7. Roachi
    09-29-2012 03:14 AM
    Hey Yuki. Long time no see buddy.
  8. Roachi
    08-21-2010 02:48 AM
    Yeah thats soo true.

    Ohh well that's cool lol. I never win big stuff out of those things.
    Ohh true, what did you bet though?

    Ohh crap i know someone who witnessed something similar lately. My best friends fiancee is a cop, and he went to a scene where a guy had accidently run over his 2 year old son. Soo sad...

    It's up to you, you can hold onto it if you want. If only i had your talent at vending on gaia lol. Maybe i should try now that i got a faster computer hahaha.
  9. Roachi
    08-20-2010 09:57 PM
    Well if you want help, i'll help? I just don't wanna be stuck with too much responsibility, coz i get bored of gaia pretty easily these days lol. Plus after hearing about CMC and stuff, i dunno if i wanna go back there.

    True, well that's awesome proud of ya :) <3

    Ahh i see weird. Yuki should get MSN then! Krattys on there, and then you can talk to me too :)

    Yeah it was, but it happens eh. They're doing okay now, got another kid and all ... I mean it still doesn't take away the pain but it helped i guess. Ohh well just be thankful they did, coz if they didn't take a second look, who knows what could have happened eh?

    Ahh well that's great, congrats hun :). Very happy for ya. Ahh you dun needa do that, it's cool :).
  10. Roachi
    08-20-2010 12:01 PM
    Ohh true, i never knew that. Haha yeah, i'm over it xD.

    True, well yeah i hope you have learnt your lesson. At least if you do bet don't bet so big ><. I mean it's the same rule at the real casino. Don't splurge it all, coz even a little gain, is still a gain :). Rather have that then a big loss. ^^

    Ohh true, what happened?? Yeah i use to talk to her on msn all the time. But then she got involved with those RP friends of hers, and whoever that dude is she's engaged too or married too, i dunno lol. So i don't hear from her much now ... It's rather sad. I do miss her :(. But such is life, it goes on and on and on ... xD.

    Yeah i had a little cousin with a whole in her heart, she was only a couple years old and had been through countless surgeries and stuff before her 2nd bday. She died not long after... I hope your bro comes through this, makes you think that life is so precious heh. We take a lot for granted.

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