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  1. ghostPastry
    03-25-2024 07:36 PM
    LOL wet and soggy is relatable, like a bad weave left out in the rain. here it doesn't know if it wants to be spring or winter, so yesterday I got to watch all the icicles drip off the trees in the sun. And the sun and moon are so nice rn with the eclipse coming.

    LMAO well you came at a pretty dead time honestly, there's not much going on. If you wanted I bet you could get the Word Games going again, and I know Cora and Ziggie have been open to RPs in the past. I would also absolutely jump in with you if you wanted to get something going in the Avatar Games forum, people were pretty active for a bit in my Rainbow thread!

    These two threads are active pretty much every day though: 50 Book Challenge, ziggie's cat cafe There's like 5ish regulars, and probably a good handful of lurkers. The book thread is usually just book talk, and ziggie's cat cafe is more of daily life updates and cat gifs.

    [edit:] aww i just noticed Kad has been updating their craft thread too, it's really cute.

    And some people have still been updating Memory Jars!
  2. Suona
    03-19-2024 04:28 PM
    I’m so confused, but your comment was at only 10:50pm my time, so it was YOU that should’ve been in bed! Lol
  3. ghostPastry
    03-16-2024 12:50 AM
    FACE!!! how have you been Ms Thang?
  4. R a n d e h
    01-04-2023 08:26 PM
    R a n d e h
    *leave's a little love*
  5. ghostPastry
    12-21-2022 08:00 PM
    ahem. where is my queen?
  6. Elirona
    12-15-2022 06:23 PM
    ack, my nose!
  7. hummy
    12-16-2021 11:37 PM

    pop by & make a wishie 💙

  8. hummy
    05-31-2020 07:42 AM

    you good?
  9. Shion Uzuki
    08-30-2019 03:31 AM
    Shion Uzuki
    Happy Birthday, Facade! Miss you!
  10. Vickyll3
    07-03-2019 01:25 AM
    :hug: Ben a while omg Miss you too!

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    The name's Brandon! I am in fact male, despite popular belief. Fancy that!

    I love to read and write. I find science articles fun to read, although I don't like science that much. I type random conversations with weirdos like you more than I write. Yeah, I'm full of surprises. And contradictions. Can't forget those.

    I'll be headed to college in the Fall (assuming you're reading this in 2010, and not, say, 1837). I plan on majoring in either Communications or Education. I'd love to become a college professor, or, uh... something else. Other than professorship, I've really no idea.

    I love chatting up a [rather crazy] storm with people I enjoy being around. Stop by my thread 'SPRINKLES, NOT JIMMIES!' sometime, yes? The regulars and I enjoy new faces, especially when they're as absurd as our own.

    My other homes are the Quest and Media forums. If you can't find me anywhere, I'm probably whoring out the visitor messages to random strangers.

    I love you all, now stop stalking me and reading about me. Weird ass.
    (Leave me comments. I respond.)

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Writing, reading, language, philosophy, interesting articles, mythology, culture.
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    "Connie Marble, you stand convicted of assholeism. The proper punishment will now take place. Look pretty for the picture, Connie!"


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