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  1. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-04-2022 06:49 PM
    It was cool today. The immense heat has stopped for awhile. Mr x caught a rat that was eating our tomatoes. There's still another one.

    We walked 1.5 hr route today. My pedometer malfunctioned. What's with that? The batteries new. I'll try it again.

    Still listening to Jack reacher audio books. He presents as a bum, tho. He knows it. I don't understand his mindset. It seems he wants for nothing. Doesn't care about money. Actually prefers a flea bit motel. Only likes coffee, casual text, and avenging wrongs.

    My Amazon order coming tomorrow. I'm getting two more shorts. And I ordered another white one. I wanted 4 more for a total of 5. But only 1 was available.

    I'm looking for a specific paper and haven't found it. Been going thru my bins. There are still spots for me to check. Plus I've misplaced a vacuum brush. Been looking for that sucker for awhile.

    Sue girl mentioned a fellow classmate who had past. I had known that. But she said he killed himself! That I hadn't heard. The obit said past suddenly. I thought of an illness.

    But he was a popular, well regarded cardiologist! He was young. Married. And he kills himself?! His father is still an opthalmologist in town. I used to go to him. I asked her for more details but she didn't respond. How frustrating. So I won't believe it until I see some evidence ol.

    My slogging is up to 45 min. We're coming along.

    Now I'll go look for that paper again. I want to scan it again. It's this contract my mom had written in order for me to get pierced ears. She wanted me to do about 6 hrs homework at night, including violin. It was ridiculous. Also rules about chores, getting up early, going to bed early. I don't recall how long I actually was able to keep that up. I did get pierced ears, in 8th grade, I think. I was thrilled. And never regretted it.
  2. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-29-2022 07:33 PM
    Cooler today. Had a great morning walk. I went to bed at 8 p.m. I listen to audio books for hours tho.

    Put in a big order with Amazon. Two more shorts. Another bright pink running top. Now I have ten of the same style. Got Mr x bday stuff. Basically it's the same as last year. Snack box, two kinds of bath bombs and spa salts. The snack box had gone up $6 which I didn't like. I had it in cart. Then other day it went down $6. I grabbed it.

    I'm putting up shots of my 8th grade yearbook autographs on HS site. But it's not getting much traffic. They like my pics better.

    I found an old classmate. He had asked me to dance at 8th grade dance. But I can't dance. Anyway he ended up owning an electrical co. Has good Yelp ratings. I can still recognize him.
  3. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-27-2022 08:09 PM
    I'm on lunch break. Soup was tomato rice. I just crunched the numbers for ensure and slim fast. Ensure is $1.18 vs $.87 for slim fast. I think I'll be phasing out ensure. The price keeps risng. They're both tasty. Only diff is convenience. Ensure you just pour. Slim fast is a powder. Plus you need milk.

    Had a productive desky day. Worked on statements. Didn't finish.

    Mr x washed my car. Then bought wax. And put that on.

    My place seems neater. I am trying to sort things out. And dump what I can. So all in all things are going well. Twitter, on the other hand, is always a drama fest. Yet it intrigues me. All the diff lifestyles.
  4. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-24-2022 02:37 AM
    It's 83• in here. Uncomfy. So the fire up the road seems to be out. Hurray! Then, guess what happened? My nightmare come to life. Monsieur ugly made an appearance on one of our walking routes! He was seen at noon. We had been on the same road but further down a couple hours earlier.

    Geez! And we're 2 miles away from the park that was on fire. They speculate said beast left cause of the smoke/commotion. But he wasn't spotted till he had come down 2 miles. We think he was in the creeks. There are random small creeks between houses. We always look down to check for water. Can you imagine spotting a monsieur ugly?!

    So we didn't walk there. I put my tiny spear weapon in my bag. We went on busier roads.

    Then tonight I read two more fires have begun across the bay. This is going to be a long, hot summer.
  5. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-22-2022 04:17 AM
    It's summer today. It's 87• in here and stuffy. I'm going to sleep with an ice towel on my face. Also the park up near the freeway is on fire. 20 acres. Luckily no wind. They think a transformer blew. We need our electricity! It was 98• outside. I didn't walk.

    Mr x received his license in the mail. We did the dance of joy.

    That John puller book wasn't that good. He was no reacher. Just finished another reacher book. It was the one the Tom cruise movie was made from. Mr x saw the movie. I didn't. The movie is different from the book.

    It's too hot for anything. I'm uncomfy. Going to bed to listen to audio book with ice towel and fan on. Being out of it only way to deal with the heat.
  6. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-14-2022 07:36 PM
    The step tracker had not registered, but I fiddled with it today and was pleased to see it recorded our walk. It was pretty hot so I picked a shady route. It said we walked 2.5 mile in 1:15 hr. It was a lovely walk. I'm getting addicted to it. Plus wearing my clothes. Today I had a baby blue sleeveless over white shorts. I kind of like wearing either a white top or shorts. It seems suited for this heat.

    I'm reading a John puller novel. He's similar to Jack reacher. Unfortunately there are only about 4 books. He's Catholic, tho, and there is a religious tone. I'm still interested in learning about religion but I still find it slightly annoying.
  7. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-14-2022 03:12 AM
    I took that step tracker on our walk, but I don't know if it registered or not. It accumulates the steps and records it at 1 a.m. that's strange. But it's sup to record your steps all day. The pink standard was 10k. Which is about 5 miles. I wonder how much nurses do. Or Amazon drivers. I did know once. I followed a woman on Twitter and she said. Was it 8? She was pretty fit and runs for fun so she didn't mind the walking. I watched a fed ex deliver to Boris. The nabe that gets packages every day. The driver was actually running!

    We walked today. Temp was really perfect. Warm enough, yet with a coolng breeze. I was wearing my white sleeveless top with fluorescent orange shorts. Used an orange scrunchie. I loved the brightness.

    I was looking at more shorts tonight. I've washed some of my new shorts and can make a determination on them. I'd like a couple more of these white shorts. The fit is perfect.

    I don't care for this heather light one. Material is heavy, rough. It makes me look bigger. And I'm 113# now. So I'm legitimately pretty petite. But they'll make fine home shorts.

    It's muggy in this room. Think I need the fan on. Tho Mr x is under a blanket.

    Speaking of Mr x, he had a couple bad days. A real mental health crisis. But I've been dealing with him for a long time. And my forte is actually dealing with difficult folks. So I kept calm, listened, tried to be positive. So he got better that day. But the next day he got low again. I'm tracking it on a note app. I think it's coming from his mom's bipolar or whatever she had. Hysterics, yelling etc.

    And Mr x and Corona Joe have split over difference of opinion. So we're walking down this long blocks loop today. Mr x says Corona Joe was coming down the road on a bike. So we all ignored each other. About 15 min later he said he's coming around again.

    So Corona has to ride alone. He doesn't get to call Mr x anymore. Complain about baseball. Mr x won't pop down to fix his bike. And Mr x exercises with me. When they were riding, we'd walk after they rode. I let Corona go first because they had first dibs on riding together. Now I can go with Mr x any time. It's uncomfortable, of course. And I used to like saying hi to him. But he has included me in this cold freeze, so I have to ignore him too.
  8. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-10-2022 07:23 PM
    I seem to have renewed Mr xs drivers license ol. We called for an appt for the written but it seems unnecessary. That's great! I want to see the license in the mail tho. Now it's my turn to study. Hopefully I'll get an extension also.

    It's a hot one today. 92• right now. I've been shuffling paper, clearing off my desk. The stepper works with the new battery. I have to set it now. You have to measure your stride. Measure out 10' see how many steps you take. I don't feel like putting down measuring tape on a hot day. But I can program other parts of it.

    I tried a yellow spaghetti top. It was too tight! This is not good. How can I wear out my stuff if I can't wear them?
  9. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-07-2022 07:35 PM
    I'm waiting for Amazon to bring my batteries. I can set up step tracker. It'll be helpful.

    Today I slogged my route. I've got it down from 60 to 50 min. Prob some real runner can do it in 25. I tell myself, at least I'm getting out there. It's hard not to compare yourself with others.

    Anyway, I wore a new teal top with pink shorts. Didn't quite work. Teal too dark. A pale blue would've been better. I did have a fuchsia scrunchie and put in pearl dot earrings.

    Yest made up a passel of pbj. Just had a cold half. Now mocha ensure. My ch was unusually low this morn. Dinner had been can spaghetti n meatballs plus veg. It was prob the Carby spaghetti. I had a small cookie in addition to soup and lil protein bar for brekkie.

    But I feel on the edge. Not brimming with energy n vigor. Slogging. Using radio tunes for motivation. The temp was ok. At times cool and invigorating. At times rather warm.

    Now I feel kind of fried but I should press on with DMV work. First, I'll find my old account and see what it's about. Then I'll make Mr x an account.
  10. Dazzlingdreamberry
    06-06-2022 08:42 PM
    Just had mocha ensure over ice. Brr. Had to shut off fan. This is my new stylus. And I'm using the round end. Not the disc. Most round ends don't work. This is a disc plus round end stylus. I got it cause of the color. It's two tone. One is pink white, other purple white.

    It's desky day. Opened mail. Then got distracted. I had about $11 free credit to buy a Kindle book. So I did.

    I logged in Mr xs license renewal. Next I'll have to work on it. Get him a DMV account so I can get him an appt. I can't believe you can't walk in.

    I ordered a battery for that step tracker and more kpods. I didn't order more tops. Speaking of tops, this coral spaghetti one will be dumped. The strap has been falling down all morning. You shouldn't have to adjust your clothes continuously after you put them on.

    I finished another reacher book. I gave it C- It dragged on and on. Meandered here, there. To where I forgot what the original plot was. Reacher solved the case, as always. Then, 2 hours later he's on his way. He has a severe commitment issue? I don't understand this character. I mean, some folks move on from relationships. They don't want commitment. I get that. But this guy can't commit to a place? He must move every two days unless he's working a mission?

    In this book it showed him as being fallible. He actually made mistakes. Maybe when I finish all the books I'll get a better read on him.

    On my HS site I am putting up pics from my 8th grade grad. I found the newspaper clippings that showcased it. Took screenshots of it. Plus I have my personal pics. I gave a grad speech and there's a pic of me at the mic. I also will post the original speech I wrote. Plus I have diary entries that speak of the grad. I also have my report card. I did well except for math and science.

    Other day bro said a guy from HS wanted to get in touch. I vaguely membered the name. Looked him up but don't recognize him. He became a geologist. Geologist? Who does that? That's a job? He said the guy played bassoon in band and they went to a lot of parties. But bro said he's not interested in some reunion. He's prob better off not contacting the guy. What for? They hadn't stayed in touch. Why now?

    Yest we walked and it did indeed mist on us. Hopefully some areas got some wet. There had been a fire up north but I've heard nothing since so I suppose they mopped it up. There was an earthquake couple days ago. Strong jolt. Woke me up. 4.1

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Posted 09-25-2017 at 03:48 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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amazing as it sounds, i passed the dmv vision test. i was quite apprehensive in days leading up to it. every nite religiously doing the eye exercises. straining, straining to see, imagine, the dinky little letters. when it came time to test, i didnt even falter! i guess i could see the shapes good enough to recognize. mr x came with me. we had a 2.5 hour wait. he started grumbling part way thru the wait.

other day we were at macs. tried their new ice mocha. yum!

then yesterday hung out with bro for 5.5 hrs. he had these dumb rebate cards to redeem and he didnt need anything. so we went to walgreens, 2 cvs, and a tjs. i caught up on my shopping. we hit a macs and i tried the caramel macchiato. even better than the mocha. we got along very well. we had been estranged a long time. but now i suppose i will eventually move closer to him. he lives in san jose. not a place id like to be. maybe i can move nearby on the coast. would like some fog weather.

so i passed my big hurdle. can relax now and get back to normal. have to hire a drywall guy.

just finished a great read. about uber rich ladies and the scam perpetrated against them. a good frothy read. hey, its fall i believe! got bottle of pumpkin spice latte by starbucks. so curious to taste it.

welcome to fall! time to bring out the sweaters.

Posted 09-14-2017 at 12:52 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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finally got back here. we had a plumbing event. on labor day mr x noticed water running off front lawn. a water main had broke. a small 2" gush was gushing out. mr x called water company who turned off water. then i called our go to plumber. a solution was to replace pipe to house. however id been wanting to replace the pipes one day. we had no hot water at bathroom sink and cold faucet was dribbling out. i knew it was a matter of time. then. we didnt have hot or warm water in washer. only cold. thats why my wash would take hours. so i decided to kill all birds with one stone. i replaced all pipes with copper. it took a total of 5 days. we had no water for 3 days. first day we used wipey dypes. 2nd day mr x warmed water jugs in sun and we bathed with a gallon of water. i helped mr x wash his hair on back lawn. i viewed the experience like camping. its doable, but im not keen on it. 3 guys were here. all spoke spanish. so i decided to learn spanish on phone app. itd be nice to be able to converse with them.

im doing eye exercises. plan on taking vision test next week. its better not doing close work, which ive done my whole life. reading way too much. better to look at scenery. i think ill continue the eye exercises.

we had really hot temps, then other day first rain of the year! it began with a thousand lightening strikes. scary, and weird for this area. it started brush fire couple towns over. also monsciour ugly was caught on film sliding his grotesquely ugly body under a residents fence. # the outrage

id been watching lovely old films, then the plumbing debacle. i have to bring in a drywall guy to patch up the holes the plumber left. already found my guy thru yelp.

Posted 09-04-2017 at 06:17 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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[FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT]

back to school time, but kids already back. when did that start? and no telethon with jerry lewis. he really wanted to hit 100.

its been super hot here. sf broke record. something like 106. we were 107. i was taking 3 showers a day. would sit outside at nite for air, started watching my dvd player. watched, british intelligence, with boris karloff. such an intimidating man. it was a ww1 flick in blk/wh. got bit by mosquitos. its the gift that keeps on giving. next nite sprayed off on.

got couple more weeks for eye exercises then have to take dmv vision test. strangely enough, the pinhole glasses im using seem to help. before i couldnt see without glasses without closing an eye. now im able to read my phone without glasses. of course, i return to glasses asap.

the smoke from oregon and calif fires drifted down here. could smell it slightly. today its a strange totally overcast day, but warm.

your friendly, pink weather girl.

Posted 08-31-2017 at 05:43 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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hi izzy! i know what you mean. its fun to read new blogs. kind of like toothpaste. if nothing to read, ill read the tube. tube tops. i thought those were the dumbest things. then my wing went out once and i couldnt finagle a bra. so had to get the tubes. so easy to put on. i have them in colors, of course. fuchsia, lime, orange.

im writing on lappy, my laptop. too onerous to text on my phone.

its been a long, hot summer. i look forward to fall temps when i can don my beloved denim jackets.

izzy, that was interesting telling of what a nuclear stress test is. what is the nuclear part? the dye? it sounds so high tech. nuclear. do you glow now:)

i need to clean my fans. some arent openable. need some kind of thin bristle brush.

a few cities over madame ugly and her spawn were spotted. search partys are out since they came down where schools are. i noticed their looks didnt improve over the summer.

did i mention mr x found a dead rat on back lawn. thankfully he disposed of it. he said it was 17" with tail. # ick

see you in september!

Posted 08-23-2017 at 07:53 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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my newest project is trying to buy glasses ol.

last nights movie was a doris day musical. she can really dance. and tap. that is an odd dance move. the guy was doing it on a staircase. itd be kind of neat to suddenly break into a tap dance.

then i started a cary grant and rosallnd russell movie.

i made up 5 packs of indonesian ramen. made oodles of noodles. heard ramen is hot commodity in prisons. ramen wth an egg on top. # breakfast is served

i should try on my cargo shorts again. itll probably be another year till i can wear them. i sure love the pockets. i used to be a tomboy back in my tomcat days. but i grew out of it. i get more favorable responses when i dress ladylike.
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Congrats on passing the eye test!

Where I have been living, I have worn a sweatshirt all summer long! Its time to don flannel underwear and a parka already! It already spit some snow at us yesterday! *Izzy is not happy! *

I'm happy that you and your bro have reconciled and hang out together on occaision!
Posted 09-26-2017 at 08:37 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
We had to replace the water pipe to our house, years ago, when we had our own house. BF and a friend did the work.
A root from a tree had punctured the pipe...so the tree was felled.
The lawn never recovered from the line that had to be dug into it to access the pipe.

I bet its nice to have working water again!
Posted 09-15-2017 at 08:30 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Plumbing is the most odious of all home repairs. Like eew
Posted 09-15-2017 at 01:29 AM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline
OMG, the smoke from the fires drifted into Colorado so thick that it allowed one to look directly at the sun without seeing spots when looking away!
We could barely make out the shapes of the mountains through the heavy smoke.
When the sun had set and the moon had risen, the moon looked much like the sun had looked...only the sky was dark!
There was also a fire near Steamboat Springs, Colorado that grew from 2 acres to 419 acres in just a few hours...that also contributed to our smoky air.
The elderly and people with health issues are being advised to stay indoors with the doors and windows closed.
Its really kinda scary to see that much smoke in the air!

I'm glad to hear that the eye exercises and the pinhole glasses are working for you! ...I should try something like that since my aging eyes are failing fast...but I am lazy lately...maybe at another time.
Posted 09-05-2017 at 09:38 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Hey, hows the mountain lion situation
Posted 09-04-2017 at 10:09 PM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline