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  1. ghostPastry
    01-17-2023 07:09 PM
    omg your AVI!! all the children are there
  2. Nivvy
    01-15-2023 07:32 AM
    Omg, I'm loving looking back through everything on here bwahahaha! Such different times for sure. Wow!
  3. ghostPastry
    01-10-2023 10:38 PM
    ah i hate that, it got like that for me in Denver, Colorado too, all the big cities here really it's just so hard to afford to live unless you live in the middle of nowhere. i feel you on wanting to travel your own country more! i barely ever go to NYC and i only live a few hours drive north and you can take the train or bus there too. but it's just so congested it's not worth it with the pandemic. but it is nice to go visit forests and nature sites around New York and Massachusetts, which is about as far away from us as NYC.
  4. ghostPastry
    01-10-2023 04:34 AM
    will do! :D i hope it's over by then too, and you get to go someday soonish. New Zealand looks so pretty!
  5. ghostPastry
    01-09-2023 01:50 AM
    yeah, Florida! i've only ever been twice, once when i was 5 and once when i was 10, and i've only ever been to Disney, never Universal. the Harry Potter world didn't even exist when i went, so i've wanted to go ever since i first heard about it. i can't wait to try a butterbeer congrats on your wedding, that's so exciting! and so sweet to hear about your son, they really grow up so fast. good luck on your house-hunting, that's always a challenge but i'm sure you'll find a place that works for you. where do you live, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. ghostPastry
    01-05-2023 09:42 PM
    i'm good! my partner and i have just been excitedly preparing for our trip to Orlando next month. how are you?
  7. R a n d e h
    01-04-2023 08:26 PM
    R a n d e h
    *leaves a little love in case you login*
  8. ghostPastry
    12-22-2022 12:30 AM
    a has crossed your path! his fur looks a little matted from his travels, and your fan looks like an awfully good thing to rub up against, so he rests here for a while.
  9. Mr. Wrong
    04-12-2020 09:41 AM
    Mr. Wrong
    That's ok. We Americans are sheeple, too. Restaurants that aren't open for takeaway only are shut down temporarily. Schools are closed. "Non essential" businesses are shut down. I love how the government gets to decide what is an essential business and what is not. Fewer cars on the road. I like that. My job hasn't changed much. Still hauling like I did before. Glad you are ok.
  10. Mr. Wrong
    02-21-2020 03:12 PM
    Mr. Wrong
    How is my favorite Kiwi?

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