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Posted 01-19-2011 at 08:12 PM by Bartuc Comments 1
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So, this last week I have been back I have assessed the issue and started on my way to correct. Managed to start the push around of items and starting to remove mass amounts of the overabundance off the exchange. And managed to net in quite a substantial amount of profit. I have realized the exchange itself is in an utter state of depression. There is profit to be made everywhere, but no one seems to be buying at all. Few users have massed together the majority of the gold on this site. Between all the users I know of with 50k+ You are looking at about 1.4m gold spread around 10 users. This is most definitely the problem in the exchange. Users are hoarding up gold for events they do not care that they are killing the exchange. There is honestly no real way to correct this problem. As they care not about the state of the exchange, just what effects them and their goals.

Current Profit Made in week 1: 207,650 gold

All my profit values are not reflected in liquid gold. Most of my profits have been turned into items and I am basing them off the actual sell value of the items. So, could be higher, if I get lucky on a sale.

Posted 01-19-2011 at 08:04 PM by Bartuc Comments 2
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As some know, I have been out of the exchange as a trader since December 2008. I stopped actively trading when I finished my quest and became a staff member. I kept being in there as it is and will always be my home on Menewsha. It is what I do and it is something I have always enjoyed. I continued to trade when I could to help friends on their quests and slowly build up and trade away my ever growing hoard of stuff. Around January 2010 I took a very much needed hiatus from this site.

Earlier this month I came back in full to see that not much as changed between prices except for a few select things. This got me to thinking. There is a lack of movement of items in the exchange. Which for a healthy economy to run on a site, it needs movement and demand. So, aside from helping some friends with their quests, starting up a recruitment contest in the Contests Forum. I have decided to take on a new quest on Menewsha after 2 years of not questing at all. This quest will be demanding of myself as well as the active users of Menewsha.

I am going to spend this next year, when not busy with work or school, doing nothing but trading. I want to see this market thrive the way it use it. I want to see new users coming onto this site and staying, but most of all. I want to fight this stale, dried up exchange we have. I will not use the Menewsha Price Guide as a revolt against the users who base this as a bible for everyday buying and selling. I am going to simply use the knowledge I have and try to go with how items actually sell, not by what is listed. I will use autobuys, but will haggle with people. I will help questers as I have always done. I will work with people.

I will keep a blog about 1-2 times a week on current profits made. I will help new and old people alike if they have any questions. However, I will no longer stand for this anti-natural inflation. I [b]will not[/b] artificially inflate prices. I think that is lame and if people need to fuck with prices like that to make profit, they really need to learn a few lessons on marketing.

Inflation is not a bad thing. Inflation happens when more people come into a site and items are less obtainable. There are items now automatically and naturally inflating as they go up for sale. While the rest stay low and to the ground, barely moving from whence [i]I stopped trading in 2008[/i]. I wholeheartedly believe that the natural inflation I saw in 2008 stopped when several of us finished our quests. We were actively buying everything that could help us. When we finished our quests the markets power of traders slowed down drastically. Leaving the few who had not finished their quests. Which left a massive gap in the between high item traders and low item traders. I left the high item area when I no longer needed the items to obtain anything else, I left it to those who wanted them or needed them to obtain others. Now the market has died and partially to my own fault.

This chapter in my career on Menewsha will probably make me several enemies. Hopefully will make me many more friends though. My goal is to not turn this into gaia. Infact, I wish to make this the polar opposite. A non-controlled naturally inflating economy. That, is my overall goal. To put this economy in the place where it should have been in 2009 and 2010.

If you choose to follow this blog, you are more then welcome too. I have it up for everyone to see if they choose to follow it. Comment on it etc..

Posted 10-23-2009 at 05:56 PM by Bartuc Comments 0
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Lately I have been reacting with stress to everything. I have been off the chain, a loose cannon, a complete utter retard when I have been drinking. Stress has been taking over me and I just do not know how to deal with it all.

Currently I am stationed in Honduras. I am more stressed out here then I was when I was deployed to Iraq for 15 months. How does that shit work out? Well, Iraq was simple. It was a routine. Yeah, I was getting shot at and shit, but it was a routine. Here in honduras there is less of a routine.

I am studying for a promotion board. I am studying for a course I may go to soon, which from what I hear is one of the most mentally challenging courses. That will last about 30 days. I am under stress because I am trying to do my job lately but finding myself distracted. Also been under stress cause some, birth control failed, so I went into the doctor to get a test done. That was lovely.. let me tell you. Worst pain I have felt in awhile.

Been having recurring nightmares of my father dying. So, that has been a very large stress factor for me. I know I can't call every hour and see how he is doing so I am trying to call every so often and not let it show to my parents something is bothering me. They don't need to worry about me while I am out here.

Also have a bunch of out of school kids who came to us about five to six months ago. Still trying to teach them how to do the job while I am trying to learn more about the job. That and trying to push my own career forward it has just been stressful.

Then the workload I put on myself on here wasn't helping either. I noticed I was falling back in my work on here. I couldn't keep up with what was required for me. I was spending more and more time doing almost nothing, then doing something cause I was so burnt out from work. When I was doing something I was spending hours upon hours online trying to catch up. Which is why I had to step down and take a break. I cannot supply for the users in which is demanded.


Posted 09-06-2009 at 11:20 AM by Bartuc Comments 2
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The joys of being a moderator go far and wide. I get to interact with users on a daily basis over a variety of things I never thought I would before. Whether it is in a forum I never would have gone in before. Maybe you post a topic which I normally wouldn't respond in and I go in there to read through some posts and get intrigued and respond.

Another joy for me is being able to help everyone. Sometimes I will get a PM or a report and I help a user figure out what is going on with something and make things better for them.

Although, I think my all time favorite is when I get chewed out by someone for their own mistake. Getting yelled at about how it isn't fair. Then turn around and tell your friends and everyone else how much of an asshole I am. Sit there and pretend to play innocent and bad mouth me. Proving that your intelligence level is to far below the average for a person of your age. While I sit back and watch the entire thing happen without you guys even knowing that myself and other staffers are sitting there watching you do this. Making you and your friends feel justified when you do this. Showing your two-faced personality. Do you honestly think this is a popularity thing? You can go around and brag to your friends about how popular you are and that you 'showed' that staffer what was up?
Seriously, I think alot of people need to shut the fuck up and grow the fuck up. This isn't motherfuckin high school. This isn't your big shot at being noticed. This is a forum. Where the only thing that matters is your attitude and how people respond to what you do. Everything is watched by users. Users see what you do and they judge you by these actions. There is no need to sit there and bad mouth someone. It can be found through the forum search. There is no need to defend your innocence to anyone but support and staff. Having all your friends sit there and think your lie is truth isn't going to get your infraction or banning taken off. All it will do is make bitter attitudes. Which is why there are multiple staffers who rarely post outside of their little holes.


Posted 02-16-2009 at 03:59 PM by Bartuc Comments 0
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Well, where to start. I turned 21 in October. It was a total blast. I didn't really drink much the day of because it was a Tuesday, but I did drink a bit. That Friday however, oh goddamn son. I have no idea how I ended up home, or really much of anything besides getting kicked out of the first bar.

Since that day I pretty much have become a rabid-weekend drunk. I have been experimenting with liquors, clubs and food. I have been having a blast lately. The clubs in Seattle were killer. I was having way more fun than I should have been.

In December I started my trial for moderator. It has been a challenge for me since it was in the midst of going home for Christmas. Once home I had broken internet so I missed 90% of the winter event. I had a good week span where I was able to be online.

Shortly after returning to Tacoma, Washington area. I moved down to Central America, which caused another long break in being online. Now however, I have internet in my room and able to return to Menewsha full time. Which has been nothing less then a blast.

Valentines 2009 Event. This event is pretty badass. I am enjoying it greatly. I love the concept of pillow-fighting. So many users are around so there is a place for everyone. No fighting or bickering, it is good fun.
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A group effort would be fun. Definitely make for an interesting time in the exchange. =) And would help during the period I am settling into my new home in Germany and waiting internetz to be installed. <3
Posted 01-19-2011 at 09:20 PM by Bartuc Bartuc is offline
Sweet profit in 1 week! :D

Damn.. if I'm staying put. I don't really need so many commons right now. >,>
Posted 01-19-2011 at 08:41 PM by Snowberry Snowberry is offline
Interesting project. :3 Maybe this will turn into a group effort!
Posted 01-19-2011 at 08:21 PM by Snowberry Snowberry is offline
Haha another one which never ceases to amaze me on the site where I moderate, is members who somehow think we will not notice copy pasted posts. I have come across things as blatantly obvious as direct wikipedia posts.

Complaints however is not something I have come across that often. Although I can only wonder if this is because of cultural differences between an avatar based forum and a rom based forum.
Posted 09-20-2009 at 09:48 PM by reddeath26 reddeath26 is offline
[QUOTE]Seriously, I think alot of people need to shut the fuck up and grow the fuck up. This isn't motherfuckin high school. This isn't your big shot at being noticed. This is a forum. Where the only thing that matters is your attitude and how people respond to what you do.[/QUOTE]


I am right there with you. As mean as this sounds, I think anyone who wants to play the popularity contest on a site like this... is wasting there time. No offense meant to those who use it (I have an active account there myself) but those people who want to be popular should go play on MySpace or something similar...
Posted 09-14-2009 at 10:42 PM by Liros Liros is offline