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  1. Mikosetta
    10-30-2016 04:04 PM
    yup that's how it was back in the day i still have an n64 had to blow on the cartridge to get perfect dark working haha anyway happy Halloween tomorrow i will have been on menewsha for 7 years just wot !
  2. Mikosetta
    09-08-2016 04:04 PM
    yaw and u can watch netflix on em and stuffs lol good ol ps2 i still have one but it wont read disks anymore maybe it got too dirty guh lol
  3. Mikosetta
    08-29-2016 11:46 PM
    was today ur birthday happy birthday lol u gettin up there girl makin me feel old. but yawr i got ps3 and ps4 now luv em both @[email protected]
  4. Mikosetta
    08-28-2016 04:05 PM
    oculus ?_? did u ever see that horror movie oculus it was scary lol anyway poop on xbox one !_! ps4 fer life yo LOL
  5. Mikosetta
    08-25-2016 04:02 PM
    lol ya crazy how long we known each other and there's no need to worry the game I speak of is rise of the tomb raider its just not being released on ps4 til October 11th because of some stupid exclusive contract signed with microsoft x_X
  6. Mikosetta
    08-21-2016 04:02 PM
    wow amazing look at u sometimes its hard to believe how long we known each other now I have been bad at getting on. Star ocean is just kind of a medicore game ill be more excited for the new tomb raider lol
  7. Mikosetta
    06-23-2016 04:16 PM
    wow you're an adult now crazy and grats on graduating! *regresses to a child* come babysit me LOL I am looking forward to star ocean 5 did you ever play any of the star ocean series. Anyway haven't seen you for awhile and about my pc I dunno its nothing that special it just came from walmart lol! it has like 500 gigs of space tho which is nice @[email protected]
  8. UnmaskedHearts
    04-29-2016 01:23 AM
    Hey! Been awhile since I've commented on your profile but I am now in season 3 of Supernatural. IT'S GETTING GOOD!!!
  9. Mikosetta
    03-19-2016 04:19 PM
    o wow congrats O_O look at you all grown up so proud lol I got a new computer! It doesn't even come with a computer its all in the monitor what crazy black magic wizardy!! LOL
  10. Mikosetta
    02-20-2016 05:28 PM
    lol same ol same ol I been playin megadimension neptuina v ii LOL o_o

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  • About Mizayo

    My name's Mizayo. If you haven't noticed. I'm assuming that since you're reading this that you want to know about me? Well, it's your funeral kiddo 'cause once I get talking, there's no stopping me.

    I'm in my late teens. Not going to give you a number 'cause I don't wanna. I've got brown hair that generally isn't brown and blue eyes. I'm a bit tubby, but that's normal for an American. I'm also fairly short. I'm a stubborn jackass, though, and I don't let anyone do that 'tower-over-me' crap. I'm too badass for that. *quirks the eyebrow and gives a smolder* I'm a chick too, though many wouldn't believe it. Just 'cause I get all the ladies don't mean I ain't a lady myself. Though, to be honest, I wouldn't care either way.

    I'm a geek, though that's not very uncommon here. I'm into pretty much anything you throw at me, but I won't talk about a lot of it unless I'm in the 'obsessive' range. Which tends to happen a lot, honestly, but I'm getting better at disguising it. These fandoms include Star Trek, Supernatural, Dragon Age, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Downton Abbey, and a tiny bit of Fallout.

    I'm a writer as well, and tend to do a lot of fanfiction, as well as my own stuff. Generally speaking, I like making characters the most, however a lot of times I create a plot and so many characters around a fandom that I tend to end up just creating a whole novel only just based off the original world. I can never decide if it's a curse, or a gift.

    I like to illustrate these characters as well in helping with my writing process. Visual representation of a person is always awesome, I find. Since I began writing, my ability to draw has also improved - however not nearly as much as my writing. I have been writing for a lot longer, though, so it's to be expected.

    Things I don't do include: being sociable, being polite when irked, being nice to annoying children, lawn care, reining in my obsessive nature, and RPing.

    If you wanna know anything else about this dry-humored hunk of mentally insane fangirlishness, just ask. I might even answer.
    I live in that awkward squiggly like thing between Missouri and Kansas.
    Reading, writing, games, TV shows, drawing, and Yorkshire accents.
    I'm a student at the moment.
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