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  1. Dazzlingdreamberry
    Yesterday 02:15 AM
    Having a decafe taste off while listening to carpenters. It was McCafe decafe vs gevalia signature decafe. I had rated McCafe a B. I'll give gevalia an A- I'm having this leisurely. Then mr x will do dinner. He's picked up this duty. Last nite was a big block of lasagna, veg, and brown rice. I ate it all and my ch was higher this morning. Well, duh. Layers of carby noodles plus more brown rice carb. I should've only had half the lasagna. I won't make that mistake tonight. He's so proud and happy to be doing these meals now. I went to freezer in garage and it looked like tjs freezer. Got to remind him to keep me 2 shelves for my 15# of brown rice.

    Just a smidge of cleaning tonight. Papered top closet shelf. Tried to clean closet wall. Needs more than spic n span can give. So took solution and hand mopped kitchen edges. Pulled stuff from wall. Boy was it dirty. Squeezed myself between the fridge and cabinet.

    That was all. But every lil bit helps. Keep going on Zillow looking for a place. I would like a gated community. These thieving rats that abound here drive me nuts. So what news report do i see? A gated community nearer bro had a break in. How so, Joe? Isn't it gated? Yes it is, but it abuts to some foothills. They hiked in! Wow. Just don't have stuff folks want. We have very little valuable stuff. But i still wouldn't want my stuff messed up.
  2. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-24-2020 06:03 PM
    It's a bright, sunny day in my faire town. Even seems like it's getting lighter at night. Last night i did a lil desky. I activated mr xs Costco card. Had to set up those security questions. 2 were questionable. One was what is the name of the street you lived on at age 10. I did that one. Another was what is name of street when you graduated? Easy, the same one. Then i thought that's an insecure question if it's the same place. If an ID thief is trolling, he knows there's a 50-50 chance. Either it's the same or not. I skipped that question.

    The other questionable question (Haha! Questionable question. I like that! ) was what was your favorite sports team as a child. Well, if you know the mark's birth year add 10. Check what sport teams are local back then in his area. Most boys don't play football, they like baseball because they play softball. I guessed mr xs fav sports team. It's weird these days. You have to stay one step ahead of the scammers.

    A new house is up for sale a few blocks away. We used to walk that block. It's going for 3 mil. That's higher for this area. I checked it out. Right off i saw the details. Shiny paver driveway. Terraced front garden. House had round turret look like a castle. Very unusual. The inside was fancy, of course. But there were many shots of the kitchen. Marble topped counter tops. Check. Recessed ceiling lights. Check. Dangling ceiling lights. Check. The stove had about 10 horizontal knobs. I saw 2 sinks. It said it had a sub zero fridge. Going to have frozen milk there, bub.

    All i saw was how big it was, the house, and how it'd take me twice as long to clean it. But they would probably have maids. What was odd was there were no bathroom shots. I would've liked to see that. Fancy tub. What kind of vanity? It mentioned putting green. That must've been in the back.
  3. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-23-2020 07:32 AM
    Mr x has terrible insomnia and saw an ad for melatonin gummies. So i ordered it. We'll try it tonight. Im tending to stay up too late, too. Long ago i had tried melatonin but it left me groggy in the morn. This is a child's dosage, plus we'll take half. Mr x super sensitive to meds. He takes nothing and once when he took some prescription advil or some such for a work injury, it caused all sorts of side effects.

    I put my big girl pink pullover on and scrutinized that bank statement. And suddenly it became clear. I was getting 2 credit card charges a month. Where was the 2nd charge coming from? I have 2 Citibank credit cards! One is a regular one and one is a Costco one. The statement did not note this. It's weird to pay at Costco. They partner with Citibank Visa now. You can't put down a discover or American Express. Before they had partnership with American Express. You couldn't use a Visa. Can you say musical chairs? Anyway, one charge is regular and one is Costco. That's what i think. I'll have to get into Costco site but my net was abysmal today and no go. Anyway, i was psyched at hopefully finding the solution.

    Did you hear mr peanut died? Why would they do this? You're killing your mascot? And a dandy fellow he was indeed. Are you going to bring him back ala a Dallas move? Maybe the powers that be should discuss this more thoroughly with a round of new coke.

    What nutsiness occurred today in my fair town? Two out of town thieves were working the top part of the city. It's super steep. It was two dames. One got stopped. Her partner in crime set out to distract the fuzz. By calling 911 and reporting a shooting in a nearby park! This led to a nearby school lockdown.

    Oh, so that USPS site i was telling you about. It's very cool. I got an em showing the letter that would be delivered. Unfortunately that guideposts mag wasn't shown. Cool, nonetheless.

    Better cut that gummy now.
  4. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-22-2020 06:55 AM
    Monsieur ugly hit again, did you see? Grabbed a 3 year old off a trail near L.A. There were 6 people hiking. The father threw a back pack at him and he let the kid go. Then took the back pack up a tree! They destroyed him. I looked up the park. Very beautiful. Got 4.5 stars.

    Just did small amount today. Vac other side of closet shelf. I hauled the vac up on shelf. Want to cover it with newspaper. I could use the wrapping paper. Would be more festive. But i still may use it. Wedged myself between the vanity and wall to wash the floor. I can wedge myself in weird places, but i don't like it. It messes my hair.

    Speaking of hair, i used a violet dye on it few days ago. Well, that made a mess. Remind me to put down newspaper. I had some purple splotches on the white floor.

    Nothing else new. Im feeling cranky. I went to make a Joe tonight. I usually shake the almond milk. Well, i had removed the round plastic thing. Im blanking here. What is that thing called? You twist it off then pour the milk. Sometimes i think I'm getting alzheimers or something. A spout? Cover? Am i going to have to ask mr x? I asked him. It's the cap! Man... anyway i had forgotten the cap was off when i shook it. Shall we say i had a bounty moment?
  5. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-21-2020 01:56 AM
    Having a satisfying cleaning day today. The bleach solution didn't work on the painted wall. May have to go stronger. Ill check if we have other cleaning bottles in the freezing garage. Ive cleaned the architect desk. Next will be to put down newspaper so no more dust. Im not using it as a desk. It's just holding up my cd player and speakers. The room is almost done. What to do with those wrapping paper rolls? Back under the bed? What can i use the paper for?

    Ive started in the last room. Where i was dumping everything. Geez. There's this huge microwave box with an old micro. We're waiting for the yearly dump give. I washed the bathroom scale i had put there. The bath floor against wall was wet and mold starting up. So i took a box load of bottles on the floor away. And cleaned the floor.

    Vac some of front closet. Used my strong cell charger flashlight to peer up. Long dangling spider webs. Gotcha! So we're coming along nicely.

    Im going to freeze rest of sees candy. We've almost finished the 3# box. My ch been running higher cause i can't resist it. Then mr x mentions he'd like some Hershey's. I said, are you crazy! He ate up that huge bag of treats i got him for xmas. There's still other chocolate candy around. No, no, no. Candy is a treat. Not a daily thing. Chocolate is high fat. Tho they say dark choc is good for you. This is the give and take thing. I believe obnoxious amounts of candy should not be a daily thing. He has to respect that. And he believes hair dryers are evil so i have to respect that. Grr...
  6. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-20-2020 06:50 AM
    I actually like cleaning rather than sitting around. Northern exposure is on. The xmas tree is on. It brightens up dreary winter. My hair is wet n cold. Wearing a hat. Will switch to a dry hat. I used to use a hair dryer. Mr x dislikes hair dryers. He says it's bad for your hair. Grr... and i had bought a new purple one. What am i supposed to do with it?!

    And yet i accommodated him. Why? I suppose because it's a give n take. Like i hated him cracking his knuckles. Gave me the heebie jeebies. Told him it was bad. Could cause arthritis. Eventually he stopped. And that is why i have a wet, cold head all winter. Grr...

    I was on Amazon. They have again revamped site. They have multitudinous categories. Now all are revealed with customized recommendations. I had ordered a patch in the sewing category so different patches popped up. I had ordered a book once. I rarely order books because i have so many real books, plus i get the prime reading books. But a suggestion of e.nesbit anthology ebook appeared. She's my fav author. It was 20 books and 200 short stories. Over 7200 pages. For 99 cents! That's insane. I got it. Im a reading addict.

    In other news i looked up the 1040 ol. It's there. And they've redesigned it again!

    Think ill have a decafe. Got a new one.
  7. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-20-2020 02:11 AM
    I had a good clean day. I had wanted to do desky but head was fuzzy. Been taking allergy pills. So physical chores it was. Dusted tv stand, a desk. Tried a bleach cleanser on closet wall. Didn't work. Washed more hangers. Cleared out half front closet. I want to switch out those dusty hangers but might as well be thorough and vac everything. Mr x must surely wonder what the heck is going on. Day after day of cleaning.

    Open house again next door. A yellow orange vehicle parked in front. Quite striking color.

    Will finish that amish book tonight. Will store them in a plastic bin. I want to decorate them with my stickers. I have all these stickers from when i used to send letters. I want to use them up. Next book up is an erma bombeck one. She had a humor column i think. I think i got this book from one of those hood libraries. Then never read it and it winds up in a bag.

    Have a pleasant evening!
  8. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-19-2020 02:11 AM
    Starting to get backed up here. Yesterday did scant amount of work. Bro needed a one hour call to discuss his ocd proclivities. And i won't bore you with the details. Because, frankly, others details can be quite tiresome. But I'll give you the jist of the matter. My bro has had our dad's old broken down fiat malingering in a repair shop yard for 6 years.

    Gee, i was able to condense. That wasn't so bad, was it? No. I rather liked it. To be succinct. Hmm. Maybe I'll work on it. 100% condensed evaporated blog.

    Onward. Just washed more hangers. I think that was all yesterday. The call and hangers. But it's a step forward. A tiny step for man kind.

    Today was whoa, mama! A whole day to work. I washed more hangers. Had Mr x hand me clean ones and i swapped all used ones in closet. Arranged my clothes. Admired them. I developed a thing for jeans jackets. And denim vests over dresses.

    I finished cleaning and put away a fan. I emptied plastic clothes baskets. Why do i have so many? Found more of my Sox, a sheet i had misplaced. Put the last of the curtains in a plastic bag and tossed in other room. Moved ironing board closer to wall. Found i only have 3 of bro s pants left to hem. Which have been sitting there for years. I did a bunch. But he had lots. Saw this camo vest i started stitching a patch of a flower. I need to iron it down. This is a carhartt vest. It's blue camo. But it's the pockets! I got it the same place Capt got his 1k pocket coat! The flower adds the girly touch. I found more stuffed animals. Plan to vac them gently. Then there's this cd player that wasn't working. For years! I tested it. The cd and radio work. But not the cassette. Will troubleshoot. The room is awesomely better! I put the 7 small bags of my running clothes under the desk. My closet awaits the wall mildew removal. It was a most productive day. Then i did 2 hour spin while watching doc on the carpenter's.
  9. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-17-2020 10:38 PM
    Was reading the local news. A 79 year old resident was arrested after sending 4 threatening letters to local church threatening violence this Sunday. What the? This is unusual activity for our fair town. And he's 79! What's up, bub? I googled his name and found a pastor a couple cities over with his name. But his name is not unusual.

    Latest news confirm he's the guy. A former pastor. And former member of this church. Some kind of beef with members. But, guy. You've just wrecked your life! Man... I saw a partial obit of someone who may ve been his wife. But they want you to subscribe to their e news. Then, also, maybe he's coming down with some demenia and it's hard to hold your temper.

    There's this other news story in sacto. This 25 year Amazon manager disappeared. He's been missing since new year's eve. His gf is a manager too. She's my gfs manager.

    Just disconcerting day.
  10. Dazzlingdreamberry
    01-17-2020 01:02 AM
    Only cleaned a lil tonight. Too dark to do last room. I need bright sunlight and the skies simply opened up today. Washed more hangers. Finished detail vac the hallway. Did bath. Im going to use binoculars to check the ceiling corners. I can't see that far. And there's nothing more satisfying than sucking up a dangling cobweb.

    I finished the last closet with sorting my clothes. I had a stack of thin colorful leggings. They're long but like nylon thin. Im wearing fleece leggings nowadays. Ran across my nylons. Geez. Dump those? I don't wear heels of any type anymore. But will i? If i dump nylons, i can't ever wear the shoes. I still have a few pairs of low heels. It's hard to dump some stuff.

    And i agonize over stuffed animals. Some you can't keep. They get really dirty. But you've played with them and given them personalities and voices. What, you don't do that? Cough, cough. Well certainly i would never either. But how can you throw them in the garbage?

    Tax documents trickling in. Id like my cleaning done so i can focus on that. Got to get back to desky. That bank statement i need to check. But i have a limited amount of free time. It's either cleaning or desky. Or a lot of scrolling around. I have to keep an eye on that. Im an internet addict. My name is dazz and i always have a device in my hand.

    Did i tell you i started a new ebook? A woman cop who's a gambling addict. Very interesting.

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Posted 09-25-2017 at 03:48 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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amazing as it sounds, i passed the dmv vision test. i was quite apprehensive in days leading up to it. every nite religiously doing the eye exercises. straining, straining to see, imagine, the dinky little letters. when it came time to test, i didnt even falter! i guess i could see the shapes good enough to recognize. mr x came with me. we had a 2.5 hour wait. he started grumbling part way thru the wait.

other day we were at macs. tried their new ice mocha. yum!

then yesterday hung out with bro for 5.5 hrs. he had these dumb rebate cards to redeem and he didnt need anything. so we went to walgreens, 2 cvs, and a tjs. i caught up on my shopping. we hit a macs and i tried the caramel macchiato. even better than the mocha. we got along very well. we had been estranged a long time. but now i suppose i will eventually move closer to him. he lives in san jose. not a place id like to be. maybe i can move nearby on the coast. would like some fog weather.

so i passed my big hurdle. can relax now and get back to normal. have to hire a drywall guy.

just finished a great read. about uber rich ladies and the scam perpetrated against them. a good frothy read. hey, its fall i believe! got bottle of pumpkin spice latte by starbucks. so curious to taste it.

welcome to fall! time to bring out the sweaters.

Posted 09-14-2017 at 12:52 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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finally got back here. we had a plumbing event. on labor day mr x noticed water running off front lawn. a water main had broke. a small 2" gush was gushing out. mr x called water company who turned off water. then i called our go to plumber. a solution was to replace pipe to house. however id been wanting to replace the pipes one day. we had no hot water at bathroom sink and cold faucet was dribbling out. i knew it was a matter of time. then. we didnt have hot or warm water in washer. only cold. thats why my wash would take hours. so i decided to kill all birds with one stone. i replaced all pipes with copper. it took a total of 5 days. we had no water for 3 days. first day we used wipey dypes. 2nd day mr x warmed water jugs in sun and we bathed with a gallon of water. i helped mr x wash his hair on back lawn. i viewed the experience like camping. its doable, but im not keen on it. 3 guys were here. all spoke spanish. so i decided to learn spanish on phone app. itd be nice to be able to converse with them.

im doing eye exercises. plan on taking vision test next week. its better not doing close work, which ive done my whole life. reading way too much. better to look at scenery. i think ill continue the eye exercises.

we had really hot temps, then other day first rain of the year! it began with a thousand lightening strikes. scary, and weird for this area. it started brush fire couple towns over. also monsciour ugly was caught on film sliding his grotesquely ugly body under a residents fence. # the outrage

id been watching lovely old films, then the plumbing debacle. i have to bring in a drywall guy to patch up the holes the plumber left. already found my guy thru yelp.

Posted 09-04-2017 at 06:17 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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[FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT]

back to school time, but kids already back. when did that start? and no telethon with jerry lewis. he really wanted to hit 100.

its been super hot here. sf broke record. something like 106. we were 107. i was taking 3 showers a day. would sit outside at nite for air, started watching my dvd player. watched, british intelligence, with boris karloff. such an intimidating man. it was a ww1 flick in blk/wh. got bit by mosquitos. its the gift that keeps on giving. next nite sprayed off on.

got couple more weeks for eye exercises then have to take dmv vision test. strangely enough, the pinhole glasses im using seem to help. before i couldnt see without glasses without closing an eye. now im able to read my phone without glasses. of course, i return to glasses asap.

the smoke from oregon and calif fires drifted down here. could smell it slightly. today its a strange totally overcast day, but warm.

your friendly, pink weather girl.

Posted 08-31-2017 at 05:43 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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hi izzy! i know what you mean. its fun to read new blogs. kind of like toothpaste. if nothing to read, ill read the tube. tube tops. i thought those were the dumbest things. then my wing went out once and i couldnt finagle a bra. so had to get the tubes. so easy to put on. i have them in colors, of course. fuchsia, lime, orange.

im writing on lappy, my laptop. too onerous to text on my phone.

its been a long, hot summer. i look forward to fall temps when i can don my beloved denim jackets.

izzy, that was interesting telling of what a nuclear stress test is. what is the nuclear part? the dye? it sounds so high tech. nuclear. do you glow now:)

i need to clean my fans. some arent openable. need some kind of thin bristle brush.

a few cities over madame ugly and her spawn were spotted. search partys are out since they came down where schools are. i noticed their looks didnt improve over the summer.

did i mention mr x found a dead rat on back lawn. thankfully he disposed of it. he said it was 17" with tail. # ick

see you in september!

Posted 08-23-2017 at 07:53 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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my newest project is trying to buy glasses ol.

last nights movie was a doris day musical. she can really dance. and tap. that is an odd dance move. the guy was doing it on a staircase. itd be kind of neat to suddenly break into a tap dance.

then i started a cary grant and rosallnd russell movie.

i made up 5 packs of indonesian ramen. made oodles of noodles. heard ramen is hot commodity in prisons. ramen wth an egg on top. # breakfast is served

i should try on my cargo shorts again. itll probably be another year till i can wear them. i sure love the pockets. i used to be a tomboy back in my tomcat days. but i grew out of it. i get more favorable responses when i dress ladylike.
Recent Comments
Congrats on passing the eye test!

Where I have been living, I have worn a sweatshirt all summer long! Its time to don flannel underwear and a parka already! It already spit some snow at us yesterday! *Izzy is not happy! *

I'm happy that you and your bro have reconciled and hang out together on occaision!
Posted 09-26-2017 at 08:37 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
We had to replace the water pipe to our house, years ago, when we had our own house. BF and a friend did the work.
A root from a tree had punctured the pipe...so the tree was felled.
The lawn never recovered from the line that had to be dug into it to access the pipe.

I bet its nice to have working water again!
Posted 09-15-2017 at 08:30 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Plumbing is the most odious of all home repairs. Like eew
Posted 09-15-2017 at 01:29 AM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline
OMG, the smoke from the fires drifted into Colorado so thick that it allowed one to look directly at the sun without seeing spots when looking away!
We could barely make out the shapes of the mountains through the heavy smoke.
When the sun had set and the moon had risen, the moon looked much like the sun had looked...only the sky was dark!
There was also a fire near Steamboat Springs, Colorado that grew from 2 acres to 419 acres in just a few hours...that also contributed to our smoky air.
The elderly and people with health issues are being advised to stay indoors with the doors and windows closed.
Its really kinda scary to see that much smoke in the air!

I'm glad to hear that the eye exercises and the pinhole glasses are working for you! ...I should try something like that since my aging eyes are failing fast...but I am lazy lately...maybe at another time.
Posted 09-05-2017 at 09:38 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Hey, hows the mountain lion situation
Posted 09-04-2017 at 10:09 PM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline