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  1. Dazzlingdreamberry
    Yesterday 06:35 PM
    Here's what went down last night. I had gone in the backyard to retrieve my mumus drying over chair backs. I heard water like a nabe was watering or a waterfall. Went into LR. It was stuffy so opened door. Mr x was making dinner. I heard the same water sound.

    Then i noticed front walk was wet and water was pouring out of something on edge of our lawn. Crapola! Mr x! I say with urgency. There's water on the sidewalk! He rushes out. It's coming thru our gate. I say, go check the back.

    I run into the back. Water is flowing across our back 40. It's on the patio.

    We rush back to the front. Nabes are gathering. I was wearing a red halter and fuchsia shorts cause it was hot inside. It wouldn't be my first choice for speaking to guy nabes. Red with white shorts matches better.

    But this was some emergency. Nabe was saying it seemed to be a broken fire hydrant on the next block. I felt relieved. It isn't something i have to deal with. I should've taken a pic of the event. But didn't think to. Drat.

    Soon we heard fire sirens. Then they pulled up here. About 5 of the hugest, beefiest beefeaters emerged. Three went next door. Two turned to me. Do you want to go in the backyard? Yes. Mr x, go unlock the side gate! He padlocks it cause we have rat robbers in this hood. The two beefeaters in fluorescent green vests and masks tromp into yard. They take down my name and phone. I hate giving out private info. Then they leave.

    The water stops gushing. Fire truck leaves. We eat mr xs fajitas and Asian veg mix.
  2. Dazzlingdreamberry
    Yesterday 01:40 AM
    I was just stopped by a fascinating tale of rags to riches. Those ads that pop tart spring up on you tube. This woman's tale of abusive home. She finally escapes but is on her own working three jobs etc. One day she sees a homeless man and buys him a meal. He said karma will bless you for your kindness. Next day a package arrives with a strange bracelet.

    She wears the bracelet and her luck changes. Astonishingly. She gets a promotion. Then another. Able to buy a huge mansion. Enjoy 5 star hotels. The ridiculousness starts to get to me. But I'm intrigued. She is at the top of the world. Then she loses the bracelet.

    Her luck changes. She loses her job. She starts to drink like her father did. She loses everything. Then a friend calls to tell her of her strange luck. She had found a bracelet and wore it. Her luck changed too. So original woman decides to research the bracelet.

    Its a Feng shui one. Black obsidian. Purified by priests. Fortified by Jack lalanne. Kissed by a maiden under a moonlit night. The ad appears. I click on. Testimony of thousands. How much does this wonder cost?! Finally the info page. It's $20 and that's discounted from $45. Wow. All this prosperity can be mine for $20.
  3. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-07-2020 07:00 AM
    Late night high fives from my quiet house on my quiet street. I don't hear anything but the clock ticking. I just had my snack of melon and I christened the wheat thins. They're OK. I'm not delirious over them which I guess is the point. For a wheat Cracker it was rather sweet.

    It was your garden variety slog day. Today temp ramped up so I wore a white crop and floral pattern violet shorts.

    Tonight I was down the rabbit hole looking at sunglasses. I was looking at the yellow ones and photochromatic. I need something for the overcast days.The popular style seems to be the wrap around kind. I have a sunglass like that. It fits pretty well but gets hot underneath. That one the coating is coming off.

    So there are regular sunglasses. Polarized. Photochromatic. Mirrored. I just noticed the moon peeking in. That's kind of cool. I'm looking at a rubber frame one. Rubber or plastic. Think I will get it. Maybe tomorrow. I have a lot of clip on sunglasses. Yellow, amber, dark, one photochromatic. But they clip onto reg glasses. I don't need glasses to slog the back 40.

    I em gf again. Pink balls back in her court. She said folks keep coming down with the virus at her Amazon warehouse.

    We have a new neighbor. Wonder when Mr x will run into him. Well I think I'll hit it. Tomorrow I feed wally. He's already sent me two texts and a candy gram not to forget.
  4. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-05-2020 05:01 PM
    Gooob morning! That is a greeting this dog account on Twitter uses. He's very cute. But he can't pronounce the d? Isn't it weird how your tongue is stuck in whatever language you're born into? And it's really difficult to become flawless, later on, in a foreign accent.

    Yesterday i got the thermometer working and took mr xs temp. Oh, he's sitting in dentist chair right now. Their questionnaire had question of temperature. So i thought he should have temp taken in case they asked. I need to get another battery. Shockingly, it still worked after years of disuse. And those button batteries don't corrode, i don't think. Ill have to open it up.

    It's 58• i woke up to hear garage door chimes tinkling. Mr x was heading out to dentist. It was cold. He's biking, of course. I wonder if that will raise his temp. But the cold should help keep it down.

    I don't know what slog outfit to wear. It's only supposed to get a lil warmer. Should i wear a long crop? What if it fakes me out? It always seems to be 10• higher than whatever they predict.

    And i don't have the clear uv sunglasses i wanted. Rats. When it's overcast like this, sunglasses are no good. It's so dark it seems unreal. I almost get dizzy and have to flip up to see better.

    So yesterday fixing mr xs watch. My extreme nearsightedness was a boon. I can't read a stop sign. Can't see the tv across the room. In my normal weak reading glasses. When i drove, of course , i wore my highest power one. Anyway, the pieces in the watch were microscopic. Mr x needed his reading glasses plus a magnifier to see it. I could see clearly now, the rain is gone! I could see very clearly the tiny pieces.

    Im making rice. I can smell it and it's clattering its lid. I season it hence the yummy smell. There's this guy, Mr roger, on you tube. Some Asian comedian. He reviewed a tv cook making rice. He was having hilarious conniptions because she wasn't doing it right. It was his Asian tinted English and phrases that got me. I watched another one about him dating. That was funny. Then i watched him interact working at a restaurant counter. He was mocking their choices. What, you don't want peanut? You a big man. Peanut is small. Woman, why are you with this guy? It sounded real but a notice said it was comedic skit and customers were in on it. Then i watched him do standup. He started getting raunchy. Very raunchy. Your dazz doesn't approve of raunch. Mr x says im the most prudish person he's ever met. Why, thank you, kind sir. I gave the standup vid a pink thumbs down.

    Well the rice just finished. Mr x will be glad to see it. He uses it for his din. Last night was dinty Moore's over brown rice plus lima beans. It was good. I love dinty moores. I wore my pink buffalo check shirt.
  5. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-05-2020 06:48 AM
    Im back but not for long. It's astonishingly cool tonite. At the window noshing melon it was practically cold. A wind chill factor was warping up. I think tomorrow will be colder. And it's a slog day. Mr x has dental appt in morning. He has to spf my back but i don't go out till around noon. I wouldn't think of not using spf now. As it is ive got an x tan imprint on my back from the crop top. I wear this other one often that has an open back to try to even the tan. I have a Sox tan. And shorts tan. And my middle is tan cuz of the crop top. But at least i haven't burned. Not once. Im finishing up another bottle of 45 spf. Im using the dregs tomorrow.

    So after my nap. Well, i dreamed i was back at folks home and looking at a hoarded cabinet in the backyard. There were envelopes of stamps i had to use. My folks were hoarders and this is a common dream i have. Oh, oh! Just remembered another dream i had. I was in school taking a test and only finished one question. I woke up and was glad there'd be no repercussions.

    That word yesterday was teething. I forgot how to spell teeth. And today i couldn't spell physique. This is what happens when im tired or frazzled.

    So i woke up and inventoried the Amazon food. Everything was there. They packed things much better today. They put the jam jars in this thick bubble wrap that was bottle shaped. Usually bubble wrap is flat like paper and they have to wrap it around an object. This was more simple. In fact im saving it. They use sturdy boxes too. Right now i did put it on treadmill, but temporarily. Ill get mr x to put it in attic. And i put another container of earrings there. I'll have to figure where to put it.

    Ok, I'm hitting it. I can relive my Quite Productive Day.
  6. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-04-2020 08:27 PM
    Frazzled summer greetings from Parcel Land Lot 61B located under a sunny blue sky in the great burbs of U.S.A. i will be heading out for a nap. Perchance to pass out.

    What a day. I had many goals. I only did one. But did it well. I wanted to change mr xs watch battery. Easier said than done. It's been years since i did it. I had to look up videos on swiss army watches. It has a notched back. I had bought a notch tool. Then there was something over the battery. Had to look that up. End result was i changed it. Also wrote up instructions. Put in baggy with tool. And i instructed mr x how to do it.

    This was giving me stress. Nubby jumped into the fray and said mama want to rub my nubs? I envisioned the interior springing out with pieces going hither n yon.

    Well it's done now. Im wearing a necklace. It's a crystal flower with amethyst center. A gf gift. Good night!
  7. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-04-2020 06:51 AM
    I'm listening to 1960s country music. The classics. Marty Robbins. Johnny Cash. Had snack of melon, ensure, and peanuts. I'm bored. Was looking up tangle fidgit toys on Amazon. They have pet ones now. I have a bunch. Smooth, textured, fuzzy. You play with them. Bend them, hold them. I sleep with fidgit toys. One in each hand. Lately it's been a textured tangle and nubby. Nubby is actually a baby teather. I can't spell that word tonight. My head has already left the room. He's hard textured rubber with nubby hair. He has a happy face. He's hollow so you can hold onto it. I like to rub the nubs. When I'm resting on lounge between slog jaunts, I hold fidgits. I have a plastic bucket under Cafe table full of them. Bro was here and he plucked one off my evil bike to play with. I didn't have these in school so I kept taking apart my pen. I would've loved a fidgit toy. I wear these key decorations on my neck key chain in case I'm stuck somewhere and need to fidgit. I have this small crinkle panda toy. It makes a crinkle sound.

    What's bad, tho, is to get dependent on something. And need it. I have options tho. I can finger my buttons, play with zippers. But is this some psychological thing? The fidgit ads proclaim it relieves stress, anxiety, depression. Depression? Maybe they could have pet rocks that emit purrs. Probably a cat or dog is ideal stress reliever. They are so cuddly with their fur!

    I watched a video of someone changing a washer drain hose. It looked a pain but doable. They should offer classes on rudimentary repairs for a house. Like plumbing for sure. Not electrical. That's too dangerous. But to know nothing. We're at mercy of repairmen.
  8. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-03-2020 11:59 PM
    Had a delightful slog. Rather hot. Temp drops 20• tomorrow. That's weird. Im trying to watch Hitchcock's, murder. But it's terribly boring. But im trying to push thru because it is Hitchcock. It has to be good, doesn't it?

    So i started googling changing a drain hose for our afflicted Wally. Then it mentions replacement pump. I don't know what I'm doing.

    It's stuffy as heck in here. I fear those fumigation salesmen wandering around. I don't want to talk to them. You're supposed to have permits nowadays to go door to door.

    I wonder what din will be. Mr x continues to dish up surprises. And he's finally cut down my plate to a normal size.

    Speaking of plates, he broke one of my iconic ones. It was a pink and white heart shaped with a cat in the center. I got it years ago. It's that plastic melamine type. Sturdy but if you drop it, there goes your dish. I heard this clatter one night and there went my dish. I brushed it off as no big deal, but as i think on it a week or so later, there wasn't much regret in mr xs demeanor. I mean, it was quite a unique dish. I miss it.
  9. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-03-2020 06:18 PM
    Greetings! It is a sunny, quiet day so far. I'm dressed for slog. Lime green crop and the shortest lime trimmed violet shorts. I like to match. I like my clothes. Mr x had a few sleeveless tees but he's not wearing them. He's always cold. I said let me wear them so I can wash them. Clothes should at least hit the washer once a year for freshness. So Mr x asked me what did I think of them. I said it looked like a men's tee with the sleeves cut off. It was blocky shaped and I didn't feel in the pink wearing them.

    I lost a pound! I'll take it. I've been getting afraid to step on the scale. Each time I was gaining. But those evil ernie Keebler are gone and mr x won't be buying me snacks. I looked in snack box and saw a bunch of potato chips. I only crave those with a deli Sam.

    So Mr xs b-day is this sat I believe. I got him a box of individual snacks. Oreos, chips ahoy, animal crackers in my soup, and teddy grahams. And some bags of chuckles candy. Plus latest doc martin DVD. Those snacks don't tempt me. It's open bags that do. I feel them getting stale and it's my duty to step into the fray.

    Well, time to spf up.
  10. Dazzlingdreamberry
    08-03-2020 06:09 AM
    And it Was a productive day. I just had watermelon at the window. Have soft jazz playing. Eye still crossed. So didn't do desky. I worked on treadmill. Put away all the jewelry and other stuff. It's totally cleared! Mr x didn't comment. But either it'll work or won't. If it won't, ill dump it. I won't use it as a table again.

    Then i finally put in Amazon pantry order. Bunch of boring snacks i can eat like triscuit, wheat thins, oatmeal square cereal. And im getting 104 oz of peanut butter. I don't fool around. Just finished a 64 oz jar. I got a 64 oz creamy and 40 oz crunchy. And 5 jars of jam. BlackBerry, apricot, peach, strawberry, grape. I love pbj. It's due in wed. I still have some frozen but I'm running on peanut fumes. Also got sunflower seeds.

    Then i did more. Well, first i took a nap. Then worked in back storage room. With my bins of clothes. I brought out all the shorts. Went thru bin of memorabilia that i have to do something with.

    So it was extremely gratifying day. Mr x was surprised i didn't bike. Ive kind of given up the bike day to do cleaning. It takes energy to shuck stuff around. And i fear that back twinge i keep getting on the evil bike.

    Tomorrow i return to a slog day. Im getting tendrils of awareness that cold days are coming. And what will i do? I can't abide the cold. I can't be resting on the lounge. The tomatoes will be gone. It'll get dark out. I need some light sunglasses for dark days. I want some uv specs. I can wear warmer clothes but what about the rain? I used to run in rain, but on the sidewalk. Not on dirt. At a certain point it'll be mud. That's just stupid then. But the grass will grow back. It'll still be messy and i don't know what ill do.

    So i better enjoy each day now. Think ill have a chocolate ensure to celebrate.

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Posted 09-25-2017 at 03:48 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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amazing as it sounds, i passed the dmv vision test. i was quite apprehensive in days leading up to it. every nite religiously doing the eye exercises. straining, straining to see, imagine, the dinky little letters. when it came time to test, i didnt even falter! i guess i could see the shapes good enough to recognize. mr x came with me. we had a 2.5 hour wait. he started grumbling part way thru the wait.

other day we were at macs. tried their new ice mocha. yum!

then yesterday hung out with bro for 5.5 hrs. he had these dumb rebate cards to redeem and he didnt need anything. so we went to walgreens, 2 cvs, and a tjs. i caught up on my shopping. we hit a macs and i tried the caramel macchiato. even better than the mocha. we got along very well. we had been estranged a long time. but now i suppose i will eventually move closer to him. he lives in san jose. not a place id like to be. maybe i can move nearby on the coast. would like some fog weather.

so i passed my big hurdle. can relax now and get back to normal. have to hire a drywall guy.

just finished a great read. about uber rich ladies and the scam perpetrated against them. a good frothy read. hey, its fall i believe! got bottle of pumpkin spice latte by starbucks. so curious to taste it.

welcome to fall! time to bring out the sweaters.

Posted 09-14-2017 at 12:52 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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finally got back here. we had a plumbing event. on labor day mr x noticed water running off front lawn. a water main had broke. a small 2" gush was gushing out. mr x called water company who turned off water. then i called our go to plumber. a solution was to replace pipe to house. however id been wanting to replace the pipes one day. we had no hot water at bathroom sink and cold faucet was dribbling out. i knew it was a matter of time. then. we didnt have hot or warm water in washer. only cold. thats why my wash would take hours. so i decided to kill all birds with one stone. i replaced all pipes with copper. it took a total of 5 days. we had no water for 3 days. first day we used wipey dypes. 2nd day mr x warmed water jugs in sun and we bathed with a gallon of water. i helped mr x wash his hair on back lawn. i viewed the experience like camping. its doable, but im not keen on it. 3 guys were here. all spoke spanish. so i decided to learn spanish on phone app. itd be nice to be able to converse with them.

im doing eye exercises. plan on taking vision test next week. its better not doing close work, which ive done my whole life. reading way too much. better to look at scenery. i think ill continue the eye exercises.

we had really hot temps, then other day first rain of the year! it began with a thousand lightening strikes. scary, and weird for this area. it started brush fire couple towns over. also monsciour ugly was caught on film sliding his grotesquely ugly body under a residents fence. # the outrage

id been watching lovely old films, then the plumbing debacle. i have to bring in a drywall guy to patch up the holes the plumber left. already found my guy thru yelp.

Posted 09-04-2017 at 06:17 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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[FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT]

back to school time, but kids already back. when did that start? and no telethon with jerry lewis. he really wanted to hit 100.

its been super hot here. sf broke record. something like 106. we were 107. i was taking 3 showers a day. would sit outside at nite for air, started watching my dvd player. watched, british intelligence, with boris karloff. such an intimidating man. it was a ww1 flick in blk/wh. got bit by mosquitos. its the gift that keeps on giving. next nite sprayed off on.

got couple more weeks for eye exercises then have to take dmv vision test. strangely enough, the pinhole glasses im using seem to help. before i couldnt see without glasses without closing an eye. now im able to read my phone without glasses. of course, i return to glasses asap.

the smoke from oregon and calif fires drifted down here. could smell it slightly. today its a strange totally overcast day, but warm.

your friendly, pink weather girl.

Posted 08-31-2017 at 05:43 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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hi izzy! i know what you mean. its fun to read new blogs. kind of like toothpaste. if nothing to read, ill read the tube. tube tops. i thought those were the dumbest things. then my wing went out once and i couldnt finagle a bra. so had to get the tubes. so easy to put on. i have them in colors, of course. fuchsia, lime, orange.

im writing on lappy, my laptop. too onerous to text on my phone.

its been a long, hot summer. i look forward to fall temps when i can don my beloved denim jackets.

izzy, that was interesting telling of what a nuclear stress test is. what is the nuclear part? the dye? it sounds so high tech. nuclear. do you glow now:)

i need to clean my fans. some arent openable. need some kind of thin bristle brush.

a few cities over madame ugly and her spawn were spotted. search partys are out since they came down where schools are. i noticed their looks didnt improve over the summer.

did i mention mr x found a dead rat on back lawn. thankfully he disposed of it. he said it was 17" with tail. # ick

see you in september!

Posted 08-23-2017 at 07:53 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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my newest project is trying to buy glasses ol.

last nights movie was a doris day musical. she can really dance. and tap. that is an odd dance move. the guy was doing it on a staircase. itd be kind of neat to suddenly break into a tap dance.

then i started a cary grant and rosallnd russell movie.

i made up 5 packs of indonesian ramen. made oodles of noodles. heard ramen is hot commodity in prisons. ramen wth an egg on top. # breakfast is served

i should try on my cargo shorts again. itll probably be another year till i can wear them. i sure love the pockets. i used to be a tomboy back in my tomcat days. but i grew out of it. i get more favorable responses when i dress ladylike.
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Congrats on passing the eye test!

Where I have been living, I have worn a sweatshirt all summer long! Its time to don flannel underwear and a parka already! It already spit some snow at us yesterday! *Izzy is not happy! *

I'm happy that you and your bro have reconciled and hang out together on occaision!
Posted 09-26-2017 at 08:37 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is online now
We had to replace the water pipe to our house, years ago, when we had our own house. BF and a friend did the work.
A root from a tree had punctured the pipe...so the tree was felled.
The lawn never recovered from the line that had to be dug into it to access the pipe.

I bet its nice to have working water again!
Posted 09-15-2017 at 08:30 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is online now
Plumbing is the most odious of all home repairs. Like eew
Posted 09-15-2017 at 01:29 AM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline
OMG, the smoke from the fires drifted into Colorado so thick that it allowed one to look directly at the sun without seeing spots when looking away!
We could barely make out the shapes of the mountains through the heavy smoke.
When the sun had set and the moon had risen, the moon looked much like the sun had looked...only the sky was dark!
There was also a fire near Steamboat Springs, Colorado that grew from 2 acres to 419 acres in just a few hours...that also contributed to our smoky air.
The elderly and people with health issues are being advised to stay indoors with the doors and windows closed.
Its really kinda scary to see that much smoke in the air!

I'm glad to hear that the eye exercises and the pinhole glasses are working for you! ...I should try something like that since my aging eyes are failing fast...but I am lazy lately...maybe at another time.
Posted 09-05-2017 at 09:38 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is online now
Hey, hows the mountain lion situation
Posted 09-04-2017 at 10:09 PM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline