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Posted 09-01-2008 at 02:49 AM by Amo_Angelus Comments 0
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I have anemia and have done for a very long time, ever since I was a child. I can usually control it, but when I get poorly I loose control of it, which never really mattered while living with my parents, but I don't anymore. This is pretty hard for me as when I'm not in control of my anemia I collapse.

One of the most common things I hear when I tell people I adopted Mitzy is congratulations and well done for getting an older cat. Well on Friday morning he proved just what a lifesaver he is. I'm not half as worried about falling downstairs and killing myself now. You see, I had been feeling ill for a couple of days and was laid on the sofa all wrapped up,mitzy of course sensed I was poorly and came to lie with me. All my pets have always done this and I have always been grateful, but never expected anything more than his presence and love.

Well I went upstairs to fill food and water bowls in the kitchen and suddenly out of nowhere the room goes all fuggy. I can't see or hear straight and I'm on the verge of passing out. It's a case of sit down on the floor and hug the food sacks and pray I don't loose consciousness or fall and certainly loose consciousness. Now let me explain one very important thing.I have been so unwell I have not been able to take things out of my kitchen. So there is currently three sacks of food, one sack of kitty litter, a big storage box of card crafting stuff a cat carrier and a big storage box of tinned cat food. You can't actually walk across the kitchen floor at the moment but I just can't life it. So falling would have meant an ambulance.

Now Mitzy who had been circling my legs at the doorway and mewed when I'd left him there to go fill the food up just jumped onto all the stuff and came right over and sat on my arm and stood guard over me! Well when me head cleared I tried standing up again. Insta fug.I must have tried five times before I was reduced to tears and fustration. I'd got my tablets out. I'd taken it slow and I couldn't even kneel! So there I am crying and mitzy jumps off of the sack and comes by my legs and snuggles me till I calm down.Try and fail again. I give up. Conceed to just laying here and going to sleep. Try again when I wake up. Then Mitzy's goneI look up and he's at the other side of the room, watching me. I swear he was saying "Let's try now. I'm here." So I did...

I was still weak but not in any imediate danger! How he knew it was time to try again I don't know. I can never tell when to try again, as apparent by my failures. But he knew!

And I went to bed. Only I'm not well and my body is freezing which means I'm sweating and uncomfortable. So I kept tossing and turning and waking up. And I had such nightmares. I'd wake up crying. Wake up ready to punch something.Wake up grateful. I was convinced the world was being infected with something, which I'd got and they had a cure but weren't giving it to me. I had trouble letting this notion go I was sleeping that badly. Well Mitzy who usually sleeps on the spare side of my double bed in his cat bed had come to lay by my head which he does when I'm sad. Only everytime he was moved by my figiting or I put my head on him he usually runs off and eyes me suspiciously for a while. Only he didn't. He moved where it was safe or in the case of my head resting on him didn't move at all (I'm not heavy so I wasn't hurting him, he just doesn't like being confined much. He mostly tolerates an arm over his bum but that's about it). Then he'd just look at me, shove his head into my hand and I swear he told me "There there, it's ok. I'm Here. you're ok" and he did this all day!

I got into the doctors that evening and am doing a lot better now I have medication. But I am sooooooo grateful to my star! I've been telling everyone who'll listen what a great boy he is! I'm ever so proud of him! And I learnt, when he's twirling around my legs like that, take notice and take a pill and sit down. if my anemia is out of control. Trust the cat, he's got more instinct than you.

Isn't he amazing and wonderful?

Posted 07-16-2008 at 12:42 AM by Amo_Angelus Comments 2
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Ok so I swear today has to be the most eventful one at work I've ever had. I can't go into too much details, but rest assured I think I need a brandy!

So this morning I catch a robber on the security cameras doing over one of the sites we monitor. So I ring the police who find him on the site next door. Well they go and look through both sites camera logs...and then arrest pretty much everyone from the second site at around noon! So that was an amusing start to the day. Especially given that they didn't catch the intruder.

So then night falls and I'm watching the cams again and you'll never guess what! Two guys in balaclavas only walk into one of the homes that we monitor...with a bloody shotgun! The guys wife and kids are inside too everyone ready for bed (The girls 9ish and there's a tot). Well the guy got away with a shot foot and is in hospital but again the intruders got away.

So Im sat here watching a CSI Episode unfold on cameras because I can't not watch. I tell you! My day at work...does anyone have a drink for me? A nice STRONG one?

Posted 06-09-2008 at 12:35 AM by Amo_Angelus Comments 8
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Yeah, that's right, I've temporarily closed the adoption center and it will remain that way for two weeks. And once again people seem surprised that I have done so... Which only justifies my reasons.

You see it's my 21st birthday on Wednesday and as always Jayms is coming up to see me, so I've booked the time off work. Well I book all of Jayms' visits off of work, but I still tend to pop in to check up on things. It goes slow when I pair people up, but I don't usually close it, so why am I now?


And I'm sure a fair few adopters can relate to this as well.

How many people do I pair up a month? Around 50. Do you know how many actually talk to their adopters after I've paired them up? around 10 a month. And do you know how many of those actually thank me? less than one a month.

Do you know how many adopters don't bother to tell me when they're going to be away? Around five. And they're also the ones who reply back to me when they contact their newbie. Everyone else I don't know. I have no idea if they still want to adopt, until their newbie starts crying on the thread about not hearing from their adopter.

A lot of Adopters have expressed a wish to leave the thread because of the ungrateful newbies, and you guys should understand that reason very well. Because you see, while I give you a few newbies a month, I get it from pretty much every one that applies. And I get it from some of the adopters too. So I am going to take a well earned break from it.

I think I deserve it.

But that's not where it stops. A lot of people who call me their friend no longer stop by to talk to me. So I don't even feel wanted off of the thread. At least in the thread there are a coupleof regulars who stop and chat with me, and angel spirit girl will do too whenever she sees me out of the thread. But There's not many people who do anymore.

I think a couple of weeks away from this site will do me the world of good. Even if no one really misses me, I should miss Mene enough afterwards to be active again.

Now I know some of you see that I have a helper on this thread and are wondering why she doesn't run it while I'm gone. The simple answer....
She's left Menewsha.

Probably not for good, but she's not expected to return any time soon because of family commitments and emotional issues. And I'd never ask her to come here and do this for me. But I still love her and she will probably be my helper again when and if she comes back, and I'm not about to give up on her. And that is why she is still listed as my helper but not actually helping at the moment.

See you in two weeks...ish.

Posted 05-12-2008 at 04:45 AM by Amo_Angelus Comments 0
Posted in Real life
[COLOR="crimson"]So the last few days it has been really hot over here. It's not bothered me too much as I work nights and my house stays cool anyway. Usually it cools down in the early hours of the morning, but tonight... Well it was so hot I was sweltering up until like 1ish when I eventually could close the window. But by half past 5 this morning I'd already broken out in a huge heat rash!

Go figure huh? It's either really cold or really hot. Still...If only I had a freezer at work I wouldn't complai, I'd just buy ice cream :P Oh well, you know, it's been forever since last I could wear mini skirts and tank tops comfortably. And I've been in minis all week. So it's not all bad :P

Top temprature today: 26 ºC /78.8 ºF[/COLOR]

Posted 05-02-2008 at 02:19 AM by Amo_Angelus Comments 14
Posted in Real life
[COLOR="crimson"]So in an effort to push on with my life I took out a pen pal add in one of my cross stitching magazines, which was great, Make some new friends, push on with life. Well I'm still working my way through the numerous replies I got when a late one arrives today. Nice and fat, so I open it up and the sender stitched the first letter of my name in a card, really pretty and sweet. Well I instantly wanted to write I opened the letter...the address is a prison. No problem, it can't be anything bad if he's stitching and collecting magazines....Only he's been there since 2000...Wait...that's a pretty lengthy stretch, but this paragraph says he's "relaxing" in the prison, so it mustn't be too serious....And then my psychic voice chimes in..."But what if it's rape or murder?"

So I get to work and google the prison.
The maximum security prison.
The maximum security prison for sexual offenders.


A sexual offender has my home address!!!!!

*cowers in a corner with her attack bunny*

Just a little bit too close to home there and now I'm rather un-nerved. But I'm also furious! Why is this violent offender allowed to collect magazines, cross stitch, card-make and relax?![/COLOR]
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No tears, I'm really stunned though and need a still drink *drinks* I'm just glad that everyone else is ok and shot in the foot is much better than in the face. It's even more traumatic as Gun crime is very rare here as we've got strict gun control laws.
Posted 07-16-2008 at 12:56 AM by Amo_Angelus Amo_Angelus is offline
Oh my God! I would have been in tears trying to make that call. That's horrible. -slides you some tequila-

-runs back to the thread to talk to you there as well -
Posted 07-16-2008 at 12:52 AM by Estrella Estrella is offline
What do you mean? Read the return address right? I'm pretty sure I can't mistake
Cell block
Posted 07-07-2008 at 01:51 AM by Sexy_silver Sexy_silver is offline
Pft most nice people have left mene. Or no longer go anywhere but the threads they know their friends are on. There's a lot of Expletives on here nowadays.
Posted 07-03-2008 at 01:50 AM by Amo_Angelus Amo_Angelus is offline
*checks in*
Well, I totally understand why you closed it down now. And if they are 'friends' and don't talk to you regularly, why don't you break the friendship? And I guess not all newbs are nice... Which is really sad. But, what can people really do?
Have a nice break, hope you feel good again soon, and I hope this doesn't push you of mene because there are a lot of nice people here, not just unruly and ungrateful n00bs/newbs!
Posted 06-29-2008 at 09:52 PM by Hatake Ayumi Hatake Ayumi is offline