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  1. ghostPastry
    01-02-2024 05:04 PM
    that's literally my exact old setup lapdesks are great though!! super useful.

    i'm sorry your year was so rough we're gonna kick this year's ass! Happy new year!
  2. ghostPastry
    12-23-2023 07:55 PM
    Sometimes just surviving is the best you can do the new place has its ups and downs. i definitely love the nature areas nearby, but the people haven't been the most welcoming, and we just had a moderate flood. luckily our house was untouched, but i couldn't walk to any of the places i love for a couple days, and even now everything is covered in sand and branches. but i do love the new place, it has so much more space! here's the view out our window:

    here's the sunset from the island i hike on, about half a mile away from me.

    and i still don't have my pictures of indoors uploaded i'm so behind, i never upload my photos for like months. but here's a picture of our cute little desks!
  3. ghostPastry
    12-22-2023 05:07 AM
    thanks Ru!! how have you been?
  4. zigbigadorlube
    12-11-2023 05:53 PM
    Love your avi!
  5. ghostPastry
    07-22-2023 05:49 AM
  6. hummy
    06-06-2023 06:17 AM

  7. ghostPastry
    05-28-2023 11:30 PM
    OOOO your avi made me make an audible noise, that is so cool.
  8. ghostPastry
    04-30-2023 07:30 PM
    mostly just wander around the desert looking at cool rocks! we're also gonna go to Meow Wolf :D i don't have pics yet, i should take some
  9. ghostPastry
    04-30-2023 12:37 AM
    i'm sorry Ru i hope things calm down for you soon too. i've been good, just planning for a trip to New Mexico and redecorating our kitchen with a Disney theme. I've been getting overwhelmed a lot lately, so it helps that my partner is doing most of the work
  10. Kent
    04-29-2023 05:48 PM
    Thanks! o uo

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