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  1. Talitha001
  2. Melancholy
    11-22-2009 01:01 PM
    Okay, I hope to see you again one day then. :) <3
  3. Yamiko
    11-22-2009 03:37 AM
    Okies :( look me up on FB or myspace if you have one! here's my email: [email protected]
  4. Yamiko
    11-22-2009 03:35 AM
    :( I don't hate you, I think you're awesome
  5. Yamiko
    11-22-2009 03:31 AM
    leaving? why? :gonk: no you can't delete your account, the closest you can get is asking a mod to ban you....
  6. Melancholy
    11-22-2009 03:29 AM
    Aww don't leave! :(

    What happened?

    I know some people can be a bit off on here, but I don't see any reason they should be mean to you. You're one of the nicest people I've talked to. :(
  7. Melancholy
    11-21-2009 03:43 PM
    aww cute i love cats. :)

    yeah, rats are really friendly. their squeaks are so adorable too! :D
  8. Yamiko
    11-21-2009 01:01 AM
    cool! =3
  9. Melancholy
    11-20-2009 06:31 PM
    Lol, I've done that before. :P

    Aww, I hope your toddler feels better soon. I know what it's like to have the cold, I've been sniffling all day D:

    My days been pretty brilliant. I bought pet rats! They're so cute! :D
  10. Melancholy
    11-20-2009 05:32 PM
    Aww that sucks. I hate it when youtube does that. Oh well at least you got a taste of it. ;)

    So what have you been up to today? :D

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    I love art, music, literary works. My fave bands include Muse, H.I.M. and Korn. I also like System of the Down and Serj Tankian. My favorite animes are Sailor Moon, anything by Miyazaki and CLAMP. The last anime I watched was "Ghost Hunt" which was awesome. I love anything scary! I am a adrenaline junkie! The scarier the if you know any scary drop me a line.
    I am married and have two small boys. I work full time and go to collage online for Forensic Psychology.
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