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  1. Motion
    05-28-2015 03:42 PM
    The Duchess.
  2. jellysundae
    03-29-2012 07:15 PM
    You're welcome :D
  3. jellysundae
    03-28-2012 09:57 PM
    Trade accepted :D
  4. Takumi
    04-26-2009 02:17 AM
    As you can probably tell, no. x_x I came back to RP, though! I missed it.
  5. Dystopia
    01-31-2009 06:30 PM
    xD; Haha, thank you! I never get sick of people complimenting my stuff, anyways.
  6. Strude
    12-03-2008 11:52 PM
    "What's the personality of your "old male"?" Not sure how to explain it, just an older man. Between his 40's to later 50's. I often play my older characters as military men. Pirates (usually the captain). I do like coupling my older characters with younger character (though always of legal age) but that's a person kink of mine. Otherwise he's usually single or is a widower or still married; just like a lot of my older female characters. Umm, yeah . . . I dunno what else to say I play so many personalities I can't just define one . . .

    I usually get ditched. Not always, sometimes I just end the RP, but I have the decency to at least tell the person.

    90% of my group RP's just die! I'm starting one here on Mene but who knows if it'll take off. I need to finish editing it first. I failed and posted the plot before rereading it and realizing I hate how I have it setup. I just copied and pasted my old plot from like Dec. 07.
  7. Strude
    11-28-2008 01:30 AM
    Just adding more! About the IRL friends online, I have a few they don't know about this site so . . . I can use the same username ^___^' Even if I am trying to hide who I am. I know A short extra message with all kinds of fail in it!


    I problem with Menewsha is that fact that it is a very slow site. Yuo don't get much done, unlike Gaia where it's fast pace, go, go, go. I like that about Gaia, not saying Menewsha is bad just far to slow. Needs more active people . . . who do not only post in the discussion forum! That's where I see most people.

    I want more role players! >____>'
  8. Strude
    11-27-2008 10:35 PM
    Ah, yes ZOMG . . . it's entertaining but sadly it dose draw the noobs from hiding. Even more so then normal. Really depends on where you go in Gaia. Some places are worse then others. But every forum and sub-forum has their noobs.

    I'm a role player myself and the RP scene has gotten more then a bit drab over the years. Could be due to my personal style and lack of personal limits. I do so much shit and I love so many things people basically fear on Gaia. Sad day when a girl can't RP an old male.

    I've gotten to the point where I just trick people into certain situations. I just don't tell them that my character is going to be a 46 year old man . . . or that my character is going to be a furry. I just keep it to myself and start the RP. Either the person ditches me, tries it out for size, or in the end just doesn't care.

    They usually ditch me!
  9. Strude
    11-25-2008 01:14 PM
    I've mentioned I am from Gaia back when I started Mene. Since then I haven't said much about it. I personally like people knowing, I am the same Strude there as here and LiveJ. and other sites. I guess Strude is my internet persona and I want people to know me ^____^'

    I am such an e-whore. I swear, but not in the pictures of my tits kind of way. Ugh, those kind of "look at my picture and tell me I am pretty, even though I obviously know I am a bombshell" girls drive me off the wall. Guys too!

    Random rant over and done with.

    I agree Gaia's GD is nuts and useless. I posted a piece on role play and the literacy labels, I think it's posted in my blog here, not sure. And I was told it was top long, didn't read and was spammed for 3 pages before I removed the piece and changed the title. To something along the lines of "FUCK OFF THREAD IS CLOSED"! I was pissed ^_____^'

    Word, but a lot of Gaia has lost it charm. What really gets to me is that fact that Gaia sold it's soul to advertising. I hate the site now, well not completely, I'll come back to it. But the stuff I liked about it before is not there anymore and the people on the site over the last few years. Have become more brain dead and useless to the point of sucking all the joy (that is left) out of the site.

    I've noticed a lot of people from Gaia have come here. At least quite a few of the sensible people, I haven't been around much to know. Only started back up on Mene about a week or two ago!
  10. Strude
    11-25-2008 12:50 PM
    Thanks, they're just doodles to keep my busy between WoW and other shit ^____^'
    Ah, I'm Strude on Gaia as well as here. I'm friends with a DUCHESSbby on Gaia and thought maybe you were her! I have no idea weather the people I know on Gaia are on this site or not. I knew a few are but not to many of my close interweb friends.

    Anyways, thanks for replying ^___^' I found a nifty little thread through your page here. The one about "Do you take things people say online seriously". Strange how I enjoy the discussion thread here but I can't stand it on Gaia. Then again no one discusses on Gaia, people are real wanksters there sometimes. Complaining your discussion topic is to long to read, so they spam your thread instead. *Shakes head*

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    Hello there,

    Thanks for visiting Duchess' profile. (:
    I don't really come around here any more but I still love you all.
    I miss you, Menewsha.
    (That's why I logged in today.)

    See you around, yeah? (:

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Posted 03-16-2010 at 11:12 AM by Duchess Comments 0
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I feel like I'm going to burst. >:
I have an assessment tomorrow and I can't concentrate. And... I know that's not the only thing bothering me. People confuse me so much sometimes, people... I don't know WHERE to say all of this, even Menewsha feels too 'open'. Just BREATHE, Duchess, BREATHE. <3

Remind me to pray. <3[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

Posted 03-11-2010 at 12:21 PM by Duchess Comments 0
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"][FONT="Georgia"]Dear Diary,

I wonder if Menewsha has changed the blog rules since I last posted. I remember there was an issue about paying for a blog or something. And the quality of the blogs? I'm not too sure anymore, I don't remember.

Yesterday was pretty crazy. We had to learn so much within the time slot of two hours. It was fun though. I love all the new people I've met at university. They're quite lovely. c:
And university life... it's nice. That's the best word I can think of to describe it. I'm surprised that I actually ENJOY it though. It's not like school at all. I think I will gradually dislike it but for now, with all these new people, I look forward to it... kinda. Heh, imagine that. Me, Duchess, looking forward to SCHOOL?? PFFT.

I don't miss my old school mates that much. Of course, I do feel a bit of nostalgia at times but it's not all that bad.

Zoe... I am praying for you. <3


Posted 06-14-2008 at 06:02 AM by Duchess Comments 1
Posted in June 2008
[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="#FF66CC"]T oT It feels like today has gone so SLOWLY and is dragging along. There also seems to be a great weight on me. Now I can see the sun shining, it looks so out of place in the greyness of today, so lonely :C.
Right now, I'm meant to be working on my Biology homework. But.. like always, I'm procrastinating. - 3-
I'm so bored.. and it's so cold and dark today.. I don't feel like doing anything except sleep or go on the computer. Or sit in my warm bed with a laptop.. if I had one.
Or sit in front of the heater wrapped up snuggly in my doona with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Oh drat! Now I feel like eating toasted marshmallows or roasted chestnuts.
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Today was slow for me too, I was at a workshop doing stuff I didn't want to. I wanted to get out of there. Time went so slow.

Damn! If only I had that remote control from that Click movie. :[
Posted 06-14-2008 at 07:06 PM by Motion Motion is offline