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  1. Dazzlingdreamberry
    Yesterday 05:11 PM
    Dawn has already broken over my startlingly quiet construction zone in Tinker Toysville Calif. A budding creative community in You.Know.Where. No Alaskan pipeline work today, but oddly enough, work continues on that house across the st. There's always a rebel on every block. It's Saturday, bub! Aren't there some cartoons you need to get to?

    Speaking of cartoons, mr x was highly amused by the gustatory movements of the pipeline workers yest. Around noon it went radio silent. He goes to our 500" wide screen window to observe.

    Well, it's lunch time! What do we have here? Guys propped up having lunch. He was particularly intrigued by the truck in front of our house. It's totally blocking our driveway. The back of truck is down. Why, it's a tail gate party!

    His wife and kiddies came to visit and bring him grub. There were ribs and 5 burritos. Mr x was particularly fascinated with the 5 burritos. He's going to eat 5 burritos?! He gave me commentary on the process. He's unwrapping it. Look, he just took a big chomp! The wife grabbed a snapple and left. Turns out the other burritos were for the other guys.

    Obviously that guy doesn't have ch. No way on God's pink earth can you stay awake if you have ch and eat that. I member at one job we'd occasionally go out to lunch and maybe id have Chinese. Id feel horribly sleepy afterwards. My, in retrospect error, was not going to regular physicals after high school. I felt great. I had gone to a physical and felt dismissed by the doc. It was like why are you even here? You're fine. That did it. I didn't go again until i was getting symptoms from ch. If i had known, i could've changed diet much earlier. Ah, spaghetti under the bridge.

    Yest mr x did indeed help Corona nabe. Nabe is repairing deck. They went to home store to pickup bags of concrete n concrete pillars.

    Well, it's a slog day. I best be mosying off.
  2. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-10-2020 04:14 PM
    Dawn breaks noisily over my embattled street. The yellow hard hats vs the orange cones. Who shall be the victor? I saw a truck hauling a slim green abode. Yes, porta potty to you n me. I hope it doesn't end up in front of our house.

    I was starting to tell mr x a story i read. This blond woman lived in Japan for some years. It was her eye opening account of dating briefly a Japanese man who turned out to be a yakuza. The gangster faction over there. They are notorious for chopping off their pinky finger and having tattoo sleeves.

    But suddenly phone rang and Corona Joe called so he went for a ride, i thought. I went to window to look. Corona nabe will ride in circles in the st waiting if he's out first. He wouldn't be able today with all the trucks. But mr x walks over? He turns to wave at me. So maybe he's going to help him with something.

    It's kind of nice mr x having a nabe pal. Corona nabe told him they put in some yellow pipe in the st. He knows stuff mr x doesn't. And mr x can tell him stuff. As mr x talks to everybody.

    Im glad im up early. Have to prepare Baby Wallace's formula. Balanced nutrition of cotton, polyester, and some fiber. I hope he doesn't pee all over my floor. I stuff a towel under him and it gets wet. There's a leak under there.

    Hard to focus with all the noise. Pounding, drilling, those beep beep noises. Well, got to start my day.
  3. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-10-2020 05:15 AM
    Today dawned with not a whimper but a bang. Several bangs. In Machine Gun Alley. A high decibel town in Rat-A-Tat ouilleville, Calif. It began at 7:56 a.m. Four minutes early. They brought out the big guns. Long trucks, blue trucks, Caterpillar diggers. Flag men. It was quite the circus. I bet walkers avoided this st.

    Today was a chore day. I cleaned around the tub. Cut melon, tofu. Made more pbj.

    Mr x tried to mention the ice cream. He was saying don't you think we deserve a treat once a year? I started playing with him. I said, oh you mean guacamole burgers? We used to get those once a year. He said no, something creamy. I said, oh ensure. He said, not ensure. He said something frosty. I said, slim fast! He said not slim fast. He said something arctic. I said tofu? I was cracking up. The whole snack food deluge is ridiculous.

    Im sleepy tonight. Think ill be rolling up the sidewalks soon.
  4. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-09-2020 08:24 AM
    Early morning salutations from my gently sleeping town in Snoozeville Calif. A yawning caverness outpost of Good Intentions, Ltd.

    I was listening to a Tom Jones concert but i can't focus. So now im listening to classical music for sleeping.

    The midnight binge has ended. I had fritos, corn, melon. I am having a problem with food again. By itself i struggle to keep the ch at a steady level. The slogging is helping heaps. So what's the prob, bob?

    It's junk food. You know, the tasty stuff so good for snacking that's high in salt, sugar, and carbs. We have a mole in the house and his name is mr x. He keeps buying cookies. Cookies that he doesn't intend to eat. Once opened they pray on my mind.

    Today i told him no more cheetohs. Later i checked snack box and there're two more bags of ernie keebler! Choc grahams and fudge striped. He doesn't like these. He loves his plain nilla wafers.

    Is he insane? Is he trying to kill me? If i were not here to do all this desky work, he would have Big Problems. He knows i have ch. We are not supposed to be eating this stuff like an extra food group.

    I gained another pound. I am now 5# up. See how they add up? One pound here, one pound there. Anyway i wanted to see how much he paid for that Dave's killer bread. 6.19 that's high. He bought two. That's over 12 and a half bucks for two loaves. That sounds excessively high. I checked store ad and another bread was selling for 2.29 i haven't been shopping recently so am not current with prices. I don't know about this. I just want a bread for pbj. He says he can't eat gluten so he was getting sprouted bread. But this daves isn't even that.

    So i was not pleased the bread was so expensive. Then i noticed another item. He bought two ice creams! Oh wow. I have totally banned that for me. I cannot have ice cream cause i can't control myself. I have downed practically a quart before. I couldn't believe he did this. Now him eating the ice cream by himself is fine. He needs to put on wt. But do not expect me to eat it. He hasn't told me either. It's prob in garage freezer hidden somewhere and he plans to spring it on me as a happy surprise. I am not happy about it. I had to move the bmi needle and now I'm past the middle of normal mark heading to overweight.

    Im going to triumph over this tho. Ill use up the calories doing chores. Im going to have an ensure before din to curb my appetite.

    My net was down the whole afternoon. I ended up reading mags and that bombeck book and listening to the radio. Better hit it and plan my day. Im going for productive. That's the only way to fly.
  5. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-08-2020 03:36 AM
    Greetings from my hand packed town in Breyersville Ca A frosty community of masked marauders. The front door is open. It's stuffy and im stuffed. I eat like a pink Turkey with her head in a bucket. What was this gustatory delight tonight? Mr xs din was penne pasta, veg polenta, and the corn i cooked up. I put the corn aside. Too carby. Then there was a tangerine, 2 stella doro cookies, and fritos. I can't move. I dislike having an appetite that controls me. It should be the other way around.

    Anyway, today was very productive. There's this 3' pile of folders, mags etc stacked on floor against cafe table. It's become a tripping hazard. I detest the sight of it. Today it went down. I piled it on couch and went at it. Now there's a seedling pile of clipboards and a couple books. Much better. I also read some newspaper that collected.

    Then i got a box and pulled out all the devices under the table. Phones, tablets, cds. Got to go thru those.

    Then mr x bought 6 corn. And a new melon. I cooked up the corn and cut up more melon. It's a good one.

    Then finished up Hitchcock secret agent. 1936. Starred John gielgud and Robert young. It was a really dated movie with the accommodations, soldiers outfits, etc. Then i read gielguds bio. I had never seen him act but had heard of him. He's now sir John gielgud. Premier Shakespearean actor of the time. Extensive career.

    But, Shakespeare? Really? For the average working man in the 20s n 30s? You want to watch a Shakespearean stage play? Have they even read it? Maybe they did back then. I wouldn't unless forced. And in college i took some Shakespeare class and read some of them. I had to watch a hamlet film too. I find the language so distracting. Whitherest thou goest, pray tell. It wasn't my fav class. But im glad to have been introduced. It's a definite literary touch stone.
  6. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-07-2020 05:39 AM
    Evening salutations from my construction happening town of Woodpecker Acres CA A high decibel borough on the west side. Vegas is on. It was cooler today and my slog was much better. Later made up more pbj witches and cut up the new melon. It was good, tho it had a thick rind. Hard to cut.

    I'm wearing my summer shirt! Got to put it in rotation. Maybe it's time for some melon or at least ensure. Mr x made salmon, rice, veg for din. He's still on a cooking binge. That's quite fine with me. I finished a 1934 movie regarding newspaper office. Maybe I'll watch a Hitchcock movie?
  7. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-06-2020 07:27 AM
    Good evening, wrong san! I thoroughly enjoyed your 4th of July tales. Sounds like an old fashioned 4th. No, i saw no fireworks here. They are illegal nowadays but that didn't stop the pickalo petes from setting stuff off all night.

    Of course in the past i used to do fireworks. Everyone did. All the dads would be in the st trying to outdo each other. We kids got the sparklers, snakes, and small things. I loved doing the snakes on my folks pristine walkway. And they didn't say anything. They'd have to see that black smudge for weeks till the sun bleached it out.

    I take exception how things have changed now. We did fireworks, we didn't wear helmets to ride a bike, we didn't wear spf. Boys called each other out and fought. Maybe they were suspended, maybe not. Now they've banned everything. Did that make things better? No, now you've got rage shooting. People need to be able to let off steam. Anyway, i just try to immerse myself in books and videos and stay out of this brave new world.

    Amazon prime July books came out. Usually i have a hard time picking. This time i don't like the selections. I have to get to my own books. But im not.

    I had a very productive desky. Got Amazon statements caught up. Did the mail. Now i have bank statements to work on. I have some clothes to mend. Grabbed empty egg carton and picked the threads.That's the main slow down. Now when I'm ready i can just start sewing.

    But tomorrow is a slog day. I added my minutes and figure i do 4.5 hrs of exercise a week. There's a certain minimum threshold docs recommend. Have to find it to see if i pass the mustard.

    Bro has been finding old pics and sending me them. They are blasts from the past, some of them. There was my 8th grade grad dress. It was white. I was wearing a flower. I was one of the 8 something validictorian speakers. I can't believe i gave a speech in front of an auditorium. Later in college i had to do some oral presentation. I got stage fright and my voice wouldn't come out. After that i avoided any class that mentioned oral talks.

    Mr wrong, don't you have the downy fuzz on your head? That felt nice. Like a pink baby chick. Like peeps:)

    Hot dogs. Yum. And bbq ones smell the best.

    Well, i better catch some zs. They ran away with the spoon.
  8. Mr. Wrong
    07-06-2020 02:24 AM
    Mr. Wrong
    Did you see any fireworks close up? I did. Just small stuff. Nothing like the big stuff shot off at stadiums. But still entertaining. One particular firework was the size of a cherry, but when lit, it emitted surprisingly bright flashes of light. I was thinking it would be useful as a roadside warning device during hours of darkness.

    Spent the 4th at a bbq hosted by the neighbors of my sister in laws family. Nice folks. They had a husky dog that was quite congenial. As an act of gratitude, doggy received bbq goodies from yours truly. Doggies name was Hydro. Kids chose the name.

    Sis in laws nephews got a little out of hand when they threw handfuls of dirt on my nearly bald head. I wondered if five year olds could be put into juvenile hall.

    I'm kidding. Relax.

    They're just kids acting like kids, and we all know kids are really just drunken mini adults. But I very much enjoyed the food, especially the hot dogs.

    After the bbq, sis in law treated brother and I with Dilly bars from Dairy Queen. We prefer Blizzards, but the Blizzard machine was busted. More First World problems.
  9. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-05-2020 04:26 PM
    Greetings from my Still Standing Town in Eltonsville CA A well established subsidiary of Rocketman Industries, Ltd. I bet there are a lot of fireworks wrappers scattered around.

    Today is my work day and i better get going. Mr x has been talking at me for almost 2.5 hrs and my motivation to get up and get going is sinking like a pink rock. He is exhausting. Is this what it's like to have kids? Constant talk, constant questions. I can feel my hair turning gray.

    But, i shall persevere. This is like a player scooping the ball off the ground. Admittedly, im lying on the couch. This must signal i am idle and must be disturbed. So ill do up my hair and trudge off to my ball n chain desky. He doesn't bother me then. He imagines Very Important Things are being done.

    See you on the other side of a productive day.
  10. Dazzlingdreamberry
    07-05-2020 05:25 AM
    Greetings from my popping fresh town in Boomsville CA. A small, safe but sane, enclave nestled on the western most coast of U.S.A. No official fireworks. In the past if you looked intently out the front door, you might be rewarded with colorful sights.

    Today was a slog day. Pretty hot but no headache. That's strange but nice. Also my ch was high after. Usually it'd be low. I read up on it. It does rise after exercise.

    We're almost finished with the watermelon. Mr x will replenish soon. Im thinking about this rum dole whip recipe i saw. It's tempting me.

    Bionic man is on. Dinner was chicken parmigiana and veg. Now i have to answer ems. Night!

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Posted 09-25-2017 at 03:48 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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amazing as it sounds, i passed the dmv vision test. i was quite apprehensive in days leading up to it. every nite religiously doing the eye exercises. straining, straining to see, imagine, the dinky little letters. when it came time to test, i didnt even falter! i guess i could see the shapes good enough to recognize. mr x came with me. we had a 2.5 hour wait. he started grumbling part way thru the wait.

other day we were at macs. tried their new ice mocha. yum!

then yesterday hung out with bro for 5.5 hrs. he had these dumb rebate cards to redeem and he didnt need anything. so we went to walgreens, 2 cvs, and a tjs. i caught up on my shopping. we hit a macs and i tried the caramel macchiato. even better than the mocha. we got along very well. we had been estranged a long time. but now i suppose i will eventually move closer to him. he lives in san jose. not a place id like to be. maybe i can move nearby on the coast. would like some fog weather.

so i passed my big hurdle. can relax now and get back to normal. have to hire a drywall guy.

just finished a great read. about uber rich ladies and the scam perpetrated against them. a good frothy read. hey, its fall i believe! got bottle of pumpkin spice latte by starbucks. so curious to taste it.

welcome to fall! time to bring out the sweaters.

Posted 09-14-2017 at 12:52 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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finally got back here. we had a plumbing event. on labor day mr x noticed water running off front lawn. a water main had broke. a small 2" gush was gushing out. mr x called water company who turned off water. then i called our go to plumber. a solution was to replace pipe to house. however id been wanting to replace the pipes one day. we had no hot water at bathroom sink and cold faucet was dribbling out. i knew it was a matter of time. then. we didnt have hot or warm water in washer. only cold. thats why my wash would take hours. so i decided to kill all birds with one stone. i replaced all pipes with copper. it took a total of 5 days. we had no water for 3 days. first day we used wipey dypes. 2nd day mr x warmed water jugs in sun and we bathed with a gallon of water. i helped mr x wash his hair on back lawn. i viewed the experience like camping. its doable, but im not keen on it. 3 guys were here. all spoke spanish. so i decided to learn spanish on phone app. itd be nice to be able to converse with them.

im doing eye exercises. plan on taking vision test next week. its better not doing close work, which ive done my whole life. reading way too much. better to look at scenery. i think ill continue the eye exercises.

we had really hot temps, then other day first rain of the year! it began with a thousand lightening strikes. scary, and weird for this area. it started brush fire couple towns over. also monsciour ugly was caught on film sliding his grotesquely ugly body under a residents fence. # the outrage

id been watching lovely old films, then the plumbing debacle. i have to bring in a drywall guy to patch up the holes the plumber left. already found my guy thru yelp.

Posted 09-04-2017 at 06:17 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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[FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT]

back to school time, but kids already back. when did that start? and no telethon with jerry lewis. he really wanted to hit 100.

its been super hot here. sf broke record. something like 106. we were 107. i was taking 3 showers a day. would sit outside at nite for air, started watching my dvd player. watched, british intelligence, with boris karloff. such an intimidating man. it was a ww1 flick in blk/wh. got bit by mosquitos. its the gift that keeps on giving. next nite sprayed off on.

got couple more weeks for eye exercises then have to take dmv vision test. strangely enough, the pinhole glasses im using seem to help. before i couldnt see without glasses without closing an eye. now im able to read my phone without glasses. of course, i return to glasses asap.

the smoke from oregon and calif fires drifted down here. could smell it slightly. today its a strange totally overcast day, but warm.

your friendly, pink weather girl.

Posted 08-31-2017 at 05:43 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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hi izzy! i know what you mean. its fun to read new blogs. kind of like toothpaste. if nothing to read, ill read the tube. tube tops. i thought those were the dumbest things. then my wing went out once and i couldnt finagle a bra. so had to get the tubes. so easy to put on. i have them in colors, of course. fuchsia, lime, orange.

im writing on lappy, my laptop. too onerous to text on my phone.

its been a long, hot summer. i look forward to fall temps when i can don my beloved denim jackets.

izzy, that was interesting telling of what a nuclear stress test is. what is the nuclear part? the dye? it sounds so high tech. nuclear. do you glow now:)

i need to clean my fans. some arent openable. need some kind of thin bristle brush.

a few cities over madame ugly and her spawn were spotted. search partys are out since they came down where schools are. i noticed their looks didnt improve over the summer.

did i mention mr x found a dead rat on back lawn. thankfully he disposed of it. he said it was 17" with tail. # ick

see you in september!

Posted 08-23-2017 at 07:53 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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my newest project is trying to buy glasses ol.

last nights movie was a doris day musical. she can really dance. and tap. that is an odd dance move. the guy was doing it on a staircase. itd be kind of neat to suddenly break into a tap dance.

then i started a cary grant and rosallnd russell movie.

i made up 5 packs of indonesian ramen. made oodles of noodles. heard ramen is hot commodity in prisons. ramen wth an egg on top. # breakfast is served

i should try on my cargo shorts again. itll probably be another year till i can wear them. i sure love the pockets. i used to be a tomboy back in my tomcat days. but i grew out of it. i get more favorable responses when i dress ladylike.
Recent Comments
Congrats on passing the eye test!

Where I have been living, I have worn a sweatshirt all summer long! Its time to don flannel underwear and a parka already! It already spit some snow at us yesterday! *Izzy is not happy! *

I'm happy that you and your bro have reconciled and hang out together on occaision!
Posted 09-26-2017 at 08:37 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
We had to replace the water pipe to our house, years ago, when we had our own house. BF and a friend did the work.
A root from a tree had punctured the pipe...so the tree was felled.
The lawn never recovered from the line that had to be dug into it to access the pipe.

I bet its nice to have working water again!
Posted 09-15-2017 at 08:30 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Plumbing is the most odious of all home repairs. Like eew
Posted 09-15-2017 at 01:29 AM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline
OMG, the smoke from the fires drifted into Colorado so thick that it allowed one to look directly at the sun without seeing spots when looking away!
We could barely make out the shapes of the mountains through the heavy smoke.
When the sun had set and the moon had risen, the moon looked much like the sun had looked...only the sky was dark!
There was also a fire near Steamboat Springs, Colorado that grew from 2 acres to 419 acres in just a few hours...that also contributed to our smoky air.
The elderly and people with health issues are being advised to stay indoors with the doors and windows closed.
Its really kinda scary to see that much smoke in the air!

I'm glad to hear that the eye exercises and the pinhole glasses are working for you! ...I should try something like that since my aging eyes are failing fast...but I am lazy lately...maybe at another time.
Posted 09-05-2017 at 09:38 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Hey, hows the mountain lion situation
Posted 09-04-2017 at 10:09 PM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline