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  1. Jymphoni
    06-17-2009 06:57 PM

    I've been good!

    I moved to another account, Eurus x:
  2. Vivian
    06-07-2009 08:21 PM
    Hahaha yeah I suppose that's true. :3
  3. Vivian
    06-07-2009 05:19 AM
    Sorry, I like to complain. I find it amusing for some silly reason. xD
    But to be honest, most people around here ARE jerks.. Can't wait to move away. ^^;;
  4. Vivian
    06-07-2009 02:00 AM
    Hahahhaa yehh!
    It's the truth though, we make a perfect pizza and someone phones and says it's burnt, which it is so very obviously not burnt..
    And then people bitch about their late charges, which isn't our fault. If they brought their movies back on time, they wouldn't have any late charges. xD
  5. Vivian
    06-07-2009 01:29 AM
    Haha yeah I suppose I should..
    I just wouldn't know what to write about myself. xP
  6. W T F
    06-04-2009 02:33 AM
    W T F
    Haha that is a great possibility, but you also have to take into consideration that there is no truth, and that is the universal truth, so if there is no truth than there is no normalcy and no insanity, we just are, we let each other be, but we are under no classification, because you can not scale insanity without normalcy and you can not point out what is normal without insanity.
  7. W T F
    06-03-2009 07:44 PM
    W T F
    Well that's very contradicting. Though if The insane people are normal, and the normal people are insane we are all a bunch of hypocrates... and where does that leave normalcy?
  8. W T F
    06-03-2009 03:21 PM
    W T F
    Yes I am really a model. :) I model for Posh models.
    And yes I do, I need a good day's rant or I would loose my sanity.
    Which would be very inconvenient for me to do so. :P
  9. Jayn Newell
    06-02-2009 08:59 PM
    Jayn Newell
  10. The Sinful Dead
    05-04-2009 09:23 PM
    The Sinful Dead

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    factory worker
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