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  1. Elirona
    06-07-2014 02:56 AM
    Ah! I suggest you read up on this guide to get an idea of what a quest is:
  2. Elirona
    06-06-2014 12:54 AM
    I'm doing well! How are you? :o
  3. Elirona
    06-05-2014 02:15 PM
    Hi, friend! :)

About Me

  • About MisLemur
    Name - Mieoh Lemur Lefevre
    Gender - Female
    Title - The Unknown Goddess
    Birthday - 5-11 Race - Siren-Mermaid-Cthulhu
    Age - Older then you Sign - Taurus
    Hair Color - Strawberry blonde/ Teal silver long
    Eye Color - Hazel / Sunset orange
    Hobby - napping on the ocean floor, Singing
    Favorite Color - Blue
    Favorite Food - Crabs
    Element - Water/Ice/Spirit/Realms
    Bad Habit - having no expressions on her face
    Weak Point - Mute and Paraplegic
    Lovers/Family - 4 sisters and one is her twin
    Dream - to go back home one day
    Motto -Everyone sees who I appear to be, but only a few know the real me. You can only see what I choose to show, there's so much more you'll never know.
    Bio- The twins were third to be created, Sadis and Mieoh. It was a mistake they weren't suppose to be twins but none the less they were. Sadis may be evil but her twin sister has put good use for her. Mieoh appears fragile and weak only to throw the enemy off, as her twin seems to be the more powerful one. But if that were true the world would be in chaos

    Mieoh the most unique and powerful one of them all, mother of souls. She has many powers but only truly uses water and spirit. She will devour souls if need be but releases them more often. She has dark turquoise scaly skin with gold and light orange spots on herself having tentacles come out from her back four on each side of herself. her finger and toes equipped with fins to help her in the water better, as well as a small tail lingers behind her waist helping her balance in the water. she can grow a 30 foot tail if need be as well, her third form. Her whitish blue hair lingers behind her down to her feet. She can not walk or talk though if she feels the need to she will speak to you telepathically, her eyes are sunset orange. She protects those who have fallen from life as well as the waters keeping them clean and full of life.

    Online Games -
    GaiaOnline - MisLemur
    Zantarni - MisLemur
    Aywas - MisLemur
    Avariciarpg - MisLemur
    Gothicat-world - MisLemur
    Sylestia - MisLemur
    Voltra - MisLemur
    Menewsha- MisLemur
    Solia - MisLemur
    Trisphee - MisLemur
    Caedon -MisLemur
    Faenaria -MisLemur
    Recolor.me -MisLemur
    Windlynonline -MisLemur
    Subeta.net -MisLemur
    Second Life - Mieoh Lefevre Lemur
    IMVU - MisLemur




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