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    please excuse my grammar and spelling errors.
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Posted 10-27-2008 at 10:43 PM by disturbed66 Comments 2
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]LOls, (plz pay no mind to my spelling it sucks.. i know)
well i really dident crash any party.. though i went to 4 birthday partys i wasent invited too.
See i work at a movie theater and on saterday and sunday i ran the birthday room..0-o.. high school musicl partys the whole day!
was kinda fun i got to play with a bunch of 6 years old in one party ((cleaning up after them wasent cool though)
Not much to really say about running a birthday party other then they only have an hour before i lead them into the movie whict kinda gets rough cuss games cake and presents takes some times and depending on the parent some are horrabletime walchers. *sigh*
But i guess the worst one out of the four was on sunday
I had a party come in and the moms like
So umm what do we do? do yu have games? this parent only brought cake and pressents no games or nothing whict struck me odd.. most moms bring in pin the tail or some sort of easy quilk game.. So
me thinking quilk on my feet said i could lead them in radio bast games.. big mistake .. after about 20 mins of screaming kids i looked down at my walch and rilised HOW SNAP the movie that they wanna see just got cleaned and i have to go reserv the seats... so i had to tell the mom to do cake while i raced out.. then i raced over to conshion to tell the superviser how many pocorns i needed.. i gave them 15 mins before i lead the all ready hyper atcive kids into the main area of the theater to get there popcorn and low and behold the superviser on had the cups ready.. i made sure we had 15 mins before the mvoive started but becouse of him we barely made it in there in time before the actully movie started.. i was not a very happy cmaper.. and the bad side is.. i think the manigers are blaimimg me for the hold up..grrr..ow wells.. this is my first b-day party that actully tipped me though..
15 dollers aww thank you

Ow and heres some good news bad news.
I have a cat, his name is vash.. hes
a 18 pound ball of love. he dosent fight, dosent play and is terrified being outside.
After coming home from a long day of work on friday it was around 11
(so i go to high school come home take an hour nap then go to work)
so believe me.. it was LONG,
anyways i come home my mom had to meet me by the door becouse of are front porch light was broken and boy is it dark without that door open
when she opened the door for me my cat.. the 5 year old BLACK cat races out of the house into the night. alll we could do was call his name..
i tired to get him 2 hours later hopeing he would be tired of being out there.. nothing..
Now i was fearing the worst we live by a busy road AND we have a fiew coyoties trails by are yard. and believe me i hear those wild dogs yip and yap to each other every other hour.
next day i go to work ealry fearing the worst not in the best off modds.. i come home.. around 11 the next night while taking are of my lil sis and my moms dog my cat SUDDENLy appers on the other side of the fence..now.. im the type to when i get home get out of all (ALL) of my cloths) so i was only wearing a rob and sandels.. My cat dosent know how to jump a fence so.. i had to jump the fence pick up my kittie who was now 5 pounds lighte toss him over (he raced inside cuss i eft the door ope) and jump back over. ((where he was at i was afraid of him disappering again.. or a dog getting to him efore i could.)

so hes back thank goodness. tired extremly dirty with cati all over him but after an hour of grooming hes back to his old fat lazy self...i love my kittie.. sounds gay.. i know.. SUSH![/COLOR]
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Posted 11-06-2013 at 02:14 AM by cutiemah1 cutiemah1 is offline
Heh. I know what that's like. I work at a lasertag place so I get to work usually 6 parties a day (two at once, of course, since we have two party rooms). Fortunately, I don't have to do too much. I get them set up in their room, take them in for game instructions and two games of lasertage, give them scores, get anything the parents decide they need, and then clean up the rooms after them (HATE frosting; and Hawaiian Punch; stupid cake crumbs). I think I've gotten three tips in the (almost) two years I've been working there. Highest was $10.

Glad your kitty got back safe and sound. Anytime my kitty happens to still be out after dark, I worry she's gonna get caught by an owl (a neighbor's cat got killed by one some years ago). So I don't think it's silly at all to worry.
Posted 02-01-2010 at 07:18 AM by Taviren Taviren is offline