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  1. Velvet
    04-03-2024 07:23 PM
    Later reply, but thank you! <3
  2. Kent
    12-13-2023 08:31 PM
    Thank you!
  3. R u b y
    12-12-2023 01:05 AM
    R u b y
    Thank you so much Zig!
  4. pink flamingo
    11-08-2023 11:08 PM
    pink flamingo
  5. Saravi Boo
    10-20-2023 12:23 PM
    Saravi Boo
    At least it is less bork than before. Lol
  6. Saravi Boo
    10-18-2023 02:08 AM
    Saravi Boo
    Wow. Glad he's alive. I was starting to worry.
  7. Saravi Boo
    10-13-2023 05:45 PM
    Saravi Boo
    Indeed. When did they fix it? How did they fix it? I thought no one could access the servers but Inso and he was awol.
  8. Saravi Boo
    09-27-2023 02:52 PM
    Saravi Boo
    I miss you you too! Excited to see the multi equip glitch seems to be fixed. Can paper doll properly again.
  9. Seiki Nova
    05-09-2023 02:44 AM
    Seiki Nova
    Thanks! I love an excuse to use yellow/teal together :)
  10. R u b y
    03-17-2023 09:49 PM
    R u b y
    Love your avi!

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For my reference:

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Artists I wish to buy from in the future:


Posted 09-08-2011 at 05:28 PM by zigbigadorlube Comments 0
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...since I've updated this.

I've been really active on Mene as of late. I've been donating more, posting more, and staying active in a few chat threads. I've pretty much abandoned Gaia apart from logging on every so often to see what's going on there. I'm not sure if I'll ever fully go back there, I like the smaller community feeling of Menewsha and Gaia just seems to be a money whore now.

I've begun to slow down a lot more on roleplays lately. My favorite one, the Yu Yu Hakusho roleplay I was doing with Savari Boo, seems to have died off and along with it my desire to roleplay for the most part. I've been letting them go for quite a while before getting around to replying. I feel ashamed at the amount of time it takes me to reply now. It's not that I don't like roleplaying, it's more that there are other things I'd rather do at the moment so that it almost seems like a chore to respond. Hopefully I'll eventually get out of this slump but I'm not sure how long it will take or if I ever will. I think I just need a really good roleplay to inspire me. In the meantime I'm having a good time just hanging out at Estrella's charity thread and a few other places where I've gotten to know the people.

On another note I've gotten nominated for User's Pick quite a few times now but I've never actually won. I hope one day I will win, it seems a shame that I get nominated so often, and have even come in second place a few times, but never actually taken the cake. I've also made a new thread to display some of my better avatars in the new Menewsha Runway forum.

Well I think that's about it for the updates, I'll be seeing you around the forums!

Posted 11-22-2010 at 04:36 AM by zigbigadorlube Comments 0
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I'll be updating this post with hair codes that I'd like to keep for future reference. Feel free to use them but if asked please give the appropriate credit.

[b][u]Shiny Powder Blue:[/b][/u]

[#6bb5ff, #fffe9e]
(Obtained from Daisy__doodle)

[B][u]Powder Blue:[/u][/B]

[#6cb9ea, #f8fafc]
(Obtained from Rozalyne)

[b][U]Moonlight Blue:[/u][/b]

[#6e80b4, #daf5fb]
(Obtained from SuperZombiePotatoe)

[b][u]Electric Blue:[/b][/u]

(Obtained from Cora)

[b][u]Ice Blue:[/b][/u]

[#0172ad, #7dfcfc]
(Obtained from Maria-Minamino, see more of her codes [URL="http://www.menewsha.com/forum/gaming/avatar-chat/202085-hair-color-thread-make-your-request.html"]HERE[/URL])

[B][u]Yumeh Blue:[/u][/B]

[#075f9c, #1ad0ff]

[B][u]Midnight Blue:[/u][/B]

[#482ca5, #84d2cc]
(Obtained Ascadellia)

[#7732a4, #5acec5]
(Obtained from Roar)

[#5e0359, #a5a5fd]
(Obtained from Saravi Boo)

[B][u]Dark Crystal Purple:[/u][/B]

[#500066, #6a94fb]
(Obtained from Saravi Boo)

[b][u]Raspberry Purple:[/b][/u]

[#42396f, #8984bd]
(Obtained from Chexala)

[B][u]Chaos Purple:[/u][/B]

[#5f076e, #f221ba]
(Obtained from Damia Flagg)


[#6d0303, #fc2c2e]

[B][u]Hot Pink With a Hint of Grape:[/u][/B]

[#f3163d, #0e034a]
(Obtained from strange_dreams_512)

[B][u]Hot Pink:[/u][/B]

[#9e0037, #ff616b]
(Obtained from wishie)

[#721d3f, #e9207c]
(Obtained from Artsydaze)

[#961380, #fbd7bb]
(Obtained from spunky)

[B][u]Easter Pink:[/u][/B]


[b][u]Bubblegum Pink:[/b][/u]

[#f66a82, #fbdae0]

[B][u]Pie Gold:[/u][/B]



[#a5a2e7, #96f490]
(Obtained from MarmaGirl)


[#3a8392, #c4eeb4]
(Obtained from Krissy, see more of her codes [URL="http://www.menewsha.com/forum/gaming/avatar-chat/mene-runway/186617-krissys-ensembles-lil-image-heavy-open.html#post1769630695"]HERE[/URL])

[#c4eeb4, #3a8392]
(Obtained from Krissy, see more of her codes [URL="http://www.menewsha.com/forum/gaming/avatar-chat/mene-runway/186617-krissys-ensembles-lil-image-heavy-open.html#post1769630695"]HERE[/URL])

[#05b0cc, #90f9dc]
(Obtained from Bucket)

[#04384e, #90f9dc]
(Obtained from vampire_bill)


[#065555, #12d0de]
(Obtained from Maria-Minamino, see more of her codes [URL="http://www.menewsha.com/forum/gaming/avatar-chat/202085-hair-color-thread-make-your-request.html"]HERE[/URL])


[#042f25, #097c61]
(Obtained from Maria-Minamino, see more of her codes [URL="http://www.menewsha.com/forum/gaming/avatar-chat/202085-hair-color-thread-make-your-request.html"]HERE[/URL])

[#073130, #079291]
(Obtained from maidenroseheart)

[#050505, #08e7e0]
(Obtained from Lust Wolf)

[b][u]Turquoise Leaf Green:[/u][/b]

[#0048ad, #00c236]
(Obtained from Cora)

[B][u]Leaf Green:[/u][/B]

[#033f4e, #00e066]
(Obtained from Maria-Minamino, see more of her codes [URL="http://www.menewsha.com/forum/gaming/avatar-chat/202085-hair-color-thread-make-your-request.html"]HERE[/URL])

[B][u]Sea Green:[/u][/B]

[#036832, #59fca0]
(Obtained from Linnea)

[u][b]Paler Sea Green:[/b][/u]

[#079240, #5fc88e]

[u][b]Inverted Pale Sea Green:[/b][/u]

[#6bc7a1, #109433]

[B][u]Alien Green:[/u][/B]



(Obtained from admonished nonsense)


[#6b6b6b, #dbdbdb]
(Obtained from PWEEP)

[#1f1f1f, #b0b0b0]
(Obtained from bloodstainedwings)

See also: [URL="http://www.menewsha.com/forum/gaming/avatar-chat/mene-runway/186626-new-section-added-rozalynes-closet.html#post1769631689"]Vanora's Hair Codes[/URL]

Posted 10-02-2010 at 05:24 PM by zigbigadorlube Comments 0
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So today I decided to donate for a monthly collectible for the first time. It wasn't too long ago that I got my first MC from the Menewsha Exchange. The first one I ever bought was one of the Yumeh Slippers because I didn't actually know it was an MC at the time. The next two I got, the Dark Crystal and Obakemono, were received as payment for a trade. And after that I added the Tapio Defender and Blood Lotus to my collection for cosplay purposes. Then I got a set of the last month's MCs, Jamming With Yumeh and Rocking Out Rock Star for 1,000 gold through a questing discount that someone was offering. The last MC I got before today's donation was the Imperial Lucky Cat, bought from Flink who was my Mene mommy when I first joined.

A long time ago I decided that I didn't want to spend real money on pixels anymore based on my experiences with Gaia and that same logic followed me to this site. Somehow though I'm starting to feel like they're two different things. Gaia is all about money whoring I feel but buying something on Mene seems more like a real donation that is deserved for the hard work they do. Hence even though I haven't fallen desperately in love with the Trinity Guardian, I bought one anyway because I feel like after spending so much time on this site I feel that I should give something back. Don't get me wrong! I do like the new items but usually I don't feel like I couldn't live without them. That and being a poor college graduate with student loans to pay off has turned me into a rather frugal individual in general. ^^;
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Hey there. I was wondering if you think that mene should have a market type thing for people trying to sell items rather than a forum? I know the forum works but Cupcake like things simple and not have to hunt for items.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]~I believe in gold diggers!.. I pay them good when they return good!..XD.. I kidd I kidd!...This lovely establishment seems fun!..~

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