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  1. Risque
    12-07-2019 06:18 AM
    Thanks Hummy <3
  2. Sleepy Anarchy
    11-23-2019 05:12 AM
    Sleepy Anarchy
    Not yet Hums.
  3. R u b y
    11-23-2019 02:04 AM
    R u b y
    He's back "home" now. Back in MN. But he said he's gonna move down here with me within next year <3 I miss him so much already and it's been less than a week.
    3 weeks with him here felt like 3 days
  4. Ava The Vampire
    11-21-2019 10:25 PM
    Ava The Vampire
    Aww! Thanks so much, hummy!! It's going pretty well lately.
    How are things for you?
  5. Namune
    11-11-2019 03:29 PM
    Oh my gosh are you sure??
  6. Namune
    11-11-2019 02:59 AM
    *slaps hands onto table* WE WILL HAVE SUMMER HOMES AND WINTER HOMES. Like my parents were once forced, these other sites will just have to share custody!

    Have you ever messed with an art program? I have no real idea what I'm doing...
  7. Namune
    11-11-2019 12:16 AM
    Hooray! Hopefully if we throw up enough eye grabbers people will log on and stay on for a while.
  8. Namune
    11-10-2019 02:44 PM
    Would it be weird of me to start throwing up events in my free time? I've been fortunate enough to gain employment (for the time being) that allocates me longer weekends in exchange for rotating between sleep and work on the other days. TBH we just had a successful fundraiser and I've been looking for things to refocus that energy into so I don't just lose it.
  9. Namune
    11-10-2019 02:37 PM
    Thank you. It would be a shame for anything to happen to this place.
  10. Snowberry
    11-09-2019 11:42 PM
    Doing well!! Just busy and exhausted How have you been?

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