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  1. Kat Dakuu
    08-02-2017 03:07 PM
    Kat Dakuu
    We'll see how it is when we finish and can edit it later. I still really like the prompt we're working from.
  2. Kat Dakuu
    07-30-2017 02:39 PM
    Kat Dakuu
    Yeah. A slow build is good but you don't want it to stagnate in the middle either.
  3. Kat Dakuu
    07-28-2017 02:12 AM
    Kat Dakuu
    Yeah? You think so? Me and Wingsy's stories usually have a lot of momentum straight though so it really feels like it's going toward the end the whole way through.
  4. Kat Dakuu
    07-27-2017 05:07 PM
    Kat Dakuu
    yeah? That one is finally starting to get interesting though to me it kinda drags a lot.
  5. Kat Dakuu
    07-22-2017 03:00 AM
    Kat Dakuu
    haha sure. here's the link for Kissing other Guys and this is a link to all of our Marked stories which is our real baby. The ones with check marks next to them are finished. I'd love to hear what you have to say if you read any of our stuff.
  6. Kat Dakuu
    07-22-2017 02:27 AM
    Kat Dakuu
    Sure, if you want. We want to publish a lot of things we're writing so I have no problem with people reading along with rps. Any one in particular you want to read?
  7. Kat Dakuu
    07-21-2017 01:03 PM
    Kat Dakuu
    Ah, Healing bonds is the third and final story in the Bonds series and part of a soulmate verse that's pretty unique. Lotus Tears is a short tragedy set during WW2 and based on the Chinese tale of Lady Meng Jong's tears, about a conscripted soldier and the person who tries to hide him. Don't Go kissing other Guys is more comedic about a straight guy who falls in love with his best friend and mistakes it for homophobia because he hates seeing him with other guys. The last story is a self-indulgent kpop rp.
  8. Kat Dakuu
    07-20-2017 02:12 PM
    Kat Dakuu
    Me and my roommate are rping together actually. We have four stories that we'd like to finish so we can work on editing and trying to get them published.
  9. Kat Dakuu
    07-19-2017 02:21 PM
    Kat Dakuu
    It's going alright. Could be better though. Me and my roommate have been kinda slacking so I need to try harder. >.<
  10. Kat Dakuu
    07-08-2017 10:40 PM
    Kat Dakuu
    Yes I know. I'll get to them when I can. I'm doing nanowrimo this month so I can only do the simple ones.

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