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    My name is Nikki irl. I'm 17. I am myself. I love punk, metal, screamo, and love music; basically just rock. Right now my favorite bands are The Devil Wears Prada, Eyes to Kill, Sky Eats Airplane, Linkin Park, and The Audition. I like sooo much more though. I have a part-time job and I hate high school. I have a special someone, so I'm not looking for that right now. I'm a complete exchanger, and you can probably always find me in the exchange. I don't care who likes me or not, I know who my true friends are. I'm usually a happy person unless something really pisses me off. I'm part anarchist, and I used to be vegetarian for a year, but my family is huge meat eaters, so I quit it. I will resume it when I move out. My family is broken apart...my parents divorced, and it hurt my family so much. I'm usually on menewsha everyday unless I have other things going on. I'm a procrastinator especially with homework I could give two shits about. I hate suck-ups and people that thrive for attention. I live my life everyday to the best of my ability. I'm not here to make anyone happy except me, myself, and I. I do what I want, like what I want, and say what I want. I'm a giver...I have a charity in the forums. I love giving to others and helping out when I can. Volunteering is amazing and makes me feel great. I'm a catholic by baptizism, but really, I don't believe there's a religion out there that I believe fully in. I believe in a little bit of everything from a little bit of every religion. I take french and I'm on my third year. I live in the eastern part of the United States (timezone=eastern). I'm on myspace if you want to add meh. Tell me if you want to and I'll tell you the link. My favorite movies are Notebook, Juno, Goodluck Chuck, and What Happens in Vegas. I used to live in Las Vegas and my grandparents still live there. =]

    The end.
    USA - eastern
    Colorguard, Soccer, Writing, Music, Biking, Working
    Student/Assoicate at Kmart


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For real? That's funneh.
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your entry made the front blog page
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Haha I know. xD
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You're insane in the membrane.
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