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  1. AmaniIshtar
    07-22-2012 06:07 AM
    I hate overpowered characters. I hadn't planned on her being magical, I was thinking if she did have an ability, it might be closer to Ninain's...But I am also stuck with the idea of her being a thief too. it would be kinda interesting for a heron to be a thief. I probably would just use a description for her, and do a basic profile with a base personality, a little history, and some likes/dislikes. But it'd only be neccessary for Me to have one since we already know about Soren. Mary sues are annoying. Its usually why I don't like reading OC stories.

    I'm not terribly fond of crossovers unless its yu yu hakusho/inuyasha crossovers. Then I like the crossovers that habe Kagome with Kurama or Hiei, or even 3-somes of them. If its just inuyasha I like Sesshomaru with Kagome. If I'm reading Harry Potter fics, then I like HarryxDraco, or HarryxSev. I've found one that is not quite finished but it was a huge ass Harem-type fic, where Harry finds out he's descended from a long line of dukedom and such...
  2. AmaniIshtar
    07-21-2012 06:08 AM
    Well, with Rafiel, it said he couldn't fly, not that he was infertile? o.O I didn't remember hearing about Lillia though...And blunt or not, it is a possibility. I mean, if she had been the holder of the medallion, and became to sick to take care of it, why did she become too sick? So...Maybe if she had been raped, and say it was a complicated pregnancy, she may not have stayed with the family because of the shame or something...

    But this is all if I want to say that she is descended from a royal heron, not one of the common ones. I mean, for all anyone knows, or even the last remaining royal herons, only they survived, and none of the 'subjects'. So what if, say one of the child ones had managed to escape the fire and grew up with the anger Reyson had until he/she fell in love with a human?

    I don't have many yuri ships myself -.-. Most of those tend to be over in the Sailor Moon area since there is a huge abundance of girls. And I don't like very many when they have the people waaaaaaay out of character, but if they manage to tell it in such a way that you don't realize they're being out of character based from what you see in the animes....Then its pretty damn good. Best examples I have for that would be Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. My two most favorite somewhat misunderstood "bad" guys. A lot of times, in writing or movie, you see one point of view of a person, because its being told from the main characters side. You don't get much of the perceived bad guy. I honestly think, and some of my thoughts became further supported with the memories of Snape involving Harry's mother, that both Snape and Draco were more along the lines of Anti-heros. Or the bad-good guys.

    I could prolly go off on a whole tangent about it but there is a character cap -.- And btw, unless its absolutely tasteless, there is no such thing as too much smut in my book.
  3. AmaniIshtar
    07-20-2012 07:34 AM
    Yea. It bites ass. And huh, I didn't know that. Although, maybe we could swing say there was a human that was on good terms with laguz and a branded sympathizer. Maybe a human that had been an orphan kind of like Tormond? Its possible and then he wouldn't be flying anywhere. And the descending from Sephiran, thing would be interesting, though wasn't Micaiah descended from Sephiran and she grew up as an orphan in Daein and all over? So it could be possible, and she not even know she is descended from that line anyway...But I'll think of something better maybe.

    Oh I love greek/roman mythology the best, but all is pretty good. But with the YuGiOh thing, they tend to use a variation on the names. You have Marik/Malik, Bakura/Ryou, Yami/Yugi(The 'darks' then 'lights'), then there is also some that have Seto and Seth(the true spirit of the Millenium Rod) as two separate peoople. As for the fanfictions, it honestly depends on what you like. Yaoi, or malexmale, is very predominate in the fanfiction world, and it honestly has MULTIPLE 'ships.
  4. AmaniIshtar
    07-18-2012 08:47 PM
    Sounds like fun. But I do remember reading that on wiki. -cringe- Sadly I never got to truly finish the game, loss of memory card, gamecube, moving...Just lots of stupid stuff that prevented it. Female might be cool, and it would certainly add to the....well I would say plot, but also the richness? maybe of the story...I had almost thought that it'd be interesting to say that beyond Reyson and Leanne surviving the Serenes Forest fire, another had survived and fled, hiding who she'd been and was, mating with a human and bearing my character.

    It would but I can also see the possibility. After his time with Ike, maybe he mellowed out and did become a little more open. Though I guess with Ike's passing he would close off again. It would be plausible that he would head to the community in the desert, maybe to warn Stefan about the uprising against branded. I would imagine given time for them, and if we really do keep with this for a long time, yea they could move from the grudging respect, to the platonic relationship to a romantic, but won't do anything because of the war.

    As for my name, I may have heard of it from Marik, but I liked it more because of the Goddess it was from. Plus I have a variation of the name as one of my gaming characters in Perfect World International- InariIshtar. I have a fascination with Mythology, always have. But on a side note, I do like YuGiOh...I tend to read tons of fanfiction on it, so there is a separation between Marik(the Yami) and Malik(the hikari).
  5. AmaniIshtar
    07-12-2012 07:34 AM
    Thank you! :hug: You're awesome too! I was just about to post in your search thread too. I like your idea. Yes she(or he) would totally be another branded. Not sure from which laguz tribe. If I remember correctly, Soren is from the dragon tribe. It would certainly be plausible too, that another war would be going on, one that instead of the Laguz being prosecuted, its the Branded that are given the witch hunt treatment.

    Which would you prefer for my branded to be? Male or female? I kinda like the bird tribe...But I don't know.
  6. Ana_M
    07-06-2012 09:45 PM
    I didn't see the original one, o: But I haven't seen a lot of a lot of movies that aren't horror. :"D Or comedy..

    Hahaha ! XD Ring a ding dong ~ I can't take shinEE seriously at all.... I only know bits and pieces of Gee and other dances by SNSD. Have fun~. I actually, oddly, am not a fan of many groups. o.O

    She does :D I've been showing her off to people. And I knoww >.< I'm thinking of shoving a video onto the rare band thread... That's in music :3

    I love lore too... I still need to remember this one mythical race... :L It has the job of protecting an area of natural places.

    Dovahkiin, Dovahkin no frast something something.

    oAo I used to know it, actually.. XD
  7. Ana_M
    07-06-2012 05:57 AM
    Don't worry, we'll still be here for you to chat with! :) Hehe. Well you better have fun missy, you understand? Be good and have tooonns of fun.

    Oemgee! You dance to Kpop too?! You're so awesome! :"D I'll try to record a cover sometime so you can see. ;3 Me and my besty learned 2ne1's I am the best! :D Squee. XD I'm the same way, I used to play volleyball... but then I got into art. (HURR)

    Yes I have! Oemgee I love her work. :heart: Especially the beach video. Kya! :D I love her, another Lindsey Stirling fan! You have noo idea how happy I is right now. :heart:

    I actually do too, her music makes me want to dance and her skyrim cover! Fangasm~ I love the elder scrolls games dsjakfjasd <3
  8. Ana_M
    07-06-2012 05:26 AM
    Woot! Will check it out in a moment. ;o I love them too! :heart: Uhh obviously. Haha. ^_^

    Oh, really? I'm not good at origami sadly... I sorta wish I was, so I'll see about working on it later. xD Ohh piano, huh? My boyfriend is also teaching himself a zelda song on piano! O: (Keyboard is more like it... same difference!) Ah, I used to be that way, I still am some what. oAo I used to play recorder in music and was in choir. Work on it and you'll get the talent.

    Hahaha! So the stereotype holds true, still. xD Yoga, huh? I love dance. :3 Especially pop/hip hop dance. Though I'm not sure how good I am at it yet... oAo''''

    I draw, write, dance and I adore violin but could never play it due to me having problems with my chin... it's really sensitive due to having to get it stitched up... Hahahaha... >.>

    (Just say Hi. Or say something stupid, that's how I do it. HAH. It works. :"D )
  9. Ana_M
    07-06-2012 03:31 AM
    Rawr ! :D Remember to butt in and be a nuisance. >) We only nibble. ;x Sometimes. Haha, also, besides drawing, what other arts do you involve yourself in? Sports? (HAH. Most artists aren't athletic. :"D)
  10. bloodstainedwings
    12-23-2011 04:55 PM
    i love your outfit!

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