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  1. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-26-2021 12:27 AM
    Well, I wasn't exactly exhilarated after the walk. But I did it. We had to wait awhile. It was raining and lightening. I hadn't planned on that. I wore these waterproof rugged mocs. Has tire tread. But I forgot ankle wrap and wearing that backless moc has made my wonky ankle sore.

    The gutters were full. At times overflowing on sidewalk. On certain corners we had to skirt it cause it's a bonafide pool. The creek was a rushing brown river. Even so we saw folks walking and running. No bikes. One even was pushing a baby buggy.

    I opened gfs 34 gifts. I enlisted Mr X's help. I got 3.5 #s of sees. Assorted and truffles, Andes mints, trader joe's Oreos. Purple bathmat, purple blanket, a throw. Couple triple milled soaps. Bath and body work gels, a bunch of scented sanitizers, luxury candles. Dish linen, journal, guideposts book, hello kitty mug. Two bags Peet's Joe. My next chore is to put them in categories like food, bath stuff etc. Then I thank her by category.

    Guess it's time for another hot oil treatment.
  2. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-25-2021 05:38 AM
    Hello lady Di! Merry Xmas to you! And to Izzy, too! You two are the only ones I know here.

    My hair's wet and cold under my pink cap even. It's the 2nd day of the oil treatment. It does make it initially silkier. Tho it's still tangled. But I'll take any improvement. I'll have to see what the ingredient is and see if it comes in a bottle. These are vials.

    Today I wrapped Mr X's gifts. I found a gift bag and poured in those 40 snack bags. I told him he could have at it. When I first said he could open the big package, he started marching to GFS stash. He is convinced there is sees candy. There is. About 4 boxes. I'm going to have to freeze some, obviously. Mr x can't eat all these snacks. He had a grandma's cookie bag and I had a nibble. A nibble. I can't eat a big cookie anymore. I can't afford a high Ch that might affect my eyes. I realize I missed the bullet on that eye test so I will be good. I'm still nibbling on that neopolitan candy. The one piece!

    Gf had written me three EMS since she came here. She's not working so has time. She said a few gifts fell out in the trunk so she'll be mailing them. That will push the gift count to 37. I better open them tomorrow. If it was me, I'd like to open one a day. But I think it'd be nicer for her to get a thank you sooner than later.

    I wrote my cousin, too. I was trying to get a pic ready for HS site. It was stuck in a scanner app. I finally was able to em it out. But I couldn't seem to save it so I opened it up, then took a screenshot. Then stretched it out on photo express. Tiresome procedure. My eyes are shot. I haven't done eye exercises, haven't walked in 5 days, haven't been reading. I did get a lot of inside work done, but I need to get out. It's sup to rain tomorrow, but I'm going out. I do have a long pink poncho. If it pours, my shoes and bottom of leggings will get wet. But I'll be exhilarated.

    Merry Xmas!!
  3. ladydiana
    12-24-2021 01:36 PM
    Have a happy Merry Christmas.
  4. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-23-2021 08:41 PM
    Trying to get back on track. It's a rainy day and I'm waiting for my Amazon order. The bath salts and hot oil treatment coming. I'll try it on hair tonight.

    Earlier I counted GFS gifts she brought. 34. There were several see's boxes. That's Mr X's fav. From the shapes I guess there are Joe, perfume, soap, more edibles. There are some odd shapes. Soft. Maybe a blanket and pillow.

    Oh, so I've been writing Sue girl daily since she contacted me. But other day when gf came over, I hadn't heard from her. So I didn't write. I usually wait till the other person writes. Later she wrote it's cold today. That's not much to expound on. So I didn't write. Figured I'd catch up the next day. But then she texts me saying she hadn't heard from me and was I ok? And maybe I was just busy. So I briefly told her gf had come over and I'd catch up with her the next day. But I was a bit agog. She is now expecting me to write. Forever? Not a day off? Even with gf we only write once a week or so. Mainly it's her work schedule. And yet... It's kind of flattering someone wants to hear from you daily. She's similar to gf. That's prob why I like her. She has a cat, too.

    Today's Joe is coconut macaroon. Mr x bought some tamales. I'll have one soon. He's eaten half the fruitcake. I have yet to wrap his gifts. That's one of my least favourite tasks.

    I wanted to have productive day but there's no gas in the tank. I feel sleepy. I looked thru some pics. Want to post some Xmas ones on hs site. Maybe I can drag stool to closet. I want to pull the hats. I can't reach the upper two shelves.
  5. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-22-2021 07:21 PM
    We're waiting for gf. It's drizzling. I'm ready to throw on my long down coat. Yest cleaned bathroom. It took hours. Won't dry in this weather. I put makeup and some Xmas earrings she gave me. Long dangly with red and green.

    Other day fed Wally for 7.5 hrs. Longest ever.

    Getting nervous waiting. I just don't like anxiety on appts.
  6. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-19-2021 04:44 AM
    It's getting unbearably cold in this house. I've got two hand warmers open. Mr x is in front of space heater. But our furnace is ineffective. I mean, if you turned it up high and closed LR doors it'd get toasty. The other rooms would get even colder. And electricity bill would be sky high.

    I just put in Amazon order. Getting a Navy trapper hat, hot oil treatment for my disastrous hair, vacuum cleaner replacement bags. I had a couple wrist band pockets for my key, but delivery time is all over the place.

    That Girl is on. Before Bewitched.

    We did a nice long walk today. After a hiatus I always start off shorter. Today is a pretty long walk. About an hour. Tomorrow I want to go further, into another hood. Usually we stay in our perimeter. But there's a 2 block stretch that decorate like crazy. I want to check it out and hopefully take some pics.

    We used to regularly go. It's more spectacular at night. It's like a mini Disneyland. But it's a nightmare to park and usually beyond cold. I can barely stand daytime temps. So no more night excursions. But, day? Well, I'll try. GF and I used to walk there.

    Time for my ensure.
  7. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-16-2021 11:00 PM
    I missed a day here. Let's see. So today had to take unexpected inn day. Amazon package due in. Still hasn't come. I've been messing with the pile of boxes and bins in the DR. I went thru some, dumping obsolete papers. Now I'm vac around the area. Feels good to dump some stuff. And I went thru some photos. They'll be going to bro soon.

    Then I made up a bunch of pbj.

    Yesterday we walked the highlands. When we returned, the new nabe was going to his car. So I spoke up and introduced myself. He seems a pleasant chap. He's from Palo Alto and said they'd been looking to get into this town for a year. Why? Palo Alto is renowned. It contains Stanford. We live in a tiny, unknown town.

    He drives a Tesla, the wife a Mercedes. His mother came yesterday and she was in a Tesla too. They were having curtain measurements taken. Mr x said each car is $100k We have a $20k fitty. He mentioned maybe later they could have us over if we liked. That would not work. Mr x says they're way out of his league. What are we supposed to talk about? His high tech job and Mr x working in a warehouse? He didn't mention kids. So far Mr x saw him bring in golf clubs and a guitar. Mr x doesn't play. Neither do I. I can't think of anything I'd like less to do than social with them.

    Then today Sue girl wrote asking if I liked particular soups. Her hubby cooks. I hope she's just randomly asking. I don't want to be meeting up accepting soup.

    Heard from gf. She'll be coming by next week and wants to stop by. To bring me gifts. I'll be cleaning house just in case she needs to come in.

    Almost forgot. Yesterday I did gfs card! It was the project of the day. Mr x mailed it at 2 a.m. he said he saw a young couple madly making out on the corner. I smelled a rat. Who's going to go at it on a freezing night in the dark, on a street? They didn't bother Mr x. We were thinking maybe they just got out of a bar. They close at 2 a.m. or were waiting for weaker person to come. Mr x is stupid going out unnecessarily at 2 a.m. but try telling him that. He does what he likes.

    Well time for me to tidy up area. Not finished but it's much better.
  8. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-15-2021 05:56 AM
    I had a surprisingly productive day. We got back on track with the walk. Mr x wanted to see the creek so it was a longer route. I cut it shorter, tho. We'd been off 3 days. I wore the thin leggings under my jeans leggings. Worked well. The creek was full and flowing. Quite exciting. We're seeing less folks out.

    So afterwards I froze my creamer. It was a huge size. I put excess in 3 small containers. Then I portioned brown rice in containers. And made up a pot.

    Then I cleaned out two kitchen drawers. Dumped a lot of junk.

    No, I haven't gotten to gfs card yet. So many things to do. So little time.

    I was looking up ear muffs again. Then I went to ear warmers, like a headband. Then looked at hats with ear flaps.i need to go in closet and pull more hats. Today I wore this thin black gauzy scarf over my head and around neck. I looked like a bee keeper. And if it was frosty I would've been really cold. Mr x has this Elmer fudd cap with ear flaps. He looks ridiculous. I always call out, Mr fudd! Mr fudd! But he's getting last laugh. He's warm!
  9. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-13-2021 10:58 PM
    I just had a nibble of my new candy. The neopolitan candy. Pure sugar. It was dusted in it. There are 8 pieces. For $16 So each piece is $2 And 33 carbs. I only had a nibble. I swear, guv'nor! I put it in container and hid it. Mr x doesn't need to know. He gets to eat all the other candy. And I'm fine with a nibble.

    I'm blowing the furnace again, with a fan going, but alarm hasn't gone off. I'll put the fan away till summer.

    It's a rainy windy day. I noticed the patio table under the covering is wet. Mr x said it leaks. The power went off twice. Let me turn off the furnace. Ok, we're set for the winter.

    Today I ended up messing with my clothes again. Everything's sorted! I put away the shorts. I've got a bin for winter walk clothes. I know where all my accessory bags are with caps, gloves etc. I sorted the mess that was clothes shelves. All capris sorted by brand, color. I have different Sox bags. Sorted. Looking in the closet now it's a thing of beauty. Before it was chaos. Me pawing thru the stacks cause I didn't know where stuff was.

    It was done in dim light too. The lights were out. There was daylight tho plus I used a lipstick flashlight for the closet.

    Heard from Sue girl. She won't be renewing her HS reunion site so we'll have to move to em. She gave me all her contact info. I've been em her daily. I can do it until she can't. I've always outlasted my penpals. And that was regular letters. I'm much faster with em. Anyway today she said I would make a good author. I should write a book. It'd be a ny best seller. Well that was very sweet tho shortsighted. I don't write stories. I'm just a blogger. But she does seem to enjoy my ems so that's fine. And I do find casual writing very easy to do. Plus with all my own quirks and ocd. I can really ramble on.

    Mr x wants to really see the creek to see if it's full. It's usually bone dry. But Marin, across golden gate bridge, received 9" and we need every inch. At least low fire danger.

    I haven't gotten to gfs card, dagnabbit. Maybe tonight. Right now I think I'll take a break and lie down. Listen to mystery show.
  10. Dazzlingdreamberry
    12-13-2021 06:01 AM
    It was an inn day. I did pretty well. I vac a fan. I took it apart to vac. Used it when blowing out the furnace. I'll do it once more tom. Then I'll bag up the fan. I was also detail vac in the LR.

    Then I brought my tray of desky stuff out. Opened weeks mail. Did the few bills. Still have lil more to do.

    I've held off on washer/dryer. Mainly cause I don't want to deal with it. Mr x thinks it's the drain pipe. Should I call a guy in for that? I do need new appliances tho. Doing wash now is most tiresome. Mr x sits on the steps for the 5+ hrs it takes for me to do it. He runs loads back to room to dump on bed since he's sitting there and in my way. This is not how one should feed a Wally.

    I haven't heard back from the eye test. I guess that means it's coming by mail. Offhand sounds like good news. If there was a prob, they would've em me.

    Mr xs fruitcake came today. He brought it in. He guessed fruitcake cause it said perishable. I told him it was dried eggs. I've got it in fridge. I guess his gift will be opened before Xmas.

    He ate up the candy I had in fridge. Some sees butter brickle and Andes mints. Gf gifts I had frozen.

    I have to count Mr xs snack box. See if all 40 are there. And how's the condition. Today I counted my Bradford Joe pods. All 100 were there.

    I didn't get to gfs card. Tomorrow! That'll take all day.

    I was looking up portable phone chargers. Just to see if they had new colors. They had even less. I would consider a pretty color.

    Time for my ensure. I need to em gf. She has this bunk em service that sorely tries my patience. It's incredibly difficult to hack around. No one else would put up with this. I had a beautiful pink and white phone that had an annoying quirk. One of my pals straight out told me, I hate your phone. Does get the message across. GF, I hate your em server. No one should have to do what I do to stay in contact with you. I had to take screenshots of my em and resend. And make it as short as possible cause she has this bizarre em that has a quota. And her inbox is always full and I get my em bounced back. It's hap hundreds of times and she knows it. But I must flex. I think I'm in a cranky mood. I'm under pressure with everything. I don't like holidays.

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Posted 09-25-2017 at 03:48 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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amazing as it sounds, i passed the dmv vision test. i was quite apprehensive in days leading up to it. every nite religiously doing the eye exercises. straining, straining to see, imagine, the dinky little letters. when it came time to test, i didnt even falter! i guess i could see the shapes good enough to recognize. mr x came with me. we had a 2.5 hour wait. he started grumbling part way thru the wait.

other day we were at macs. tried their new ice mocha. yum!

then yesterday hung out with bro for 5.5 hrs. he had these dumb rebate cards to redeem and he didnt need anything. so we went to walgreens, 2 cvs, and a tjs. i caught up on my shopping. we hit a macs and i tried the caramel macchiato. even better than the mocha. we got along very well. we had been estranged a long time. but now i suppose i will eventually move closer to him. he lives in san jose. not a place id like to be. maybe i can move nearby on the coast. would like some fog weather.

so i passed my big hurdle. can relax now and get back to normal. have to hire a drywall guy.

just finished a great read. about uber rich ladies and the scam perpetrated against them. a good frothy read. hey, its fall i believe! got bottle of pumpkin spice latte by starbucks. so curious to taste it.

welcome to fall! time to bring out the sweaters.

Posted 09-14-2017 at 12:52 AM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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finally got back here. we had a plumbing event. on labor day mr x noticed water running off front lawn. a water main had broke. a small 2" gush was gushing out. mr x called water company who turned off water. then i called our go to plumber. a solution was to replace pipe to house. however id been wanting to replace the pipes one day. we had no hot water at bathroom sink and cold faucet was dribbling out. i knew it was a matter of time. then. we didnt have hot or warm water in washer. only cold. thats why my wash would take hours. so i decided to kill all birds with one stone. i replaced all pipes with copper. it took a total of 5 days. we had no water for 3 days. first day we used wipey dypes. 2nd day mr x warmed water jugs in sun and we bathed with a gallon of water. i helped mr x wash his hair on back lawn. i viewed the experience like camping. its doable, but im not keen on it. 3 guys were here. all spoke spanish. so i decided to learn spanish on phone app. itd be nice to be able to converse with them.

im doing eye exercises. plan on taking vision test next week. its better not doing close work, which ive done my whole life. reading way too much. better to look at scenery. i think ill continue the eye exercises.

we had really hot temps, then other day first rain of the year! it began with a thousand lightening strikes. scary, and weird for this area. it started brush fire couple towns over. also monsciour ugly was caught on film sliding his grotesquely ugly body under a residents fence. # the outrage

id been watching lovely old films, then the plumbing debacle. i have to bring in a drywall guy to patch up the holes the plumber left. already found my guy thru yelp.

Posted 09-04-2017 at 06:17 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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[FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT]

back to school time, but kids already back. when did that start? and no telethon with jerry lewis. he really wanted to hit 100.

its been super hot here. sf broke record. something like 106. we were 107. i was taking 3 showers a day. would sit outside at nite for air, started watching my dvd player. watched, british intelligence, with boris karloff. such an intimidating man. it was a ww1 flick in blk/wh. got bit by mosquitos. its the gift that keeps on giving. next nite sprayed off on.

got couple more weeks for eye exercises then have to take dmv vision test. strangely enough, the pinhole glasses im using seem to help. before i couldnt see without glasses without closing an eye. now im able to read my phone without glasses. of course, i return to glasses asap.

the smoke from oregon and calif fires drifted down here. could smell it slightly. today its a strange totally overcast day, but warm.

your friendly, pink weather girl.

Posted 08-31-2017 at 05:43 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 2
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hi izzy! i know what you mean. its fun to read new blogs. kind of like toothpaste. if nothing to read, ill read the tube. tube tops. i thought those were the dumbest things. then my wing went out once and i couldnt finagle a bra. so had to get the tubes. so easy to put on. i have them in colors, of course. fuchsia, lime, orange.

im writing on lappy, my laptop. too onerous to text on my phone.

its been a long, hot summer. i look forward to fall temps when i can don my beloved denim jackets.

izzy, that was interesting telling of what a nuclear stress test is. what is the nuclear part? the dye? it sounds so high tech. nuclear. do you glow now:)

i need to clean my fans. some arent openable. need some kind of thin bristle brush.

a few cities over madame ugly and her spawn were spotted. search partys are out since they came down where schools are. i noticed their looks didnt improve over the summer.

did i mention mr x found a dead rat on back lawn. thankfully he disposed of it. he said it was 17" with tail. # ick

see you in september!

Posted 08-23-2017 at 07:53 PM by Dazzlingdreamberry Comments 1
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my newest project is trying to buy glasses ol.

last nights movie was a doris day musical. she can really dance. and tap. that is an odd dance move. the guy was doing it on a staircase. itd be kind of neat to suddenly break into a tap dance.

then i started a cary grant and rosallnd russell movie.

i made up 5 packs of indonesian ramen. made oodles of noodles. heard ramen is hot commodity in prisons. ramen wth an egg on top. # breakfast is served

i should try on my cargo shorts again. itll probably be another year till i can wear them. i sure love the pockets. i used to be a tomboy back in my tomcat days. but i grew out of it. i get more favorable responses when i dress ladylike.
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Congrats on passing the eye test!

Where I have been living, I have worn a sweatshirt all summer long! Its time to don flannel underwear and a parka already! It already spit some snow at us yesterday! *Izzy is not happy! *

I'm happy that you and your bro have reconciled and hang out together on occaision!
Posted 09-26-2017 at 08:37 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
We had to replace the water pipe to our house, years ago, when we had our own house. BF and a friend did the work.
A root from a tree had punctured the pipe...so the tree was felled.
The lawn never recovered from the line that had to be dug into it to access the pipe.

I bet its nice to have working water again!
Posted 09-15-2017 at 08:30 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Plumbing is the most odious of all home repairs. Like eew
Posted 09-15-2017 at 01:29 AM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline
OMG, the smoke from the fires drifted into Colorado so thick that it allowed one to look directly at the sun without seeing spots when looking away!
We could barely make out the shapes of the mountains through the heavy smoke.
When the sun had set and the moon had risen, the moon looked much like the sun had looked...only the sky was dark!
There was also a fire near Steamboat Springs, Colorado that grew from 2 acres to 419 acres in just a few hours...that also contributed to our smoky air.
The elderly and people with health issues are being advised to stay indoors with the doors and windows closed.
Its really kinda scary to see that much smoke in the air!

I'm glad to hear that the eye exercises and the pinhole glasses are working for you! ...I should try something like that since my aging eyes are failing fast...but I am lazy lately...maybe at another time.
Posted 09-05-2017 at 09:38 AM by Inzanebraned Inzanebraned is offline
Hey, hows the mountain lion situation
Posted 09-04-2017 at 10:09 PM by kelseydee kelseydee is offline