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  1. R u b y
    03-12-2023 07:18 PM
    R u b y
    haha meanwhile pink is my favorite color
  2. R u b y
    03-12-2023 03:48 PM
    R u b y
    You did a lovely job!
  3. R u b y
    03-12-2023 03:41 PM
    R u b y
    Cute avi!
  4. ~LONGCAT~
    02-22-2023 11:35 PM
    I should really pull out my laptop, it's always been tricky on mobile but having been gone for so long it feels like an even bigger hurdle. That Christmas email was one hell of a reminder!! ��
  5. ~LONGCAT~
    02-22-2023 11:09 PM
    Ignore the moldy sentient snacks. It's been a while since I cleaned.
  6. ~LONGCAT~
    02-22-2023 11:02 PM
    Thank you Pweep!! You are the first to say so through visitor message :3
  7. Nephila
    02-14-2023 02:10 AM
    Thanks! Hopefully people judging like it too since it's my first entree into the avatar contest. :D
  8. ghostPastry
    01-13-2023 10:25 PM
    that's fair, it's a long series! you're allowed to be a fan of something you're in the middle of
  9. ghostPastry
    01-13-2023 08:45 PM
    aw that's so good! i've heard a lot about the Dark Tower series, but i've never read it myself. but the symbolism sounds so intense and vivid, so i definitely take it as a compliment!
  10. ghostPastry
    01-04-2023 04:39 AM
    truth be told, i played more PokeFarm Q than the actual games, so i'm really familiar with all of the characters and shinies and legendaries and stuff but not so much the gameplay. i beat LeafGreen, but i had to use a guide. so i'm no Pokemon master just a fan. i'm amazed you completed your Pokedex! that takes some dedication.

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    I'm a Midwestern lady who enjoys RP and RPG's/adventure games. I'm also big into horror movies and King/Poe stories, but if you send me a random quote from The Office or Parks & Rec, I bet I can guess who said it and what episode it's from.
    Roleplaying, reading, video games
    Machine Operator at an aquaponics facility
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