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The Wandering Poet 06-09-2017 02:45 AM

~*~ Have you ever published a book before? ~*~
Have you published a book before?

I'm always curious to hear about published authors and how they got to publishing.
I myself am not a published author, as poetry is not valued in today's society enough to sell.

Mystic 08-20-2017 04:48 PM

Everyone that I've talked to about publishing always recommends I plan to use it once I get a manuscript that I am happy enough with. Have you ever looked into releasing an ebook, Poet? That might be a good way to get your work out there without it being overly expensive.

The Wandering Poet 08-20-2017 07:59 PM

I did some searching a long time ago about poetry books and even Edgar Allen Poe was a dollar for an ebook. The rest were a penny or free. Thousands of poetry books.

I'll have to look at lulu. I'm hoping to help my partner be a published author sometime in the next few years when we finish her book.

Mystic 08-20-2017 09:47 PM

Yeah, it's not very much as far as making money. I was going to do the poetry book or an illustrated book. I wish your partner luck! I like Lulu because there's a bunch of different packages. It's a self publisher, which I liked as well. They have really good customer service too and will answer any questions pretty quickly.

The Wandering Poet 08-21-2017 04:54 AM

That's good. My biggest concerned is the whole "We claim ownership of...." blah blah nonsense a lot of sites do in the fine print. I'll have to investigate thoroughly.

Palmoun 08-21-2017 05:25 AM

I have been trying to get published for around 1 or 2 years now with no luck. I am starting to think that just self publishing might be the way to go anymore. Then again in those years of trying I have decided to rework my original manuscript since I am now unhappy with what I have. So maybe my manuscript just wasn't eye catching, either way I need to work on it and I am not giving up. I think that is all people can do sometimes if they want to be published, not give up and keep on trying.

The Wandering Poet 08-27-2017 02:58 PM

So I read into the TOS of this company Lulu and it looks like they don't steal your content like some other sites do.

Eldweena 10-01-2017 01:26 AM

My dream my entire life has been to publish. So far I haven't felt any of my full-length novels are publish-worthy, though.

I have taken writing classes that teach you how to get in touch with agents and pitch your books, and I buy writing magazines like "Writer's Digest" to keep current on techniques for publishing. There's also a book you can buy called the "Writer's Market" that gives you tips for publishing and lists all the major book and magazine publishers and tells you how to directly contact them. It's like a phone book for writers seeking publishers. It's not as expensive as it used to be, either; I think it used to be somewhere in the $50 dollar range but I got the 2018 book for $30.

I know you can self-publish but I really do not want to go that route. I want an agent and an editor and a publisher and validation! That's my life goal, anyway.

The Wandering Poet 10-01-2017 02:56 AM

Oh wow that's quite the dream to aspire to. How many novels have you written?
You never know what's going to be popular though, I mean some of the worst and best books in history were best sellers.

Eldweena 10-01-2017 01:33 PM

Probably a dozen, but I wrote most of them during college and I'm too embarrassed to even read them now, let alone submit them for publishing. But I have well over 300 incomplete novels so I'd rather pick up on those scraps and try to make them publish-worthy. Unfortunately my old computer died and I can't find the disc I had burned my writing onto. I've moved several times since then and it's been misplaced... So I'm not at all opposed to starting over, but every time I think 'I'm going to write something to eventually publish!' I just suddenly can't think of any good ideas because I'm too anxious. And then I tell myself I'll just write for fun, and if it's good maybe I'll submit it to an agent. And I'm still too nervous so I write fanfiction instead. Neverending cycle.

salvete 10-01-2017 02:02 PM

Not yet but someday I will

The Wandering Poet 10-02-2017 02:12 AM

Eld - It definitely helps to write for fun. The work part comes when you polish and revise it into a piece of art :D

alice.the.queen.of.hearts 11-08-2017 02:12 PM

I have a friend who self publishes himself, he says it hard. He does have a deal with some book stores hear to sell his books but they take most of the money. He is trying to look into getting into the e reader market, but he mostly suggests to do your homework if you are looking into self publishing. Get all your facts and money in order. Thats the one mistake he has found is he didnt do his homework and stuff well. He jokes around that maybe he should have learned to self publish more than English in collage.
I would love to see my work published. But I have a nagging feeling no one would read my word vomit I call a story.

Kat Dakuu 11-09-2017 12:20 AM

When I publish I want very much to use an actual publishing house. Self publishing and e books have a lot of trouble. It's hard to make any real money or keep people from posting the content elsewhere for free. If your serious, just fight through the rejections to get published properly. I think it will be really worth it when I'm ready.

Maria-Minamino 11-11-2017 02:22 PM

I am a terrible writer so I've never published a book before XD

Cinderella 12-19-2019 02:46 PM

I'd love to publish a book someday, probably a fiction novel of some kind, but I've often thought about writing some sort of nonfiction book as well, like a memoir or something.

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