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Phoenix of the Immortal 07-11-2015 05:14 AM

Let's hope...

Emma Corrin 07-11-2015 06:31 AM

Agreed! If you go back and finish let me know if the ending changed your mind at all - hopefully it redeems itself a bit!

While I wait for episode 2 to air I'm probably going to finish Ranma 1/2. I have to finish Season 6 in subs unfortunately as season 7 is the only one left in dub on Hulu - luckily I only have a handful I have to watch in subs! I figure I'd better finish it before the dubs are all gone. :( One thing I don't like about Hulu though is that it never has the OVAs or specials or anything available - just the main series. :(

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-11-2015 06:47 AM

That's a shame.

Emma Corrin 07-11-2015 04:35 PM

Agreed! I do have an online website I use that generally has them but not always - I mean, even Crunchyroll doesn't air most of them! I'm also waiting for Back Butler: Book of Murder to release somewhere - I was able to watch Book of Circus on Hulu but they didn't have Book of Murder and Crunchyroll has none of the series lol It's seriously had being an anime addict!!! [lol]

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-11-2015 06:15 PM

have you tried Netflix? There's also two anime websites that I use: and They might have what you're looking for.

Emma Corrin 07-11-2015 07:27 PM

Yup! I keep an eye out for Netflix but they tend to only have dub versus sub (there are only select shows I prefer in dub) - the site I use is waoanime or something like that - they don't have any of the ads that pop up and give viruses so that's why I generally use that one - I'll keep this two sites in mind and check those if I can't find them when I get to a computer next! :3

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-11-2015 08:01 PM

alrighty then!

Emma Corrin 07-11-2015 08:19 PM

Did you get a chance to finish the episode? :)

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-11-2015 11:32 PM

Not yet, but I will. I plan on watching Gate 2 and Ushio to Tora 2 first. Might watch the guilty pleasures of Monster Musume and Bikini Warriors later.

Emma Corrin 07-11-2015 11:53 PM

Monster Musume just got added to my list to watch the other day! Haven't heard of the other ones though - another name for the Tora one perhaps?

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-12-2015 01:29 AM

Ushio to Tora is one anime and then Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri is another anime

---------- Post added 07-11-2015 at 11:18 PM ----------

Just want to say one thing here:


Emma Corrin 07-12-2015 04:19 AM

No no I know - I was wondering if the Tora one was known by a different name by any chance - I don't recognize it yet at the same time it's kind of familiar so I was wondered if I knew it by a different name :3

Oh no lol Is it full of nudity and such?

---------- Post added 07-12-2015 at 12:29 AM ----------

Oh! And Charlotte episode 2 is up on Crunchyroll so I'll let you know how it is!

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-12-2015 04:35 AM

1) The full title is Ushiou no Tora (TV) so it might have been an animated movie previously. When though, I have no idea. So that's why it might seem familiar to you

2) It's a 5 minute anime. That should tell you how bad it is...

3) Please do! I'm going to wait until you tell me about episode 2 before I finish episode 1 *nods*

Emma Corrin 07-12-2015 04:43 AM

Ahhhhhh that could be it! Whatever the previous version is is probably what I'm familiar with - I don't think I've seen it but I bet it's on my list!

Aw 5 min anime isn't always bad! I really enjoyed the Comical Psychosomatic Medicine series and that was only 5 min each! And Squid Girl was a great anime that had 3 shorts per episode, same with this new anime I'm watching about a manga artist and his assistants!

Though I will agree that most 5 min anime can end up being pointless with no direction - and based on the name I can guess what the content would be lmao

For sure! The opening is promising if it's foreshadowing, and so far we're in the new school learning about the powers and such and a little backstory on some characters - nothing substantial really yet though to sway one way or the other!

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-12-2015 05:23 AM

alright then. And really was pointless. Really Pointless. And most animes that I've seen that are 5 minutes long are completely stupid. Apparently I haven't seen any of these good ones that you've mentioned.

Emma Corrin 07-12-2015 05:43 AM

Definitely check out Squid Girl - they're 3 shorts in an episode, probably a little longer than 5 min each but not much because each episode is around 25 min and there's an opening and closing song/credit :3 Really recommend that one though! Has a real plot and storyline to it. :3

The Medicine one is a great gag anime - you may or my not enjoy that one though - I personally thought it was hilarious but it was also a spoof on medical disorders that gave information while not giving it at the same time so I enjoyed the creativity behind it lol The opening and closing made no sense though so I just ignored those. :3

Omg. Definitely finish episode 1 and watch episode 2 of Charlotte. It's so much better! I'm honestly hooked. It reminds me of "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!" but instead of being delusions it's reality. It's definitely going to be a great series! I think the first half was trying to show what kind of guy he is and how he reacts to things - the second half and second episode really set up the story and plot!

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-12-2015 08:02 AM

alright then, i will!

Emma Corrin 07-12-2015 06:19 PM

Let me know what you think! Hopefully it'll change your mind! :D

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-12-2015 07:46 PM

I shall.

Emma Corrin 07-12-2015 08:38 PM

Watched a bunch of Inuyasha last night - it always gets me when Inuyasha acts like a JERK and hurts Kagome. :( So I'm now boycotting Inuyasha at the moment because Kikyo is a horrible person and Inuyasha is a moron lol Instead I'm watching Dominion on Syfy! So glad this is back for a second season! :D

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-13-2015 12:35 AM

I never watched the movie it was based off of but I did watch a little bit of the first season. Wasn't all that big about it.

Emma Corrin 07-13-2015 01:40 AM

Do you mean Dominion or Inuyasha? If Dominion I had no idea! I really enjoyed the first seaon and have been waiting impatiently for the second season - though I'm annoyed they did a huge time jump without any explanation. And they opened the episode with scens from the end of the episode and it made the entire episode confusing as well as that scene lol It made sense when it finally got to that scene in the episode but still lol Other than that I have no real complaints about it!

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-13-2015 01:49 AM

Dominion is what I was talking about. It says so in the opening credits that it was based off of a movie, but I don't remember the movie title.

Emma Corrin 07-13-2015 01:57 AM

Ohhhh - I've honestly never noticed - I'll have to look when I watch it this week - although it's late I kinda want to check it out lol

Phoenix of the Immortal 07-13-2015 02:12 AM

lol I see. But yeah, it's part of the opening credits. "Based on the movie - " but that's all I remember.

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