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Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary. My name is Doctor Helen Magnus, head of this Sanctuary and of the Sanctuary Network. Any and all Abnormals are welcome here.

Now, as you can probably guess I will be playing the part of Helen Magnus. If you wanna play any of the other main characters in Sanctuary then just say so and the part is yours as long as it isn't already taken. If you want to be a new Abnormal then that is fine too, just make sure to post the details in your post so that everyone else knows what they're dealing with. Here are a list of the main characters from Sanctuary to choose from.

(Please choose your font colour when you PM me your character requests)

Doctor Helen Magnus - Me (head of the Sanctuary Network)
Will Zimmerman (our resident psychologist)
Nikola Tesla (everyone's favourite vamp!)
Bigfoot (The Big Guy)
Kate Freelander (you do not wanna get on this gal's bad side!)
Ashley Magnus (optional, can be brought back if someone wishes)
Henry Foss (Lycan -oops- I mean HAP)
Declan MacRae (Head of the London Sanctuary)
John Druitt (resident psycho)

I realise that there are other main characters but these are the ones dealt with on a regular basis. If anyone wishes to play any of the other characters then just ask and the part will be given (unless it's taken by someone else of course)

PM me any unique profiles.

Character Name:
Abilities (if any):
Ally of: (eg Sanctuary, Kabal, independant or unknown group)
Appearance: (words are fine although a pic of you want)

Okay, that should just about do it. Standard Menewsha rules apply to this RP obviously and no God Modding or killing off characters without the owner's permission.

Now that that's that taken care of. Welcome to the Sanctuary and I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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Magician Girl Mirani
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Sanctuary Log

This is the log of all events which take place within the Sanctuary and around it. It will be used to keep track of what is going on adn will be updated regularly.


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