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Originally Posted by Kent View Post
It seems the bells and fluff from the winter snuggles cloak no longer layer over the bows from the same item? What happened?
That is a weird thing indeed. O.0

As far as I know no one has touched those layers since they were first put there and I don't really see how they could have been changed. I'll try and find a better layer for the bells.

Originally Posted by Suona View Post
For the Temple Walls EI, the charcoal colored Hieroglyphs still doesn't layer over the top of the walls. It goes behind and cannot be seen.
I'll take a look at this shortly. I feel like this will be an easier thing to figure out than the bells.

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Suona: Which walls are you using that they aren't showing on top of? They look fine to me.

Kent: Hmm looks there is also an issue with the hood from that set. O>O I'll see what I can do.