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>>> Welcome to the first event
that ever happens since i made that hangout thread thing.

Well anyways..what happening is....
*drum rolls!*


Mission #1: Make Elaine[me] sketch an awesome[hopefully] group picture..
OF..a birthday party!!Yeah!!

Requirements: At least 8[max 20.] well DRESSED
...and BEHAVED members that posses an 'invitation'!


Valid tickets will be unique, and different from ANY posted before.
To BE INVITED, you must be the first to quote the invitation
posted by me, and only me!<3 [Once per person of course]
You must stay and chat if you want to keep it valid eh?;]

Now are we ready?XD

Let the party begin!!
PS:Keep your ticket safe eh?Remember to join
the party later with a valid ticket AND picture.XD[ur avi want drawn]

>>Given Invitations<<



PLEASE ALL DRESS UP OR GIVE ME AN AVI U WANT DRAWN~~[like a recgonizable outfit that people know you as..or like a decent done outfit..]
not like ...a cake outfit that everyone s has right now.TAT