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Hows my salvy? Been awhile since i spoke with you :)
Roachi <3 I've been pretty busy. We had 14 exams almost all in a row, and now I have a huge one coming up in March (you can think of it as a ginormous final exam) that I've started studying for many hours each day. But I couldn't resist coming online at least a little bit for the Valentine's Day event <3 Thank you for checking in <3

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Bound Birdie: secretdae007 said their highest offer would be 3.5k on the ice palace. If you were willing to offer higher than that, then just let me know <3

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ghostPastry: I am actually having trouble finding the Seasons Bounty item in my inventory I do have a very big inventory so I hopefully still have that item somewhere but maybe not. I have sent a trade with the Luminous Lights - From Cain for now!