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Originally Posted by Mr. Wrong View Post
salvete: Trades are working again. Thought you should know.
thank you for letting me know!!

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Originally Posted by secretdae007 View Post
3.5k would be my best offer if you had an extra. If not, I have the winter season to scour Mene for one.
Originally Posted by Bound Birdie View Post
I'd be willing to buy your Ice palace for 3k :)
Just off the top of my head, I might only have one ice palace left that is extra :x I can check more thoroughly after my exams but that will be in over two months. But so far, the offers are 3k and 3.5k on the ice palace?

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Originally Posted by ghostPastry View Post
salvete: how much would you want for Season's Bounty and Luminous Lights?
ghostPastry: I have to double check that I still have these items but seasons bounty for 2000 goldies and luminous lights - from cain for 2500 goldies? how does that sound? I'm not sure when the next time I log in will be so bear with me <3