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"Dear Martin"

So I was reading this book when I decided to search up if it's going to be made a movie any time soon (it's that good) and I'm bothered that someone had the audacity to ban this book from their school because it "made them uncomfortable," to which I say GOOD. Dear Martin by Nic Stone should make a lot of people uncomfortable because it speaks a truth that few in America want to listen to. This is a very good first-person narrative for anyone outside of America who wants a starting place to understand stressed race relations in the U.S. as well.

"Dear Martin" Is the story of 17 year old Justyce McCallister whose life is changed when he is a victim of racial profiling, which slowly gets worse not only when he begins to open his eyes to levels of bigotry he's managed to ignore or suppress his whole life, but when the cop who violently profiled Justyce is murdered by his best friend Manny's gang-affiliated cousin, Quan. As things slowly tip between better and worse for Justyce he tries to makes sense of life by filling a journal with letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as seeking advice from any adults who can relate to his struggle, until a terrible day when he and Manny have another run-in with an off duty officer and bullets tear their lives apart.

This book is heart breaking. It also deserves a place on recommended reading lists across the country. I can't wait to read more from author Nic Stone.