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Originally Posted by Bound Birdie View Post
Oh thank you but I found one already :) good luck with the rest of your selling
no worries bound birdie <3

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3.5k would be my best offer if you had an extra. If not, I have the winter season to scour Mene for one.
secretdae007: were you still interested in buying the ice palace <3

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Originally Posted by Roachi View Post
Wow sounds exhausting!
What are you studying by the way? Or are you still in school?
No worries, it felt like i hadn't seen you in forever!
aw thank you roachi <3 I am planning to go back on hiatus or at least semi-hiatus now that the event is over. Yes I am a full-time student with several part-time jobs :D although putting most of the part-time jobs on hold until after my exam next month