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Dear Doctors/PAs,
I suffered for months because you told me my pain was heartburn. You made me get an endoscopy which found nothing. Ended up in the ER because of the pain.
Turns out I have a rather large gallstone.
Thanks for dismissing my pain until I was literally hunched up crying unable to eat, smoke (and people who know me IRL know I will keep smoking until I have to stop), and barely able to move. No position was comfortable. I have trouble sleeping. Taking ibuprofen helped the littlest bit but every time I'd have an "attack" I just assumed it was heartburn or my bed being crappy. because thats what they kept telling me. They were seriously wrong.

Now I know better. I'm never, ever going to see a PA instead of a doctor again, even if she has more availability. & I don't have to wait four hours (sometimes I'd be in their office in the waiting room after 'closing' waiting for the doctor when I had an appointment at noon, but at least he's competent & thorough).

- a pissed off and in pain young lady