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Dear Life, aren't getting any easier to live!
I am so ready to check out and leave it all behind!
I just want to write a very long letter to Hope to tell her how much she has meant to me...but that you have made me hurt for so long, in so many ways, that I just can't bear to wake up and face another day!
Hope is the only thing that has kept me from killing myself...knowing that she would be devastated by my sudden disappearance from her life.
But you, life, have become so painful that I feel like Hope will just have to understand the best she can...and I just want to die!
I want to stop feeling like I adversely affect everybody in my I am always in somebody's I am overstaying my welcome.
I am so done!
I have avoided making a plan...because I know that if I make one, I will carry it out.
Fuck you, Life!