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Dear Dad
there are so many things i wish i could tell you. so many things you have missed. mom isn't doing good since you have been gone, she barely leaves her room. Dawn found a nice guy, but then he turned out to be a complete jerk, leaving her for a biker gang. Williams health seems to be getting worse. he is constantly in and out of the hospital because of throwing up blood. and they still haven't figured out what is wrong with him. the girls, Serria, Shyann, and Kiara are getting so big. Serria will be 18 this year. it is so hard to believe how big they are. Shyann is already in high school. and Kiara is turning into such a beautiful young lady. Russell and I bought a house. or his parents bought it for us and we are paying them the mortgage. we got a dog. his name is max, but i think he hates me, he is always growling at me. although it seems to be getting a little bit better. the boys are all getting big too. Hunter is calming down a bit, but i think that is because Jordan scared him to death. but i'm not going to go into that on here. William jr is looking more and more like his daddy every day, and he has a heart of gold. Rusty has been having some issues in school. he seems to have an attitude problem. he just explodes and tips tables, throws chairs, hits and kicks the teachers. i think he is suffering from anxiety. plus he has been bullied since he was in kindergarten, i think he is just now tired of it all and tired of the teachers not listening to him. the kids pick on him, and don't let him have turns with anything. but he is getting so big. he is almost as tall as i am now. he loves soccer, and legos. he is great with math and science, but struggles with his reading. Taylor has lost about 5 teeth now. he is finally potty trained. for the most part anyway. hes really good with math, and science, and he loves the power rangers, and YouTube kids. I miss you more and more each day. i can't believe it has been over four years since you've been gone. it seems like just yesterday you were walking me down the aisle. i love you so much.