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Dear MP,

I find it ironic that you mock the "easily offended" people, yet you read pages more into something I said than I actually meant and decided to end a friendship based entirely on a perceived negative comment on art. ART for fuck's sake! I could see if you were actively doing something with your art, but as far as you ever let on, you weren't. You were throwing it away. Literally. Like you told me that after a sketchbook was full, you'd just throw it out. So I'm calling bullshit on your pathetic excuse for ending our friendship. There was something else going on. Something else that you were too damn scared to confront me with. But clearly you wanted out, so I wasn't going to stand in your way. I just wish you'd had the decency to talk out the problems with me first. Let me know what I'm doing wrong instead of snapping at me with some bullshit thing that you read way too much into. Say something. Anything. Let me at least clarify what I meant instead of jumping to your own wrong conclusions. Idiot. You really are a walnut.

I hope you get your shit together someday and stop being a dumb kid,