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OMG The first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The second one just doesn't look like Gideon'. It makes me want to give the man a laxative so he will stop with the constipation face. I am not feeling the second one in any form. All I want is to grab a paint brush and put a smile on that face. It just looks depressed and everything about him says he isn't happy. The third one is different. It just can't live up to the epic appeal to the first one. However that is just my opinion it is up to you. The first one looks like he has lost someone and would tear you up if you messed with him. While the third looks like he could be Alex cousin or brother so sweet and just a tad creepy with those fingers. I vote for the first one it looks more like Gideon fierce, brave, and mostly untamed.

I thought Aurora should be trapped to just add some drama. It would also give the others time to move on. I really was worried you wouldn't like my post. I thought we could figure out the great evil later. Omg No forgetting about Aurora!!!!!!! That would be just mean if she got freed and Gideon feel in love with someone else. I would have to kill her or something tragic would happen to her to put her out of her misery.

Thank you, I'm sorry for your loss as well.
It's just a little hard right now because everything reminds me of her. She always called me her doodle bug so I don't want to draw anymore. But that is what I enjoy so I need to. That is the one things that brings me peace and can make me happy no matter how I feel besides playing instruments. Thank you for not being mean.