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Finally!!! \o/

I had to deal with a five hour trip by car to visit relatives I don't not like, but am not entirely fond off. On top, I had a bit of a cold. But, we're almost back to normal! Darn these sneezing fits. I have survived!!!!!

Wow, that's a long time to sleep. I hope you don't get killed by your sis (though, I'm that won't happen)
All the decorating that goes into Christmas sounds like such a lot of work! I wish you luck. Atleast there's time before then, eh?

You know, I decided to keep him the same but with pointed ears. Any other way just isn't Gideon. That's how I'll always see him

I dunno if I'll get to watch the Hobbit. Finances are tight since I'm moving soon. But, that's okay. I thought the Lotr movies were much better and I got to see all of those on the big screen. Tolkien and his world are literally my life. No kidding. I'm re-reading the books for heavens sakes!! They destroy the movies on so many levels

Who me? No way! If I thought the stalking was weird, I would've told you. I stalk people, haha. I'm only away from the interwebs when RL is
We're proper rp buddies!