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The Serpent Bride

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Old 11-28-2017, 11:32 PM

Ahh. That's because I used the wall for the details on the heiroglphs, so if it's on the same color it won't be seen.


These box and bells are a nightmare! The way the were named makes it really difficult to search. I'm renaming them. Sorry if this leads to any confusion. (I think it'll be better)

"Urg" = Snugg Bow - White
"When" = Snugg Bow - blue
"does"= Snugg Bow- gold
"it" = Snugg Bow- pink
"end"= Snugg Bow -red
"green bow"= Snugg Bow - green
"brown bow"= Snugg Bow - brown

Should be about 15 mins before the bells appear properly. Then I have to figure out those hoods doing what they're doing o.O

After going through these...I think I have an Idea as to why "Crystalz" has never loaded in the market place right. *puts a pin in that for later *