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I did a bit of layer tagging. Nature's Imp now works fully in the MP!

Precious Wizards has a lot of careless strangeness going on with it. I'm still trying to figure it out. So far I've...
  • Put in the right year (It said 2013 on ALL the individual items while the main item said the correct 2012)
  • Added the "wizards" tag to all the items
  • Put in the " , " between all listings of "contribution item" that was missing for some reason. O.o
  • Added tags "boots, mask, belt, clothed, gloves, hat, cape, shawl, knee, guards, " To the main item.

They're still not working after all that so it might be something in the admin panel still goofing up I don't have access to. I'll take a look again next week. :)


Looked into why The Golden Harvest wasn't working. Turns out over half of the items had "ASL" as the only tags. So anyway I tagged them properly, and again they still don't work. Looking at Something strange now. . .

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