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Shion Uzuki
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Old 11-10-2019, 10:54 PM

There needs to be someone who can access to the code and probably change how some of the code in the games work.

HTML5 games will typically post the scores to a JSON file, and then a php file will need to take that information and update the mysql database (giving you gold, posting a high score, or marking that you've earned this much today and have hit your max). Javascript can be kind of easy to manipulate if you know how, so there needs to be something programmed in php to check for cheating factors, like time spent, score, etc. That way you're not going into the console log and changing your top score to 15000 and submitting it. So if say, you've been playing for 20 seconds and your score is way too high, well it knows something is up and doesn't report the score or does some other action (like timing out, temp banning, etc)

The problem is, even if all of us got together and made some games (I'm learning to do so and have made a few platformers and some other silly games), if nobody is around to make those changes, it's sorta moot for the sake of mene. :/